Sunburst vs. Dancy Tangerine

Live Oak, FL(Zone 8b)

So after I finally figured out that Sunburst is a TANGERINE not a TANGELO (for cross pollinating my Minneola tangelo) I think its pretty readily available through Harris Citrus however when I contacted the nursery they recommend in my area the gentleman was very confident / insistent (and I suppose I would trust his judgment as this is his business) that Dancy would be a better choice than I looked up some stuff on Dancy on the UF web site and then found a few comments here on Dave's in relation to Dancy performance and I'm thinking I should still stick with the Sunburst just in the overall 'ease-of-use' factor as far as susceptibility to disease etc.....

UF Information in regards to:
Sunburst -
Dancy -

UF Cross Pollination Chart:

Any advice? Experience? Maybe I should just buy them both?

Bradenton, FL(Zone 9b)

I think fruit choice is very much what appeals to you. Since it is fruit season I suggest you go to a local grove and speak with the grove owner or someone who works in the groves if you can. At least while you are there you can sample fruits of the varieties you are thinking about getting.

I recently made the same choice of what tangerine to buy and decided to go with a ‘Ponkan’. I also was interested in the ‘Sunburst’ but the need of a pollenizer tree helped me decide against it. I also know someone with a Fallglo Tangerine who speaks very highly about it but it is a slightly cold sensitive tangerine.

I have lived in Florida all my life and eaten all types of citrus. I must say I have never eaten a tangerine that didn’t taste good but some have been easier to peal.

Good Luck..


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