SOLVED: Lowes reduced-rack find

Poquoson, VA(Zone 7b)

I don't have a picture right now, because my phone (camera) sync cable is broken. Sorry.

But I picked up an unlabeled plant from Lowes last year as a cheap fill-in for a bed at my front door (we had just finished building - with NO landscaping, but had invited our friend to have her wedding reception there - wanted some quick 'dressing' for the bed).

Anyway, this was a small woody-stemmed shrub-like plant with VERY tubular orange flowers. The leaves are somewhat narrow citrus-shaped, though they don't have the citrus gloss or brittleness. What struck me most, however, are the flowers. The do not appear to have any petals, per se - just a small orange tube with the stamen, etc down in it. No frill, no lip - just the tube, about an inch long and maybe 1/4 wide.

I left it in the ground over the winter - didn't really expect it to survive, but it died back, then came up full & strong this year and is now about 3-4' high. It's in a nice well-protected mostly sunny corner, so it's probably in a zone 8+ microclimate in my yard. (Maybe even zone's in the 'courtyard' of our U shaped house & facing South)

Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you.

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

I think you may have a Cuphea ignea...aka Firecracker Plant or Cigar Plant.
It's in the PlantFiles with several pics. Ck. there.

Poquoson, VA(Zone 7b)

That looks just like it. Thanks!

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

wow jd, i'm impressed.

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)'s what I do !

I only know that ID because I have one of those...the hummingbirds love it. I bought it when I was going through my "orange phase"...!!!

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

Don't mean to step on anyone's feet, but a few things in BackyardZoo's description make me reconsider the ID. First, Cuphea ignea's flowers have a dark purplish coloration at their tips. Also, BZ's mentioning of the plant being "woody-stemmed shrub-like" and "3-4' high" sound a bit odd for cigar plant.

BackyardZoo, you might look closely at Hamelia patens (also called "Firecracker Shrub"), which would also fit your description -- especially with the regard to "woodiness"...

Happy Thanksgiving to all! :-)

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