8 November 2006

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Good evening ~

Having an unusually warm spell here - and wet, too. Rained two days in a row last week. Day time temps in the 70's and nights above freezing.

The nectarine leaves have all turned orange and only 3 leaves are left. Hard to believe that the little stick that came from Stark Bros. is now twice as big in diameter with some real branches. I can see the beginning of next years leaves and branches hiding in little buds. I can almost smell the fruit they will set in a few more years.

The peach tree is orange and gold, but loosing leaves rappidly. I imagine it will be bare by this weekend.

The apple trees are still pretty well leafed out, but there are golden yellow leaves among the green, now.

Garlic is in the ground and covered up with a thin layer of mulch. Another layer of mulch to be added this weekend. Ah, the promise of bad breath for next summer!

DH and DS finished the hundreds of feet of backyard fencing, so now they are working on the perimeter fence for the garden and orchard. Inside of this fence will be the chicken coop and chicken runs - meaning more fencing, of course. We are certainly trying to prove that fencing is a way of life in the country!

Got a 20 gallon galvanized trash can and filled it with my gardening goodies - bone meal bag, hand tools, gloves, etc. - and used a strong bungie cord to strap the lid to it. It's now sitting out next to the raised beds and is working wonderfully. This is the perfect size/weight for me - big enough to put a bunch of my stuff in it, but small enough that even completely full, I can lift it into the wheel barrel and haul it to wherever I need all that stuff. I can leave it anywhere on the property and it is easily visible and, most importantly, appears to be canine-proof.

The birds are flocking to the feeders now that it's cold out. Water doesn't stay frozen during the day yet, but I'm looking for some cheap way of providing ice-free water for them during the winter.

Tractor got an oil change last week.

Dogs tracked wet sand into the house and gave it a nice "wet dog" aroma.

Just love the rhythm of life in the country.

Many blessings to you and yours as we enter this Holiday Season.

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