adenanthos cunninghamii or wooly bush

Moorpark, CA

I planted two wooly bushes ( that's what I was told they were) two years ago. They are now 5 feet tall and dying. Any experience with these?
They feel so great!

Sydney, Australia

Hi there...As i don't know your situation in terms of soil type....exposure...water, it's hard to say what's going wrong for you.

In general, Aussie natives hate phosphorus and will suffer badly from commercial fertilisers.

What are you doing in terms of feeding your plant(s)?

Have you tried a sewaeed based tonic to help stress and improve root growth?

I allways use compost and lucerne or my own papyrus mulch to keep the natives happy. Also a foliar seawaeed spray a few times a week.

Hope you get some good advice from others too.

Tom. a look at this website.!!!!!

Moorpark, CA

Thanks Tom,
My soil is pretty much balanced and mostly I give a lawn food because most of the garden is bamboo. Is that a problem?

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