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OK, here we go again! We need some theme music, darn it! Something that sounds like the beginning of a fun adventure, mixed with lots of comedy, a little heartstring-tugging, and a mystery or two! No laugh track needed, we'll provide our own.

This conversation started on another thread about dollar C & S plants but went off topic many, many times as fellow C & S lovers discovered that they had million other things in common. We are still enjoying each others company, this is the 4th thread since they tend to get much to say, so little time!!

This is a thread about Nothing in Particular where we talk about what is really going on in our little plant-lovin lives. You never know where we will go....kind of like giving money to a taxi driver and letting him or her pick the destination.......Retail therapy, group therapy, porcelain weasels, flaming waffles, giant 30 lb turkeys in bathtubs, prickly pear mouse ears, you just never know where we will end up!!*****Warning for the serious: if everyone you know considers you to be completely sane; if you can sit through an hour long lecture without getting the giggles; if you've never bought anything "because it kept begging me to!"; if you would rather be trapped for 2 hours in an elevator full of overcaffienated political analysts than watch "Fried Green Tomatoes" with a bowl of popcorn, and MOST importantly if you consider having 10 plants in your collection to be even remotely close to enough, this could get uncomfortable for you!!!*****

Nothing is off-topic here, as long as it meets acceptable use policies. Be good and have fun.

Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

Happy Fall, everyone! It got down to 37 last night......brrr.........Brought some of my babies into the house, the rest went on the rolling rack and into the utility room. No heat but lots of insulation, they'll be fine.

This weather makes the pets frisky, they've been lots of entertainment lately. Supposedly imagination is a big part of what divides us from the animals.......hard to believe when you watch my cat Riley pretending to chase a mouse, and my dog Astro pretending he hears someone walking by........

Of course I can make the dog bark by smacking my hand against a countertop, he'll run straight for the front door....always good for a laugh......

We've got the Thanksgiving plans down, smoked turkey breast (local BBQ) and sweet potatoe pie (yum! same BBQ place), my LH is making his scrumpteous but artery-clogging potatoe casserole, I'm doing salad, cranberry sauce, and my MIL's tomatoe casserole, we have friends coming over, I think they are bringing stuffing/dressing. Our younger stepson will be here, too. This should be a fairly low-key event.....not paper plates but darned stress!

Tampa, FL

-O- goody, goody...i am the first poster! Another superlative intro, Erin!! You are doing your( job?) so well, remind us to ask the boss for a raise for you! heehee.. Wellll...the prior subject (one of them)..was about Lion cuts on long furred cats...i have a nice groomer..i loved your pic on BK, (he is very light! & has little "owl eyes") bk...after the trauma of having the cut...poor tessa is in a crowded groomer's shop with TONS of barking dogs.(very traumatic for her & me)..i always feel guilty..she is like a cat "released" (afterwards) and tears happily around the house...those mats do hurt! ( she once pulled one out..we don't want to go there...guilt..guilt...) groomer says..twice a year mats occur, in spring..when the winter coat is dropping..and in the fall when the winter coat is developing...their saliva and extra licking to rid the coat of extra fur causes the mats...there is no relief for this..when i see mats developing i can stave it off by scissor cutting developing mats..but eventually it is to the groomers..i don't see how professionals maintain those show cats? They i am sure have their "tricks"...i do have the groomer leave a tassle on the end of her looks pretty funny..she waves it around like a feather duster! All the breed books say persians are lethargic cats..mine is on amphetamines i think..gallops around 100 miles an hour..loves to have her humans Play chase the kitty.....ok. ok... i put y'all to sleep..with my pet ravings....giggle...(now remember i don't have kids, so just be patient...) lol..i should go to the pet forum...but they all sound like me!!!

Tampa, FL

Ah Erin, you posted while i are making me hungry!!! I just gained 3 lbs...i better behave...don't know what we are doing for Thanksgiving...but you are tons of dishwashing...just get some pretty turkey themed paper or one formal notch up.... plastic plates...your guests won't mind..put away the Royal Doulton..or Limoges..etc....

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

Bec, on the last post you said your family calls you "Scrooge"-- I call my DH "The Christmas Nazi"!!! He will yell and scream about having 100,000 different decorations in place the day AFTER T'giving so he has time to "enjoy" the Holidays!!! ("I want you to have the hallway done by 3:00 and then I'll do the banister...the lights must be up before dinner... !" ) He makes me miserable so HE can "enjoy" what? My mom did what little decorating she had time for, and that was always enough. We don't need garland and pine cones w/glitter in every room!

Erin, great intro! Thanks for the ref. to my late Porcelain Weasel!!! Maybe I should have kept all the MIL junk and hot-glued it to make a centerpiece for when she comes over!!!

Rainy weather and frisky pets.... looks like a whole week of it ahead for me!

Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

Yippee, new thread...!
Erin, so, your dog run to the door whenever you smack the counter? That's just hilarious!
I agree, pets do get very funny especially on rainy days. Maybe they are bored too so anything provoked them for doing anything, making them so goofy.
Sue, the end of fall is the usual time Bailey got his lion cut. You're right, he would lick himself obsessively around this time too. Always make me feel bad because he needs his winter coat, but he gets shaved instead. I'm brushing him obsessively this year so he doesn't have to go in for the cut. Our groomer told us that when a cat's fur got badly matted it's not good for their skin because of bad air circulation.
Can you imagine how low maintenance Sphinx cats are in fur/grooming department?
At least Jax have nice decent longer fur that doesn't mat. Lucky you, Melissa!
Oh, funny that Sue mentioned Bailey have owl eyes, we always thought he looks like one. Whenever there's an owl hoot-ing somewhere near our bedroom, all I could picture was an owl body and Bailey's face...*HA HA*...
Anyway, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, isn't it? We're doing a smoked whole turkey, dh offered to deal with the turkey, so kudos for him. We have a smoker and he thinks turkey shouldn't be hard to prepare, just like smoking a chicken only bigger. So, we'll see the outcome..!
I need to prepare the sides. Luckely, it's only for about 10 people including us...!

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OMG, Melissa, if that's the case, you should definitely make him take down the decors afterwards..! *MUWAHAHAHA* (evil laugh)

Tampa, FL

girls, when at the top of the says 6 replies..and "29 views",,,that means there are 29 others out there reading our nonsense? right? Yow....i never realized that..i thought we were always alone in here!! I had never paid attention to this before?! chuckle...

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Well mark me down for a couple of the "reads" - every time I'd go to respond my somebody expected me to actually do work...geez...what IS he thinking? LOL I'm sure many are interested *giggle* in our babblings. Probably the MEN and they just don't want to admit it *I see you can run but you can't hide* Yeah Sue...we're "alone"...along with a few million other internet viewers....ROTFL
And Jax, DH would most DEFINATELY be the one to take them down if that were the case. Hmmm....and folks wonder why I'm not remarried....LOL!!
As for cold weather and our furrbabies...H-Y-P-E-R is the word we use esp. "Baby" - OMG....can't tell you how many times she came flying back in...had mean thoughts of hiding beside the door with an air horn or something....I mean come on LOOK at her face!!!! Is that the poster child for Adderall XR or what? We won't even discuss the ears...her theme song is "I believe I can fly" and they're thinking of giving her a part in Dumbo II

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Thumbnail by Chantell
Tampa, FL

GREAT PIC!!! i was wondering how you got her to smile!! i thought it was a computer enhancement?! Till i realized she is laying down!! What a hoot!! is there some chow in there..? blue tongue? Or was she that cold?! lwol!! (laughing WAY out loud!!)..sue

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Nah...probably just the digital camera messing up the colors since the pic was taken indoors. She 100% Rottie and Brat all rolled into one. She'd come tearing in from outside and I yelled enough as I quickly approached her....she immediately rolled to her back (always good to know you're the alpha in the house...LOL) and had that crazed look on her face. Wild child that she is....LOL

Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

Astro (the italian greyhound) has a little front-toothy smile that he'll do if nothing else works and he's trying to get me to play. What makes it funnier now is that since we've moved to S. Georgia we've had to have a couple of his front teeth pulled, so now he's got kind of a redneck smile, LOL

Riley, however, will do the wide-eyed "aren't I cute" look.....always makes me think of Puss 'N' Boots in Schrek II.....he's too much in love with food to remind me in any other way of Antonio Banderas but it still cracks me up! Especially when he's rubbing around my ankles telling me that I'm the most beautiful woman in the world.....Riley, that is, not Antonio.........hee hee..........besides, would Mr. Banderas bring lovely gifts like the dead mole I received today? I think not!

Tampa, FL

oh girls...i was about to take a break from DG, but noticed our N.inP. had some new posts...glad i read really do make me laugh alot!! A redneck italian greyhound?? giggle out loud!! i'm going to get something to eat..if i see William Shatner one more time at the bottom of this thread.....ahh... go back to Startrek will ya...

Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

For a rottie, she's got such a playful face..! Adorable..!!!

Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

wait a minute.......William Shatner is popping up at the bottom of this thread? Please explain!!!

Tampa, FL

I think Will is one of the lurkers on this thread..he very nicely changed the thoughtful? Melissa's buttons came in! What a wonderful surprise! I am having such fun going through them...there is a little red plastic one a couple "jitterbugging" so fun! some weird extruded but neat cornucopia shaped blossoms..Melissa, as for how old some of them are the one with the St. Bernard is dated 1923..the guy in the suit looks to be from the same era (he has a cigarette in his sophisticated).there is a range of years we all have in our sewing boxes..20's, 30's through the 40's and 50's One card says the buttons are washable (plastic) since that is a selling point. and plastic is still a novelty mid 30's..40's....One price is 25 cents..for a card. of fun plastic rhinestone centered green that is not cheap i would say 50's on that one...thanks again it is such fun!! Of course shipment was included with a lovely card and some great Melissa humor!!

Tampa, FL

Am i the only one getting an ad with W. Shatner doing an ad for priceline? maybe it is from my provider only??? Interesting..

Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

Actually, William's absence may be due to my "no pop-up" setting..............

Tucson, AZ

Hello all :-)

I hope you believe my smily is sincere, because I really mean no one offense. And I'm not really sure how to say this. I've held my tongue up until now hoping this thread or one of its ancestors would fade and go away.

Please understand something. The majority of people who post threads here are looking for real information and advice on Cacti and Succulents. After all it's the "Cacti and Succulents" forum, not the "Nothing in Particular" forum. Perhaps there is another forum where threads like this might be more appropriate? Take it to the Chat room maybe? Surely there's a better way to socialize.

I've witnessed a trend because of off topic posts like this. People with "sincere" questions sometimes have their threads quickly buried on page 2 or 3 because of the way the system works. Every time you post a reply to a thread, that goes right to the top. For everybody! When several threads that are ...umm this, popular, lengthy and chatty, someone can lose their thread to page 2 in as little as a day or so. Do you browse page 2? I doubt it. I do sometimes just to ressurect some of the threads that have been buried, and the people who have been forgotten. Please do me one favor. When someone posts a thread, keep an eye on it and if it's getting down near the bottom at least jump in and say "Hi, sorry I can't help you but I'm sure someone will come along who can". This will at least keep that thread current.

I've also seen another disturbing trend. Several of the Uber gardeners who were regular posters here seem to be posting less regularly. When was the last time we heard from Todd Boland? Xenomorph certainly hasn't been as much of a presence here as before. And even Palm Bob has posted much less. Thankfully Thistlesifter seems to still hang around. Love ya Bob! And Norma will always be with us. I may be way out of line here as there may be other reasons for it. But I suspect the reason is this. They, like me, are getting tired of the idle chatter.

I hate to say it this way but I don't know how else to. If we lose these people we become nothing but a bunch of amateurs. The blind leading the blind. I would rather see this forum remain focused, it's purpose intact. To me it's like a classroom. And Sister Mary Elephant is starting to scream "Class!" LOL. This forum is about growing and appreciating some of the most magnificent plants on this planet. If you want to talk about your dogs, take it to the canine forum. If you want to talk about ceramics, I'm sure there is a forum for that too. If you just want to chat, take it to the chat room. If you want to talk about "Nothing in Particular", swap phone numbers and pick up the phone! And have some consideration for the newer members and posters and at least say "Hi". Keep their threads current.

Lastly I want to apologize to Erin who started this thread. I know you meant no harm, I really do. But please understand there is a purpose to this and the other 196 forums here at Daves. With 196 to choose from, I think you could have picked a more appropriate place for this thread.


Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

franz, sorry; offense taken.

You are way off base. Do you mean to say the "Ubers" do not post to this board because we have a thread on it? Come on! That is why we pulled it off one subject thread and called it "Nothing in particular!" Did it occur to you that it is not an active growing season, therefore, many "ubers" have lives, and are busy? Why do we have 82 views and only 18 posts? I guess we're boring the heck out of a lot of folk.

A lot of other boards have chat subjects. "Coleus Chatters" is one. I rely on this plus other chat because I KNOW someone will look at it and not ignore my post. ALWAYS, these people point me to an expert, plus add their great advice as well (usually no need to go further!). I would argue that every board should have a general chat, for the purposes of getting one's problems addressed, if nothing else.

Are you the moderator of this board? If so, I will comply with your wishes. If you are not, I would like the moderator to give us the permission to continue where we are, or to stop.

franz, I trust no one is forcing you to read this. You CAN "unwatch" a thread.

Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi Everyone..!
For starter, I'm by no mean trying to be a drama queen, but I believe I'm very much responsible for these "Nothing in Particular" threads as these are the continuation of a post that I made about bargain C&S that had gone way off topic.
For the professional C&S gardeners that are made uncomfortable by these threads, please accept my very sincere apology. Please do post more often as we amateurs really need you here.
I'll do my best to post more quality threads and replies instead of being an 'idle chatter' (I realized that this is what I've been for awhile).
For everyone else, the 'regulars' of these threads, it's been fun, and thank you, at one point or another, y'all helped lighten up some of my days.
Have a wonderful week everyone..!


SF Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

I've lurked on this thread off and on for some time now, and have enjoyed it immensely. I haven't posted before this because I'm not very good at small talk - I get WAAAY too serious. I guess it's a character defect. LOL

franj, I, too, beg to differ. If you look around I think you'll find many forums have or have had a thread going which has no specific topic. And each thread has members who have something in common with each other, unlike the more general forums where posting a thread like this might be considered more "appropriate." If this thread were in Parking Lot, for instance, I can guarantee you no C&S enthusiasts would even see it. This thread's extremely helpful because it allows us to socialize as well as trade knowledge. Getting to know each other is a GOOD thing! I like it and see nothing wrong with it. Those of us who came later to DG haven't developed the relationships the old-timers have, and this is a way to begin that process.

I don't believe people don't go to page 2 of the C&S forum. I can tell you that I'm one who does. I never know what I might have missed or what I didn't put on "watch" that I should have, so I double-check all the time.

As to various individuals not posting as often as they used to, I can tell you that this happens all the time. I see questions on other forums asking "Where's so-and-so these days?" We aren't the only ones whose devotees come and go. If you are concerned about the reasons why they no longer post as often as they used to, why don't you dmail them and ask them? I'm sure they'd be pleased to enlighten you. I can only assume, and you know what happens when you do that.

I know you don't mean any harm, franj, really I do. But with 196 forums to choose from, don't you think one little thread in one forum isn't really hurting anyone?


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Tucson, AZ


I think it would be in your best interest to go back and re-read my post. I'm just trying to assure that the other members of this forum get equal time. I tried to be as diplomatic as I could be and yet you reacted to me in anger. You seem to be be oblivious to the fact that your thread has been distracting and denied others the attention they deserve. No, the Ubers aren't posting here anymore just because of your post. Sorry but I can't give you that much credit. None of the Ubers even look at your posts. The Ubers aren't posting here anymore because they can't get any usefull information out of posts that go on endlessly about dogs, cats and Easter bonnetts.

The point was that this forum would best serve its members if it remained on topic. This forum wasn't created for you to express your opinions and share you experiences about other subjects. There are other forums for that. This forum was created to share knowledge about Cacti and Succulent plants. This should be obvious!

No I'm not the moderator of this forum. There doesn't seem to be one unless you cuss :-)


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Tampa, FL

Hi, I am greatly saddened that this thread will no longer be the lighthearted fun it was..marilyn is so right about forgeing friendships here..being somewhat new, i feel i have met some really outstanding people. which has resulted in great trades both in plants, confidences, humor and other things! wasn't our intent to annoy, or chase away the expert Sherly has stated...and you BK, are not any more guilty of posting idle conversation than I, i am the Queen of inane...It has been such fun..and sorry Franj that what we have so innocently started, more as a way of NOT annoying the serious enthusiasts, has come to this...there is a thread in the Fla. growing forum that is on it's 7th thread, and is rowdy and personal and infinitely entertaining...i really enjoy DG in all it's sites..this is just one of them...the spontaneity will be gone..apologies if i have offended! sue

Sequim, WA(Zone 8a)

"The Ubers aren't posting here anymore because they can't get any useful information out of posts that go on endlessly about dogs, cats and Easter bonnets" - Oh please! OK, this is ONE thread - it's not the only thread - I highly doubt that the Ubers are staying away from this forum due to ONE thread - and like you said - they don't read them! If you look at the others there are questions from nearly all the participants (and lurkers) of this thread asking genuine C&S questions - this was just started to keep the OT away from the other threads out there, so we WOULD NOT be annoying to anyone that did not want to read our "drivel" - and being that we all love C&S it brought us here to this forum - I don't go to the Easter Bonnet forum, neither does Jax, Weeds, BK or anyone else - ! We do not ignore new questions - I for one read page 1, page 2 just in case I missed something - well, what in the name of whatever does this one thread have to do with peoples postings not being answered? How does this one thread take away from other memebers is my question I guess!
I look at every one of the threads/posts, if I can contribute something I do, since I primarily can't, I don't. All I am good for is Ohhhs and ahhhs over someones C&S that they post pix of! I have learned more from the C&S forum than from any book and any website and particularly from you Franj and the other experts here with your C&S collections and knowledge!

Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

Let's not allow this to go into silliness. My feelings aren't hurt, let's stand back and think it over.

Franj, I appreciate your input. I don't necessarily agree, but I'm more than willing to listen. The reason I started this thread in the first place was to turn the tide that I was seeing in many of the other C & S threads. I had noted that several C & S threads that had started out with useful information had meandered into chat, and was concerned that although I enjoyed the chat I would not be able to get the information that I needed on C & S. Although an avid and experienced plant collecter and plant nerd I am enough of an amateur with C & S to want to find info when I need it, which is often. Many times I do not post on the other C & S threads because I can find the information by searching, so I don't have to waste anyone's time.

I went into some of the other forums to see how the chit-chat issue had been handled, and saw that many other forums had chosen one single thread for people with interest in that particular plant or type of gardening to chit-chat about plants and other subjects leaving the other threads in that forum clear to be serious. That way the serious, the newbies, and the ubers could skip over the one thread to go to the more serious ones. That's also why I put a clear explaination at the top- no one could accidentally think this thread was purely informational.

The other disturbing trend I am seeing on DG is that people with overlapping interests are splintering into other mini-forums, which makes it harder to keep in touch with people of similar interests. Although my interest in C&S is new, I am learning a lot from "around the edges" from those who have far more knowledge but possibly different taste in plants than I do. I would hate to lose that. I will also admit that as much of a smarta** as I am, as much as I enjoy the company of other plant nuts, I have no interest in perusing pet forums, crafty forums, womens forums, whatever. I work full time. I also attend professional Nursery industry functions on my own time, and Bank functions after work. I already have 10 forums to watch just with plants alone, and very little extra time if I want to also collect and care for an extensive collection plants. This thread fills a need to touch base with people who enjoy C & S but want to talk about their lives beyond that.

By the way, what attracted me to C& S in the first place was that the people on the C&S forum were the most fun, the most crazy, they "sucked me into" loving the plants, which I had not seen the beauty of until I looked closely.

It never would have occurred to me that syphoning the chit-chat away from the other C&S threads would in any way dilute the impact of the serious, my intention was precisely the opposite. Kind of like the spout on a teapot, excuse the odd analogy.

I don't want to see this cause any hurt feelings on either the uber-serious side or the plant-freak but silly side. If this is truly causing trouble we can move it. (any suggestions as to where? Please nowhere that the sun doesn't shine.....LOL.......)

As toastmaster, I am asking that no one get hot under the collar about this, it can be worked out to make everyone happy.

We have another challenge, which I think is a much larger and more pressing issue. I would like to be in closer touch with the more serious plant people who Franj states were once a close part of this forum.....Franj, would you be willing to contact them to try to get them back? I seriously doubt that one thread frightened them off but you pointed out a valid concern, and I think that we C&S'ers should do anything we can to hold on to experts in the field.


Nottingham, MD(Zone 7a)

Erin, are you in management? That was very diplomatic of you! :)

See, OT again. :)

Hoping everyone can be happy again,


Nottingham, MD(Zone 7a)

By the way, Sue, ever since you mentioned the FL. Gardeners last night(on this thread), I've since added it to my favorites. LOL I used to live there in Orlando/Kissimmee(bout 10 years ago) and I MISS IT TERRIBLY. I can live vicariously through the rest of the "real" FL. Gardeners, right? It's very interesting reading, I tell ya. I'm having my morning cup of coffee now whilst I'm reading about the perfect Redneck Gift. Great suggestion of a mug with a nekked lady for the handle. LOL Last night was reading about the scale from HE double hockey sticks- are they called Asian scale? The white ones....Oh, Gawd. Oh, and I just saw the thread where the woman's hibiscus was covered in the brown armored scale. Lordy. I know there are pros and cons to gardening in Florida, but I would take it in a heartbeat!

Oh, I started this post to ask you if you have to bring any of your plants in during the winter? I think the further north you are, like Jax, the colder it gets during the winters.


Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I've been contacted by a couple folks and asked to step in here...but to be honest, I'm not sure what we can do from an admin standpoint. We don't moderate our forums, so if a group wishes to have off-topic conversations within a forum, we don't encourage it (we do offer many other forums for chit-chat) - but we don't require that all chatty threads be relegated to another forum. (We usually become involved only when someone's post is harassing, illegal, illicit or otherwise deemed inappropriate for our audience.)

From the sound of things, you have a difference of opinion on this matter, and are attempting to work through it as adults, and I hope you can reach a solution or a compromise. We don't want to see any plant-specific forum devolve into nothing but chatter, but unless that's an imminent danger, we encourage you to continue talking until you reach a solution, or agree to disagree and move on.

If you reach a solution/compromise that includes moving some threads, we will - just let us know. If it means as a group, the majority wishes to have a few chatty, off-topic threads in your forum, so be it. Those chatting should keep in mind there IS the danger of "chatter" changing the tenor of a forum, and make sure you each do your part to keep that from happening.

Tampa, FL

I am so confused???...Nice post Erin. hope your company appreciates you!!...will dmail you Shanika..until we resolve what to do!! Be happy people! sue

(Zone 1)

Some folks just aren't happy unless they have something to complain about.

I don't grow Cactus & Succulents, I have MANY other kinds of plants, but no C & S. I ike to visit a lot of the forums, read the different posts, learn a bit about the particular plants that forum is pertaining to ..... and YES, learn a little about the folks posting to these forums too! I clicked on and read through a couple of threads on this C & S forum. Then I decided to check out this "Nothing In Particular" thread ...nobody FORCED me read it! I enjoyed reading the posts y'all made! What's the harm in a few folks who grow this particular kind of plant, getting off track and having a separate thread marked "Nothing In Particular"??? They are making friends with other C & S lovers and getting to know a little bit about each other's lives in the process. I have only been a member of DG for a month now, and I MANY times go to page 2 and 3, 4 and so on to check out the topics!

Happy Gardening Y'all! AND .... Happy Chatting too!

Life is too short ....


Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

GH, Yes; I had to move over 100 plants inside this fall. I think I got to chatting with the others because of this. Pulling in all the plants could have set my entire household (I mean DH) into a crisis if I didn't do it w/o proper lighting set-up, water, fresh soil, pest management, etc. When you are writing about how plants fit into a home where others have to co-exist with your "mania", it gets personal very quickly! We learned that we all have pets, kids, and a limitied amount of space; plus we have one hobby crashing into others, quite literally. We would ALL give our right arm to have a greenhouse! But we don't, so we vent the stress and help each other here.

One thing hasn't been pointed out: I check in with our group first, then peruse the other boards! This forum has caused me to use DG more often. I used to follow a pottery board on Yahoo, but it was so huge, no personal exchanges were made. It was (and still is) completely dominated by about 7 professional "super-potters" who have published books and are editors of pottery magazines. I've learned an incredible amount from the "Clayart" forum, but it really isn't a forum at all, and I still lack any connection with someone on my level of that profession. But not here!

I think it is fine to voice your opinion. Just don't be alarmed when people disagree with it. If I've taken it personally, it is because this means a lot to me. Since our touchstone was C/S. it didn't seem logical to start posting on a non-plant board.

I don't know where we're going from here.

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)


I would be in my best interest to re-read your post? I did re-read it. You state that we are amateurs who talk endlessly about Easter bonnets and are hoping we'd fade away. That sounds angry to me. Be mad at me because I'm a big-mouth, but don't talk about my friends that way. Bring it to a moderator before posting.


Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Wow! I'm speechless!
Erin - you think like I - good job with the diplomatic response.
I've received a few emails which caused me to come and see what what the ruckus (sp?) was about here. Don't anyone use me as a target now - ok? I can see all sides of this. Dave doesn't mince words but even when it's been something that I was doing wrong I took it in the manner to which he meant it. I can see his point. Dave, I also can see the gals point in this. Not meaning to be redundant - but the sole reason for creating this thread is so we wouldn't be driving others to the over use of Prozac. Please take this the way I mean it - as you know I've ALWAYS listened to your thoughts/suggestions/advice. The comment about other folks threads being pushed to page 2 & 3 etc. b/c of this one always being bumped up - if you really think about're talking about ONE possible post being pushed to page 2 - at THE most. Afterall - there's only ONE NOTHING IN PARTICULAR thread being posted on at a time...or at least that's how it should be - with very few exceptions. Please correct me if I'm wrong. IF by having one of "these" type threads it reduces OT comments even by 50% on the regular threads - don't you think that's worth it? I've always understood your reasoning behind keeping the threads on topic - I completely understand it. I'm honored to have those of you with more knowledge willing to share it with us. I'm just not completely convinced that, one thread out of dozens would cause them to abandon those of us needing (speaking for myself) C & S for dummies. And if truth be known and the thread history honestly looked at there are many off topic threads. My first thought was a thread asking specifically the Uber's opinions but that might be uncomfortable - so I'm going to suck it up and dmail them. IMHO that's the most appropriate way to get their view. I will wait until tonight to do this - in case too many of you don't agree with my doing that. Again - no hard feelings folks that is most certainly NOT what this is all about. Life is WAY too short! Let me know your I know you will.
Hugs to All!

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St Joseph, IL(Zone 5b)

My turn...
I got onto DGs this morning after the little ones were off to school and after a busy night in the ED so I could sit and relax and see what was up with everyone and have a giggle or two...and uh...uh...
I need that after some nights I tell you all.

I feel very fortunate to have found my "new friends" at this site, all of you, and respect everyone's input and opinions, about everything, esp C&S. I have learned so much and expect to learn more about C&S and everyone here. I do so enjoy all of the pics of the plants AND the forum that Franj started where lots of folks pasted their own pics on line whether we wanted to or not!! Great idea Franj. I suppose what one chooses to share here with others about themselves and their lives and families is up to them and is mostly contained here in this forum. Some people are better able to do this than others and may feel comfortable and safe in doing so. Some people may be a little more guarded and/or just not wanting to be involved with this and that's OK. Franj is right on about the true focus of this site, even with its own limitations. I do find that I have to back track to previous pages to "keep up" or "follow up" but I expect to have to do this, esp on this site where there is so much info being shared and questions being asked. I admit that I don't always have the time or want to take the time to get into this forum that much, as it can get quite lengthy, but that's just me and my limitations.

Where was I going with this...I'm still tired(get emotional when I'm too tired). I think that we ALL can contribute to this site, in different and our own ways and hopefully can continue to support each other here with our obsessive C&S lives doing what we all love and that is loving and enjoying and appreciating (that sounds better than coveting!) all of God's beauty that he has put before us. We are all so blessed here and need to be so thankful, esp for each other. Thanks.

Laura :>) :>) :>)

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

I completely agree that the board itself should be about cultivating cacti and succulents. I am one of those people who don't care if someone sees a religious figure in a piece of toast; I see miracles every day when I see something grow. And I am awestruck that I can be a part of the process.

BUT, I have a tendancy to stray off-topic; during "live" conversations as well as emails and posts. I am trying to correct that fault. One way is to "dump" the stray verbage here. I don't have any gardening friends, and I am alone a lot. I can hear the expression "Get A Life" echo loudly out there! Hey! I WISH I was busy meeting with important people and making millions of dollars! I AM a "get a lifer"-- 45, kids gone, husband working--and I am trying to get back into some meaningful, creative work. In the mean time, I tend my gardens and indoor plants, cat, and dog. The fact is, I need the connection of this forum as to not feel so isolated. When someone suggests I talk about plants only, I predictably react with anger because this is such a small thing that means so much to me. Isn't it great that we have the technology to communicate w/o the distraction of a phone call?

Franj, I am sure you are a very busy person and don't have the patience for idle chit-chat. You see this as drivel that is interfering with your life. Please think about your own mom- what harm would there be in her talking to her friends? Understand that some of us need more human connection because we are alone, or at least feel alone. I'm happy that you have places to go and things to do. I'm sorry if I'm interfering with that.

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Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Not meaning to be a "thread hog" BUT - I forgot to address the "making a phone call" thing. Let's see - how to say this without sounding like a non-empathetic wench. I work for a Psychiatrist...I adore our patients but by the end of the day...I don't really feel like talking any more - much of the time. This "venue" allows me to choose when, how often and with who. Phone calls do not...take my word for it...I can't just "hang up" on someone when I tire of the conversation...and God forbid someone call while I'm lusting after McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy..."this" way allows me a little more freedom...that's all. And if any of our patients are reading this - truly I adore you...just talked out when I get home...that's all.

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Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

Thanks for the compliments, ladies..... I was pretty careful before I hit the "send" button, the written word is far different than the spoken.

I honestly can see both sides and God knows this isn't the first time I've been taken to task for talking in class..............LOL........

I was telling the truth, though, in that in the past 45 years I was never remotely attracted to C&S, especially cacti, but when I was on medical leave and bored out of my mind, the C&S people on DG were by far the most interesting. The next thing I knew I had a bunch of plants to match! I had tried the Bird/Butterfly forum, the bulb forum (I'm a bulb FREAK), the tropical forum (lots of experience there), the GA and the FL forum, but was having the most fun here. That shocked me because I had thought I would have more fun talking to people who liked the plants that I liked when I started on DG! Now I have a bunch of aloes and succulents and even a few cacti.............and I love them to death..........bless their prickly little hearts...........

I do not however want to see a war of egos or opinions start over this. I would truly love to see more recent posts on C&S from the UBER's, there are too few experts readily available to plant lovers, plant nerds, and plant nuts. God knows I need the help. I'm very experienced with some plants but a rank amateur with these, and I live in an extremely hot, humid, unpredictable part of the country. Since I'm usually knowledgable about plants I have also been a bit embarrassed about some of the truly doofus questions on my mind- that's why I search DG instead of asking right away.

So... as far as I'm concerned, even though I am usually one to take on a cause, I would be more than happy to move the thread elsewhere if it would bring the UBERs and super-serious C&S experts out of hiding. Will it work? Will it be worth all of the hullaballo??? Tune in throughout the week and your questions will be answered!

I'm blowing the conch shell if they are listening! Come back to C&S!

Erin (alias plantnutga)

Tampa, FL

You are all pretty wonderful and so fascinating!! sue

Tucson, AZ

Ok, I guess I owe everyone an apology. Erin, I think I misunderstood the purpose of this thread, and I'm sorry. I now beleive it is a good idea, and I don't think it should be moved. I guess I have to admit being just a little jealous. I'll just have to get used to seeing your post always at the top when I come to Daves, and mine further down the page :-)

I liked what you had to say, I think you were seeing the same things I had. And I'm sorry I picked this thread to express my frustrations. Beleive me this was something cumulative and I've had issues with many other threads as well. Including some of my own that were hijacked or deteriorated to chatter against my wishes. It actually kind of hurt to click "unwatch thread" with some of my own. I wish now that I had been able to express what I needed to in the same way Terry has. He's the real diplomat here :-)

I know what you're saying about other forums too. I also hang out at and they recently started a new forum called simply "Free for All" where people can discuss their other hobbies and off topic subjects. It's a lot smaller forum so it works there. I don't think it would work here, Daves is too big and there's too many forums allready.

So maybe we should request that this thread and maybe my thread about posting pictures of ourselves be made stickies?

Ok, I hope all is forgiven. I'm really not a bad sort. I just get a little frustrated at times. Carry on girls! :-)

Say, does anyone have any good Greek recipes? I've got a good one for a more untraditional form of stuffed grape leaves. Here's a batch of 200 I cooked up one time. They were fabulous!


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