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Pillars of Hercules

*Two Pillars of Hercules*
This is what I call these Two PALMS.
Recently we held my Fathers 80 Birthday here.
More than 120 guests.
They all commented on all the palms.
But these 2 got special mention by every one.
[cuban royal] They are about 35 ft high.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Cape Town, South Africa

Looking forward to - planted my first Roystonia Regia a couple of months ago. Openend itīs first leave just now. Never seen this palm in Cape Town before. Letīs see if it can make it through winter. Does anybody know if they grow in San Francisco?

Hi mcwolf.
What are your winters like in CT??
Here in QLD. They last for 2 months and can get down to 0 deg.
Roystonia Regia Grow really swell here As you can see.
There are about 10 around My place.
There is a whole avenue of them at Sanctury Cove. About 200.

Cape Town, South Africa

Hi Ginger,

sounds good. Since I live very close to the sea I havenīt seen frost here. Iīm more worried about low humidity, mild summer temps and persistent trade winds. Syagrus Romanzoffianas donīt look too good in this climate and so might suffer these palms, too?

Oceanside, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi McWolf,

I remember you posting a nice photo of your foxtail. If you can grow a foxtail, a royal should be easy. I don't think you could grow either in San Francisco. The most successful palms in the bay area are kentias, kings, parajubaeas, and ceroxylons. My area is known for low humidity and mild summers also. I originally planted my royal in a shady area without wind protection. It got down to two brown leaves. I replanted it in full sun, and my house as wind protection. It has put on three new full leaves and a new spear.

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One of The monsters.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Cape Town, South Africa

I planted my baby Royal in full sun and it got terribly sunburned. There was only the spear left which openend recently. It seems that this one might also get burned. Wind protection isnīt great eather but itīs a warm and sunny spot in the garden. Parajubaeas and Ceroxylons are not available here yet but would be also a good thing to try.

Oceanside, CA(Zone 9b)

My royal was 12 ft tall and extremely rootbound in an 8 gallon pot when I bought it. After 2+ years it is just starting to show a trunk. A baby might need to spend a couple of years in a pot in part sun with wind protection before being committed to a spot in the ground. If I were you I would repot the thing until it's rootbound, and then try it in the ground again.

All I can say is keep trying till you succeed.
They are worth the effort,
Every visitor or artist friend, who come here and sees them,
Either want to photograph or Paint them. I’m very proud of my Palms.
One of them has just set seed. Could be grand parents soon. LOL

Rancho Cucamonga, CA(Zone 10a)


Sounds like your royal was green house grown and was not acclimated to the sun which is the only way you can sun burn these. Any new leaves that open in already full sun conditions should not burn. In fact once they have been acclimated, it is next to impossible to sun burn royals. Do you have a picture of your royal that you can post? The more heat and direct sun they get the better they do provided you also give them plenty of water since they are very thirsty palms. Dry winds and lack of humidity can make the leaves look pretty ragged but usually in spring once they are established they replace the ragged leaves by end summer. Don't give up however because they should do well in your area but best to give them some wind protection if possible.


How long ago were your royals planted, they look very nice? How often do you get down to 0 degrees and what's the coldest temps that you get because when we were there last year I saw a number of cocos nucifera by gold coast?

It’s only in the last 5 years I have kept track of everything I buy and plant.
Before that I had a relative in the Nursery Business.
Just got whatever took my fancy.
The Cuban Royals would be between 11 and 13 years in the ground.
They would have been 2 years in the pot when I got them.
About the 'coldest temps ' 3 Frosty mornings this year.
It only affects grass on front lawn.
Think I`ve answered all your questions.
Oh yeah, there are lots of coconut palms along GC

Garden Grove, CA(Zone 10a)

Has anyone tried growing Roystonea oleacea, the Cuban's brother?

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Are you sure thats how its spelt.
I can only find 'Roystonea oleracea '
But no pics.

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

Roystonea oleracea is by far the most impressive and ornamental Roystonea... but also the most cold sensitive. Where I live now, in zone 9b-10a it's hopeless. The other Roystoneas seem to do pretty well here, but are on the marginal side and prone to sudden death in a really cold year.

Oceanside, CA(Zone 9b)

I've seen impressive mature royals in Fallbrook at South Coast Palms and JD Anderson Nursery. I think Anderson's is a R. borinquena, and the South Coast one might be the Venezuelan type.

Vista, CA(Zone 10a)

The R. borinquena at JDAN is in a great microclimate. Sandy hillside with open air to keep the chill away. If you look at the other R. borinquena's that were palnted at the same time there, they are all much smaller and look nothing like the one you see in pictures all the time at JDAN. They were planted maybe only 25 - 50 meters away too!

Any one have a pic of this *'Roystonea oleracea '* ??

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

See the palm in the Plantfiles (no idea how to do the hyperlink thing, but just look it up and you will see plenty of wonderful photos of this palm).

Unexpected Visitor to my garden.
At the base of POH.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Vista, CA(Zone 10a)

Sankes always freak me out. But they are important. Looks like yours ate a rat or something.

Garden Grove, CA(Zone 10a)

I am jealous, you have palms and pythons on your property. I love snakes and lizards second to palms. Looks like a Carpet python which just ate a meal. Hopefully your not missing a kitten.

A prize hen from next door.

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