November 18, 2006

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Time for a new journal thread I think..

Cool to see so many people getting into the farm life. Lisa, Do you think you will get snow where you are moving to in Kentucky?

It's a busy season.. I am trying to be more prepared for Thanksgiving. Today I am going to roll out and dry the homemade noodles. Hopefully get them cut and frozen.. Then all I have to do is pop them in the chicken brothe.. Also getting the chicken boiled and hopefully deboned today.. Will freeze the deboned chicken and broth. get it all put together.. early Thanksgiving morning. The squash all got peeled , cubed , parboiled , and frozen last week..

I have a very pregnant pigmy goat up in the barn. She is wider than she is tall. I sent Hubby to get replacement milk in case she has more babies than she can take care of.. Several people on my list for bottle babies..

Also , a bit of a surprise new calf.. Her Mom lost her calf this Spring. She was quickly bred back and has a beautiful heifer calf with those goggle eyes.. Her hip joints seem pretty loose.. But she is very happy and healthy. She let me rub her all over and scatch her head. . Mom could care less what I do.. All my cows seem to not care much how much I move around them.. Lots of them are grown up bottle calves.. I am very wary around new moms though.

It's chilly and overcast here today. What's going on at your place..?

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

We started out with a frosty morning, now it is sorta overcast and sunny at the same time.

My garden stuff is all gathered, garden plot rototilled and ready for winter. I ended up with a big wheelbarrow full of beets so I am pickling and canning them. I also have about 3 gallons of carrots that were pulled up at the last minute. The potatoes didn't do too well this year, but they will feed us for a while.

We have finished replacing all the windows in our house with double pane, low E, gas filled REAL storm windows. The outside trim is all up and painted, and we are working on the inside trim.

The house will be full of people for Thanksgiving, and I have plenty to do to get ready for that.

And right now I am in the way of window trim progress sitting here, so I can't stay any longer.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Good evening, everyone.

KathyJo, we hardly ever have surprise calves, as we are an all AI herd, but this summer we had one. A cow that Stan had had bred apparently didn't stick, and was quickly bred by the neighbor's 57 variety beef bull (well, one of them anyway). The calf was decidedly not a Holstein, neither black and white nor red and white. It went to the auction post haste. There was another that was 1/2 Jersey, but we knew about it. It went on the truck, too.

Poor little nanny, I hope all comes out well in the end! Goats are such strange looking creatures. I could never trust one, though, something about their eyes.

Mary, I am amazed by all your canning. I managed to freeze a few pints of green beans and I've done about a bushel of applesauce, but that's it for this year. It wasn't a good garden year - too hot and too wet altogether. Those windows are going to be amazing for you. We have six left to replace upstairs and two on the porch downstairs. Those that are finished have made such a difference in the house that sometimes it's too warm.

Well, this week we were in the middle of a Border Collie trade, Smudge, the last pup from this summer's litter for a nice female named Spot from a litter born Christmas Day 2005. Still closely related, but we were going to have her spayed so Tim would let her work (he still quivers in fright when actual herding is going on, silly dog). Unfortunately, Smudge met the same end his sister Susie met, only on a different road, so we had our friend take Spot back so she'd have a good herd dog. It has been quite emotional at their house, they have 5 kids ages 5 to almost 16, so there had been some very long faces. When Stan told Robin to take Spot home, Bobbi, who is eleven, threw her arms out to hug him inspite of the very dirty coveralls (silo unloader repair and barn cleaner maintainence). He said he'd pass on the hug, but she could save it for a cleaner time. Dogs! what can you do??

The weather has been cloudy and cool, freezes every night, although we had two 60 degree days this week. Bow hunters were happy about that, and the shotgun hunters got cloudy with no snow for today - the first day of the season. Stan got a license this year. He had to dig out an old one to prove that he had been through hunter safety tranining and the only one he could find was from 1972. The town clerk , who is our age, said she'd never seen one that old! I don't know how much actual hunting he'll do, but he has one. I have been knitting orange 'hunter' hats for everyone - Marc, Adam, Tom, Jake, Jessie, and Erin. Probably Melissa and Julia will feel left out, but I'm running out of orange yarn.

Thanksgiving is going to be a crazy time here. Melissa and Adam and Jacob and Erin are coming up from Kentucky for four days of eating, hunting, shopping and, on Sunday, baptizing Erin in our church. Some of you may remember that we went to Kentucky for Jake's baptism in the church that Adam grew up in, and just coincidentally a Round Up. Melissa and Adam haven't reallly found a church that feels like home yet and plan to move to the other side of the lakes in the next year and a half or so - closer to Melody and Lisa (!) - and think maybe then they will look for someplace to attend, so they decided to split the difference on the baptism. Our pastors are excited, as Melissa grew up with Mike and Erin, his wife, has gotten to know Melissa over the last year through emails. It will be a fun time. I even bought a turkey, which Melissa says Adam will cook for me, as he is also a wonderful cook. I'll do a beef roast and potatoes and squash, a fruit salad and rolls. I'll impose on Melissa to make the pumpkin pies and I'll do a couple of apple pies. I imagine we'll eat soup made from the leftovers for a week or two after Thanksgiving!

Speaking of food, I'd better start thinking about supper.

Prophetstown, IL(Zone 5a)

hello everyone ~
the last push of harvest is underway here - corn trucks are on our lane every :30 minutes or so today. Weather has been mostly grey and damp - and windy.
Dh and I battled a strange upper respiratory infection through most of September - it started in the grade school and most of the town got it - now, supposedly flu has started so I've been avoiding town as much as possible.
A warm-up in the weather is forecast next week so I'm hoping to get the last of my bulbs in the garden. I'm planning to do some winter sowing this year in my cold greenhouse.
Chickens have been molting for over a month so we're down to one dozen eggs in the fridge - Betty and the boys are tolerating each other but I worry about the bitter cold months shut up in the barn.
Quiet Thanksgiving here but I'll make a nice roast I think. Can't believe the holidays are here.

Kathy Jo - I'd so love a bottle baby - I'll never forget those little ones you rescued years ago.
Mary - I'm always in awe of your productivity and stamina! How do you do it?
Kathleen - sounds like a fun houseful and a wonderful holiday for you.

I've asked *Santa* for a fenced vegetable garden....can't battle the critters in the garden anymore and I'm not willing to clear out my hedgerows and brushpiles because of all the birds....
In the meantime I'm far behind on art projects and there's been a computer meltdown here so my electronic sewing machine programs all have to be re-loaded - a day's task at least. Lately I've been teaching myself six needle coptic stitch book binding - don't quite have it down yet.

Hope everyone is well. Off to stir the chili

(end of summer garden)

Thumbnail by jerseyridgearts
Benton, KS(Zone 6a)

wow...that's a beautiful picture of your garden, Catherine. Thx for sharing!

Sounds like everyone's getting real busy for the last 2 months of the year. We're not having family here as they are too far. However, I have the pool room that I'm decorating and just got fabric today to make the curtains and the cushion for the window seat. I managed to get the BF to go help me pic out a fabric that we would both like! And while we were there I also found fabric to make the curtains in the main bathroom we will be remodeling probably after the first of the year. (Too much going on at the moment to do it now.)

The week after Thanksgiving is when the BF has a friend coming to hunt with him. (In fact he's off right now on his own to bow hunt til dark). I certainly do like having the fresh meat and birds in the freezer...they make such yummy dishes!

We managed to get the garden cleaned up and prepared for next season and I'll probably go out tomorrow and split as much wood as possible in that big pile after cleaning out the dog kennels. (A job not relished by me or the BF...hehehe) Thankfully there are only 5 for now.

Well, guess I better be going for now....need to get those curtains done at least then billing done for the client. (Sure is nice to have an income for work done! :-) )

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Dawn, Since you are in Kansas do you get pheasant? We've been eating enough venison that I am soo ready for the Thanksgiving turkey..

Benton, KS(Zone 6a)

oh yes, we have plenty of pheasant. In fact, when Clay goes hunting the week after Thanksgiving they'll be hunting deer and pheasant both. 5 of the 8 dogs we have are Vizslas - used for hunting. We have a momma and poppa red dog and 3 of their girls are still here. The other 3 girls were adopted by hunters and are starting to go on hunts now with their new owners. In fact the family that has Missy (in CA) e-mailed pics of her hunting with their older Vizsla female. And another family has her sister in a family pic on the net for a hunting preserve. We're happy that all the pups adopted have good familys looking out for them. And now that my work schedule is starting to do better, I'll have more time to devote to training the other 3 pups so they can be adopted as well. They absolutely LOVE to seems to come so easy for them! Really wish they picked up the general obedience training as well and quickly as the hunting part! lol

oh...back to the's nice to have that in some of the recipes that call for chicken. But we recently used a recipe that was called "White Pheasant Chili". MMMMmmmmm boy was it good. I'm thinkin that Clay has to get pleanty of pheasant for some more of that one!

Falls Mills, VA

I had mulch delivered Friday for the flower beds and a dump truck load of sand for some masonry projects I have coming up. Frost Saturday morning and snow falling this dawn. The cows had snow on their backs. Went to a Thanksgiving dinner at the local church Saturday evening. Put the glass back in the windows of the chicken coop this afternoon. Even washed the glass so I could see out though the chickens won't appreciate it, LOL. We have just screen wire in the windows during the summer and then put window sashes in to block the wind off the birds for the winter. Moved firewood and straightened up the back yard. Shelled some corn for rhe chickens. Picked up a truck load of of old fence wire out of the pasture by the house. Crushed it into a tight ball with the end-loader bucket on the tractor. It goes to the land fill tomorrow.

Sat by the fire place and played 'Battleship' with the kids this evening.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Virginian, are you in for the "significant" snow fall? We have a coating - it will make the deer hunters happy. We saw a show about a guy in Canada who turned a big pile of old barbed wire into a bison - maybe you could go into barbed wire sculpting.

Pheasants - they release them here, but the ones that don't get bagged don't often survive the winters, although that seems to be changing with the abandonment of farm land. The more that goes wild, the more pheasants we see. I was going by the NYS DOC Alder Bottom swamp (better known by the natives as the Idora) the other day and saw two cocks and a hen. Two days later I drove by and saw two cocks fighting - that was really kind of neat. I don't know how the seasons fall, but I hope they make it through.

Benton, KS(Zone 6a)

Pheasants really are pretty birds....well...the male anyway (as with any bird). We see many around our place as we live out in the country and there are lots of farm land and tree lines around each plot it seems. There are also a pretty good amount of deer. Clay puts out a camera by his deer stand to monitor the movements of the deer when it's close to hunting time.

Falls Mills, VA

We had just a dusting of snow Monday. It turned the fields white and made some bridges slick. The roads were mostly clear though.

There have been several deer taken on our property this Fall, but no large bucks. There don't seem to be any large bucks around this year, mostly spikes and four-pointers.

Well, time to get moving and get something constructive done.


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