My father is Ukrainian so

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

finding the roots is harder, also his mom has some dimentia and his father died when he was a kid. Got any links for foreign geneology?

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You might want to go the the LDS genealogy website at

and try typing in some of the names you know. They have vital records from a number of different countries on that website. I was able to extend my grandfather's Stubbs family line back a couple of generations, because I found HIS grandfather's baptism from Durham, England listed on the site.

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thanks I`ll try. I went to Ellis Island records but then dad told me that it was not ellis Island though it was new york and it was a military ship general something but I have had no results.

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y father's name was Demetrius Skrypnyk ( later changed to Dan Scrapneck). He came to Canada about 1904, from what was then Austria, province of Galicia, I believe. Any info available?
Ed Scrapneck

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

Ken are you trying to find your Ukie family too, is that what you are trying to say? or are you related to me? It is hard for us when they change names and some of our families ties, in particular female members, are harder to track if their names got missspelled etc. I have Ukrainian family in Canada too in Montreal, I think, it is my Bobuska`s sister, last name was Lieudwenchencko I do not know how to spell thisright so I will ask my dad. His father was a teacher of music at a university in Buffalo. last name Hotza. I hope we are related but if not I hope you know all your family geneology. Dawn

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3b)

Unless you're a Skrypnyk or a Podolas, I don't think we're related. I doubt if I will find many relations because I have little to go on. I'm currently the oldest living Scrapneck (Skrypnyk) around, and the rest are my sons and nephews.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

No I`m not either. I have a hard time finding stuff too. Records were not always kept well and they changed so many names if they came over here. Mine was Hot^za, but here it was changed to Hoca.

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I'm also looking for info for Butenko family. They came from Ukraine sometime between 1900-1910.
My grandmother was Anastacia. She traveled with three daughters: Tatiana, Evodkia, and Tekla. Tekla was my mother. My mother was born 1903?.She said she was three yrs old when she came to USA. I can't find any record at Ellis Is., Castle Gardens or The Family history site. It's hard because names were written down by how they sounded, and not spelled. I've spent hours, looking at ship manifests and census records. Maybe someone will have some info here. I sure hope so.

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I don't know about them either but I know my Dad said they were not let off on ellis Is. either but in New York just the same. I can ask if he remembers exactly where? Maybe my great uncle may know something as he would be closer to that age and he may have come then. I have an aunt in Canada too that is my grandma's sister that came then too. They are the only one's that may remember stuff like where they ported and where the records may be.

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Dear seekers,

I have three recommendations for all of you:, and is a subscription-based website that has the largest collection of online genealogy records in the world, with more every day. It is relatively expensive. HOWEVER -- some libraries and some LDS Church Family History Centers provide free access to it for patrons. Also, when Ancestry adds a new database, access is generally free to anyone for 30 days, so it's good to monitor the site. is the largest FREE collection of data. It has been purchased and is supported by, so all the message boards are common to both sites. If you're not familiar with message boards for genealogy, they are GREAT -- find the one for the place where you know your ancestor lived, or the one for the surname of your ancestor, and post about your ancestor there. Put what you know, but include everything you KNOW, and also what you want to know to make it an effective query. There is extremely little chance you will connect with anyone researching the sames lines as you here on DG, but much higher chance of it on those surname and location specific boards. is the other big compilation of genealogy data, mostly the census records and mostly indexed. If you haven't found your ancestors in all the known census records that is the best place to start. Heritagequest is available only through libraries and most libraries provide access to their patrons.

Posting here to find specific data on your ancestors is a little like walking into a cocktail party and saying "so, anyone here related to me?" You need to go to cocktail parties where everyone has the same last name OR where everyone is from the same place, if you follow me . This is a great place to ask specific HOW TO questions, though... but they need to be in the format "I know this, this and this about John DOE. I have checked these, that and those records and I can't find out where in Iceland he came from, though. What should my next step be?"

I hope that helps! Genealogy is SO fun, but, like most everything, it's more fun when you are "winning"!

happy hunting,


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Thanks Kristi, I did the LDS thing and got some data as one of my uncles is LDS and sealed us with his family(not my belief but his) and it helped me get some stuff but my Mom disowned me so now it is hard for me to get names and stuff. I will have to pay when I finish school and get another job. I am retraining into another career but it does sound good. Thanks,Dawn

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I found, who I believe is your Demetrus under the" Detroit Border Crossings and Pasenger list 1905-1957.
It says the name as Demetrius Scrapneck., born Nov. 15, 1899. His birthplace was Kolonsa Island,Austria. Port of departure was Detroit,Michigan, on July 24,1948. He listed his departure contact as, his son,Walter. If you need more help, let me know.I have been a genealogist for over 20 years. Sometimes you learn a few shortcuts as you go along.

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Lynda thanks but it is not me it is Ken Parks who is looking for them, but please dmail him. I hope he is still a member. My family is Yuri Hotza or changed to Hoca, also Vasil same last name. He entered off some boat called the Captain something or Admiral, General something and though in New York, did not enter in at Ellis Island. He came when he was about 8 and is now, 65.

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To all of you searchers, the advice that mysterypoodle gives about the message boards is very good, but let me add one more bit. Don't forget that you have posted there, and go back occasionally and read the posts. Last year I found an answer with very valuable information that was an answer to a post I made in the year 2002. A new reader searching the old posts by name had discovered my question, and had the information that I needed.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

That is so cool. What is a message board?

drumheller, Canada

Anyone looking for Canadian Ukrainians? I have an old book "land Of Pain Land Of promise ,By Harry Pinuita..First Person Accounts by Ukrainian Pioneers 1891-1914.The back of the book contains family names mentioned in the pages.
* Note: I did look up the above names ...nothing .There is a book of notes inalso include staing their old customs,language meanings, and Bilbliography resources for Canadian Ukrainians.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

I have one great Aunt that lives in Toronto her last name is Liedwenchenko but I am not sure if that is the right spelling. I have never spoken to her but she is my grandma's sister. Thanks for your help here. It is nice to meet other Ukrainians, I do not meet any at all in California, the people are all mixed in the state, not like the Eastern US where there are still ethnic neighborhoods and slang terms for races. Here that does not exist except in large cities like LA. I heard that there is a large Uk population in Sacremento after a Ukrainian killed his whole family and extended family up there, it was mentioned.

drumheller, Canada

hellnzn11: No That name is not mentioned in this book.
You might want to check the inernet for Ukrainian periodicals,newspapers .

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

Thank you.

Beaverton, OR

In searching family roots from the Ukraine, it also helps to try & identify the particular ethnic group in the Old country... Under the czars, the villages were usually separated by ethnic or religious groups... Only the larger market towns were mixed, especially before the 1860s, when the serfs were liberated & thereby free to change residences without getting permission.
Another good source is the FEEFHS -- Federation of East European Family Historical Societies -- or the East European Genealogical Society --
Good luck in your family history searches,

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

Thank you so very much. I will definitely check it out.

You did not have a mother named Margaret did you? I had a friend that had a daughter named Kay that lived in a retirement home in Beaverton. My sil, is a nurse practitioner for Kaiser over there in Portland. It is off the wall but who knows it is a small world.

drumheller, Canada

Two suggestions: Try typing your ancesters surname then first name on google.You'll get all the listings for that name.
Also before 1900's many Ukraines and Polish were considered to be Germans(because Germany owned the land then)..If you type in Polish or Ukraine genealogy you'll get many web sites.I found a German website for Galacia, a province.
A lady at my genealogy club that I just joined said that genealogists over there charge very little. The one she got( from Hungry) charged only $12.00 US, and she got a thorough background, as compared to another for $6o.00 an hr.

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Oh my gosh! That is fantastic. Thanks. I wish I was still not working so it was easier to pursue this. I think my dad would be very interested. Our last name is not like anyone else we have heard in the Ukraine's. It was changed to Hoca, but it was pronounced Hotza. He found the name in Turkey. So who knows if those roots are there. He was born in Kiev though and both of his parents too, so he is definitely a Ukie.

Clovis, CA


There is no way I'm not related to you!!!! Please respond to this. I'd love to give you my contact information so we can talk!!!

My name is Regina Hoca
Daughter of Theodore Hoca
Granddaughter of Myron Hoca....

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

Oh my gosh. Cuz, Niece of my dad George who is your dad's brother. I met your mom too, since they came out to my house just before your mom passed away. WOW!!!!!!

My dad is coming over for NY dinner but it is early at 12:00. Crap I don't believe this.

I will send you a dmail with my info Regina. I love your aunts, I met them at Mary's wedding in MD.

Girl we need to talk. My name was Dawn Hoca, when I was born.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

I'm talking to my dad now and he said, He knows you and heard you came out here. He said, You lived with Renada for a while. Sorry about your mom, she was sweet. This is a small world. Does your dad still live in NY?

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

Regina where are you girl?

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

I've had a hard time researching Galicia, too. My ex-DH had a gr-grandfather who gave his nationality as Galician when he came through Ellis Island, but it's been tough to trace because other family members said they were from Austria or Poland or Russia. I think those villages got passed between countries a lot!
I was able to find some hints in microfilmed church records. If you know their denomination, & what city they lived in, it's worth trying to check the city directories, or check the family history library for church records. It can get interesting (looking for German or Polish names written in Latinized formulae, for example). But it feels so great when you make a connection!

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

I definitely know that this will take much more time than I have right now. I do think that is a good idea though.

Pretty need my cousin and I finding each other here on dg ha?

Lethbridge, Canada

i read from your message lynda that you have a list of passengers give me details

Shelburne Falls, MA(Zone 5a)

My grandmother came from Galicia. All her life she told me she was Austrian (her city was Austrian before WWI when she came over). After WWI, it was Poland. Then after WWII the same city was in the Ukraine. So it all depends on the year.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

So funny. My dad only found our name in Turkish, so he thinks we may originate from Turkey, though nobody had ever said that and seems not to be any knowledge of it. Even Ukrainians don't know the name to be Ukrainian. Boojum that is so interesting though about your family history.

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I just found this site that talks about the various immigration points in NY. It says that after 1924 most immigrants where processed abort the ship they where on.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I just found this site that talks about the various immigration points in NY. It says that after 1924 most immigrants where processed aboard the ship they where on.

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The link does not hyperlink. I will put it on the address bar later and try it from there, thanks. It would be helpful if my dad remembered the actual name of the ship. His brother and parents died so the name is probably lost to us. Thanks though. If I see a similar name to what my dad said, than maybe it would be there. I found my cousin here that was cool though.

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I thought I might have cut the end off when I pasted it, but it works when I click on it.

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The link works for me too.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

Oh my gosh, it worked for me today. Must be my crap internet. lol Thanks

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