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Long hair- any ideas?

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

I've had a 3-year deal going with my husband: I'll keep my hair long if he'll keep the beard (love that grizzly look on him)! ; ) I've done braids, buns, and pony tails and looking for other (FAST) up-do's to keep it all away from my 1-year old. Any suggestions?

Thornton, IL

Have you tried the messy knot? According to People magazine, "this unfussy updo works on straight hair for edgy looks, or wavy for romantic styles". Its basically a ponytail twist wrapped into a loose bun doubled back on itself and secured with bobby pins. Let shorter hairs fall out, and ends fan out..spraying with hairspray to set.

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Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

Do you have a picture of that? I haven't heard of it.

Thornton, IL

I saw it in People magazine. But my 18 yro daughter wears it that way sometimes too. Put your hair in a ponytail (low or high) twist the hair and double it up on itself, leaving the ends to fan out if you like, secure with bobby pins and spray for hold. Sorry, I don't know a different way to explain it.

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

lol Okay...I'll try that. Thanks. ; )

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

Ok, you lost me in the double it up on itself part....lol. How long is your daughter's hair ?? Mine is almost hip length and if I do a ponytail then fold it up it's still too long to fan it out pretty on the ends since it will hang too far down. That's why I figure I'm missing something in the instructional....lol.

Normally for work I pull it back into a ponytail and usually double that up (my kids hate it when I do that and yeah it looks dorky but it keeps it out of my way). Once in a blue moon I will twist the ponytail into a bun and tie it down with another ponytail holder across the center...not all that attractive but convenient. In riding season I just put 7-8 ties in it all the way down or quick braid it to keep it in place and by letting it grow long I avoid helmet hair issues.

I don't french braid because I find it too stressful on my hair and now that I am menopausal I worry about going bald...lol, seriously. My paternal grandmother was almost completely bald when she died, granted she was 92 but going bald and getting facial hair are my two nightmare fears. I'm not vain but I still can't deal with the thought of either of those....lol.

Two weeks ago I was leaving a local market and my hair was down. I had hurried out of the house with it still wet and made some stops on my way to work. A woman walking behind me (my hair was 90%dry at this point swinging freely) said you have such beautiful hair. I turned to thank her and said hey I know you. She looked at me stunned...she is a customer where I work. She said to me I've never seen you with your hair down, it's so pretty why do you always have it pulled back and tied up....lol. I told her it gets in my way when I work and irritates me. Not to mention it looks messy after a while. I see some women who their hair hanging down looks nice and neat (freshly brushed/groomed) all the time but I must turn my head too much swinging it or dragging it across my shoulders too frequently cuz it gets messy looking quickly...lol.

Here is a pic of my hair a year and half ago and it's longer now.


Thumbnail by jab91864
Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

Oh wow! I finally get to see your motorcycle!! ; )

I love your hair- even though I realize this is a year and a half ago. Mine is probably half way between where yours is in this picture and the top of my rear end. So yours is longer. Same color, though. ; )

I've done that ponytail folded in half before...especially when I'm trying to do a ponytail and have a little extra stretch but don't think I could fit another full round.

I tried the "messy" do Prairie was talking about today- this is what I think she meant- after you put it in a pony tail, you eventually get to the point where it just won't twist anymore. Keep twisting the the hair will kinda double over on you. I'm really not sure if this is good for your hair or not if it's coming out a littler easier than it should, but perhaps just doing once in a blue moon for a special occasion or something wouldn't be so bad. But if you have doubts, then perhaps you shouldn't. You'd know your hair best. The last thing you'd want is permanent damage just because of a hairdo.

I've forgotten about this one- every once and a while it comes back to me... put your hair in a ponytail and then kinda make a small hole between your head and the band and then stuff your pony tail down the hole. It was probably a little overdone for a short while there, but it looks a little classy still. I think so, anyways.

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

I do the "stuff the pony thru the hole" thing....lol, it does dress it up. Sometimes I will then braid it and I have found that I can put a brooch on top where the pony goes thru..... that can dress things up too !!!

~Julie =0)

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

Great ideas! Thanks! ; )

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I am trying out a snood for my getting-longer hair. It is a basic net, but it droops down the back & stays on the head like a hairband. It is a classy look, & keeps the hair out of the way for awhile. I do the pony tail hole trick too- also very nice! In Summer, I get my hair cornrowed/braided for a month - such a nice break from the daily hassle, especially in the hot, humid weather! It is OK, as long as it is not done too tightly. Several hair dressers have told me that hair thinning is strictly genetic - not from severe hairdos. I do a bun or braids for sleeping, but if I do it too many days in a row, my cowlick appears. It looks exactly like a bare spot!
What do you do at nighttime?

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

Thinning hair is genetic but it can also be hormonal. Severe styles will cause breakage so I try to avoid it too much same as chemicals. My hair thinned a lot when I breast fed and it never came back all the way and that has been many many years ago. My qualms about my hair thinning are mostly in my mind to be honest I worry because of my Grandmother and the genetic thing.

I use to work with a girl who wore a snood, it was great!!!. She had silky black hair and wore a black snood, looked very classy and original since nobody else was doing it. Some times I braid my hair at night to try to keep it out of my way. I toss and turn a lot and it catches underneath me and in my armpits etc.... Not to mention other ppl get caught in it or roll over on it...lol.

I can't see me with cornrows, although it would work great with my helmet....no fuss, no muss!!

~Julie =0)

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

I usually braid mine at night, too. Either that or a low ponytail. If I don't, then I get loose hairs all over me...ugh! ; )

What's a snood?

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

Snoods were used in Victorian times. Some English horseback riders still use them, but they are very short with a black bow at the top. The snood looks like a hair band with a loose netting that hangs down the person's back.
Here is a site with lots of photos:

I have found that my hair is always in my face & mouth. Sticks to my lip gloss. In the 80's, I got several curl perms. They were great - just shake your head after showering, & off you went. It was carefree. Too bad poodle perms are out!
I bet some neat small braiding would look awesome on long hair like yours, Julie. And definitely eye catching. Hanging out from your helmet, trailing behind you - very cool!

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

Every once in a blue moon I will ride with my hair down....makes ya feel sorta wild...lol. And I know it draws attention trailing behind me in the wind, but it's wicked cruel on the hair. Makes it knot something fierce. I think the braids would look kewl, but I don't think I have the face for it... round face. Had it done once in my pre-teens, it didn't go over well as a new look for me as I recall.

So what hair care products is everyone using for their long locks...?? I like Pantene and alternate with Nexxus shampoos and use Pantene conditioners. Love their stuff. I also alternate adding some herbal oils to my shampoo. I'll have a bottle mixed and switch back and forth. I add Rosemary, clary sage, sweet basil, glycerin, vit e oil, and tea tree (just a smidge it can be very drying)

~Julie =0)

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

Whoa...I was just thinking about how bad my hair would dry out if I let it wild and free like that! lol

Ditto the small braiding and round face. ; ) I went to get my hair done for a wedding...by the way, they wanted to just French braid it and charge me 40 bucks for it...insane...but they said they'd twist it and then put it up in a pony tail and then curl it. It'd had that done before...the stylist was one of those big-hairdo'ed country gals...lol I was a little nervous about her touching my hair (afraid it'd be all poofy) but it looked really good! She used fat twists and I didn't think I would, but I really liked it. So I asked the girl to do that again, this time I had someone else, and she did itty bitty tight cornrows. I caught a glimpse when she was 1/3 of the way done and it looked AWFUL!!! So we changed it last minute- still not my favorite updo and I'm not willing to share a photo...lol...but it was better than the cornrows.

Instead, she put all the hair into a ponytail. Then she split it into two parts- the top and the bottom. The top part, she put into a bun and the bottom part she bobby pinned up and curled it. It was more urban than I was going for- but it was still nice. It would've been better if she hadn't gelled the sides of my hair really tight to my skin.

Right now, I'm just using Mane 'n Tail...last time I used Aveda. Before that, it was something like Tresemme? I just like switching shampoos and don't really stick to anything. But I notice I go for the brands with big bottles. lol I've used Mane 'n Tail before and I like it. I also liked the Aveda and the Tresemme (sp?). So what are those herbs that you add supposed to help the hair with?

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

Well truth be told I also take a high potency B-complex vitamin for my hair as well....lol. When I was looking to switch shampoos I was tired of the same old thing. I'd used about everything and decided a few years back no more processing my hair....coloring, perms, I rarely use hair spray or styling products and avoid curling or hot irons. Once in a while I will blow dry it but that is rare.

Anyway while scouting about for hair tips I came across the same things recommending herbal infusions and rinses etc... I spent a lot of time picking out the ones that would be right for me. I can say in all honesty I'm happy with the results. I buy tiny bottles and they last forever because you only have to add a so many drops to a large bottle of shampoo.

My hair color is natural and has not darkened at all by using the herbs!!!! I was a little worried it would but my goal was to help keep my natural hair color..... my sister is 4 yrs younger than me and very very very grey.

Rosemary, is suppose to stimulate hair follicles and hair growth, and is generally believed to slow down or even permanently hold off premature hair loss and gray hair. A lot of women use it as a rinse for darker hair to keep off the grey. It's also used in a LOT of high price herbal shampoos

clary sage is suppose to encourage hair growth and again darken hair to discourage greying.

Basil adds luster to hair: brunettes, add it to a rosemary rinse, blondes, add it to a chamomile rinse.

I've done mane and tail and tresemme as well along with the aussie brand products. My one daughter prefers the herbal essence line and the other likes my nexxus first then the pantene.

~Julie =0)

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

Oh yeah...forgot about the Aussie products...I've used those and liked them, too. I tried Pantene a long time ago but it dried out my hair big time. That was so long ago that I'm sure it's changed...maybe I oughtta give it another shot. Never tried Nexxus...is it everywhere or do you have to go to a salon? If it's at a salon, I'd have to drive at least an hour to get it. I got the Aveda while I was in Maryland a while back- my cousin told me I had to try it- and I liked it but I can't get it locally, either. So I kinda wish I hadn't bothered. hahaha It costs too much to use all the time anyways.

Where do you buy the herbal additives? Online?

I've had gray hairs since I was 17!!! lol I remember because that's when I started dying it. So I've dyed it for 8 years and then found a color that I HOPED was close to my natural color, and it was, and I've let it go natural since. I also had a HORRIBLE perm 5 years ago where the girl messed up and lots of my hair was literally BREAKING OFF at the top!! And she made the curls way too tight, too! Argh!! A few months afterwards, I tried a hair dye (on my already killed hair) and it was supposed to be a slightly reddish brown, but it came out ORANGE. lol Kinda killed the tight curls, too. ; ) I met Doug with that hair setup. He said after we met, he couldn't get my hair out of his mind (in a good way- he LOVED it- what a weirdo). lol I guess it worked, though, since we're still together. haha!! ; ) Found a lovely, though dark, picture of the hair...mwah hah ha...this is one of my better sides. haha ; )

Thumbnail by cjolene
Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

LOL................ it's a cute pic !!! I've had much worse.

I've seen Nexxus products in Wal-Mart, so I think it's fairly easy to get. I never go to a salon. Tried it once, didn't like it figured what the hey I can do my hair just like this and it won't cost me anything and will be much less depressing in the end since I didn't pay for it....lol

I've never seen Aveda products but I will look for it now to see if it's available in my area. I got my herbal stuff at ebay. It was natures inventory ebay store, they have a website. I bought 1/2 oz bottles and they last a long time.

~Julie =0)

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

Ah - the perm nightmare stories!
I did a home perm & literally lost the lower 4-5 inches of hair - it was slimey, & broke like icicles when it dried. That was my last perm.
Hard water can turn dyed hair all sorts of colors, so I can't dye. I have done the temporary colors, like Natural Instincts. But I always return to my own color.
I used to use straight shea, coconut, olive - whatever oil was handy, & leave it on overnight. My hair was in great shape, but it looked kind of funky! I am a conditioner freak!
Are the Rosemary, Sage, etc oils, alcohol based tinctures, or extracts? I would love to try them, especially if they condition too :)
Where do you get them, & what do you look for?
Nexxus Therappe is a very heavy shampoo, but it is awesome. I use it once every 3-4 shampoos. I use their conditioner called Enphuse - heavy, but the best I have found so far.
For knots, the best stuff you can buy is Cowboy Magic - sold in tack shops. It is a silicon leave in lotion, & it totally eradicates the knots. Even the next day it makes the comb slide through! But perhaps not enough for after an au naturale bike ride!

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

I haven't had a perm in over 10 yrs but I do remember breakage. I will definitely look for the cowboy magic to check it out. I too do occassional oil treatments, once I bought a huge pail of coconut oil...lol. It was great stuff. Olive oil is very softening and great for your skin as well.

The herbals I use are essential oils, because I use them as a shampoo additive and not a conditioner additive I doubt a lot is "leftover" on the hair. My personal opinion is the rosemary tends to be drying but I only add 12 drops per large bottle of shampoo so it's minimal. And I am also guilty of using too much hot water which again strips out the natural oils, we all know cool water is best for the hair.

I tend to slather conditioner pretty heavily and then rake my fingers thru my hair as I rinse....to help untangle. The longer the hair the easier it wants to tangle or so it seems on my head. The top of my head will go oily and the bottom of the locks dry out so I try to focus more conditioner to the bottom of my hair strands and just lightly condition the top of my scalp.

One of my daughters has naturally tight curly hair and she uses a leave in product from Pantene to help condition and keep the frizz at bay. Curly hair seems to be drier in my opinion so it would be a disaster if we ran out of conditioner around here...lol. I've read that adding either jojoba oil or mango oil (texture of a butter really) to conditioner gives a wonderful softening effect..... haven't tried that yet.

Have you tried honey yet ?? It's a great conditioner and softener. Some ppl add it to warm water and use it as a final rinse, not really washing it out. I have done that and added to conditioners but what is nice is to massage the honey straight to your hair and then carefully wind your hair on your head and then saran wrap it (or use a shower cap) and then wrap head in towel. Try to relax and let it sit on your hair for 30 minutes before lightly shampooing out.

Apple cider vinegar used as a rinse once to twice a week is great for shine !!! Leaves your hair nice and soft ...I think it strips out the heavy chemicals and additives from shampooing and conditioning so much. I know ppl who swear by it.

This site has some good herbal tips on what to choose for hair and skin care :: http://www.essential7.com/misc/haircare.html

click on the carrier oils for descriptions of those, the list is located on the left. This site does sell products but I have NEVER bought from them so cannot vouch for them as a retailer.

~Julie =0)

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

But cjolene - Red hair is all the rage now - You were just ahead of your time!
Thanks for the tips on the natural extracts. I have used jojoba oil before on the ends of my hair. I tried honey once but it made my hair knotty - perhaps I did not rinse it enough? But I do use honey on my skin, mixed with oatmeal for soothing bath. Excellant for rashy skin, & it makes my face so soft.
Years ago I tried using beer - but the smell was not so nice (:
The best thing I have done to help my hair is to not wash it every day. It is too much pulling, breaking etc. The constant shampooing dries my hair too. I wash every 2-3 days, & my hair has improved greatly. Less damage, & I swear it grows faster too. So nice not to have to mess with it every day!

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

lol The photo is kinda dark- it really was more of a bright orange than red. ; ) It also looks like I have a bunch of baby hairs in that picture...nope...that's where the hair broke off after the perm...and that was just in front. *sigh* Those hairs are about shoulder length now- it looks kinda like my hair is layered...in a really tacky way. ; )

Someone suggested using mayonnaise. UGH UGH UGH!!! I hated it and I will NEVER do it again!!! But that honey sounds interesting (the beer just sounds weird...hahaha...jk)...speaking of which, very off topic...my brother and I were discussing expiration labels. We get into kinda weird conversations since we really don't have much in common but we enjoy each other's company. hahaha Anyways, I noticed my honey had an expiration date and didn't think honey could expire. He agreed that honey doesn't expire- it should be able to keep for at least 20 years. So at the store, I looked at different brands and they varied greatly on their expiration dates- with one brand not listing one at all. I'm really interested in this now- they didn't have any additives, that I saw anyway. Honey doesn't need to be processed, right? So it likely wouldn't just be a variation on processing techniques. My brother is convinced that they put expiration dates on honey just so you'll throw away the bottle and buy more. Hmmm...I'm certain there's gotta be another answer. What do you guys think?? Any honey experts out there care to respond?? lol

Back to hair, though...
Thanks for the tip on the Cowboy Magic- that would've been even more helpful a couple weeks ago...lol I couldn't find a comb and so I was using a hair clippie to try to get it out. I'm sure it would've been amusing to watch, but I wasn't laughing at the time. ; )

Your infusion advice has come at the perfect time- right when it gets really dry. I'm going to have to look into those closer. Which eBayer do you prefer to buy from?

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

My last batch of oils came from Nature's Inventory on ebay. They have a website but the website seems to be much pricier.
I have this store bookmarked for my next planned purchase , typically I prefer to buy from someone I can get everything at once therefore combining shipping to save some money in the end. I haven't bought from these ppl yet but plan to try them.


I buy small 1/2 oz dropper bottles of essential oils. Then I count out 12-15 drops per large bottle of shampoo.

~Julie =0)

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

All right, a hair thread! I've loved long hair since I was little. I hated my pixie haircuts!!

Beautiful hair Jag!

Interesting hair Cjolene!

I use Panteen with conditioner, my absolute favorite!
Infusium, which is sort of a Mane & Tail replacement. It doesn't make my hair sticky like M & T.
Aussie. I love the playdoughish smell!

I braid in the summer and use an oval of leather with a stick to keep my hair off my back. I've never colored my hair and hope I never have to. To sleep, I just throw it out behind me. Once in a while it's actually wrapped itself around my neck, but I forgave it.

I try to wash my hair at night. It looks best after I sleep on it. It always has.

I would love to do the braids like an Indian, but I have a long narrow face and it doesn't work.

Here's me and Grandson # 1 waiting for Grandson #2 to come home from the hospitol in September.

Thumbnail by billyporter
Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

Welcome, billyporter!

I can't believe you called my hair "interesting." hahaha jk

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Laughing! I can't believe it broke off! That's terrible!

Funny, I never had any hair till I was about 6 months old. It was barely there at 1 year. Look at me now! I was so proud that I never had to color my hair, now 10 year olds are coloring their's. I've accomplished nothing! :((

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

I think it's a great accomplishment that you haven't processed your hair. We get sucked in by the models on the box looking all sleek and shiny, but it rarely turns out that nice. I have visions of long white hair trailing behind me on my motorcycle someday....lol. I think it'll look hot ;0)

By then I'll be looking for a herb that makes it whiter or pure silver and not a dull yellowed grey....lol.

Great pic !!!!

~Julie =0)

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

You know, there is a dye that'll make your gray hair look silver...hahaha

Actually, there's also a shampoo that makes your hair silver. My mom uses it. My dad's hair natually looks silver and hers looks pretty dull next to his without it. But she went to some historical sites on the East Coast this summer and one of the places they went had special dark lights- can't remember if they were black lights, probably were- but she said they made her hair glow in the dark. hahaha ; )

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

Because of our hard tap water, I occasionally use a dark purple additive that is designed to to prevent red tones from coming through the dying process. You can add a couple of drops to your shampoo, conditioner or styling products to counteract the yellowing & brassy tones. It definitely makes a difference. I find the shampoos for silver hair to be a little harsh, but they do a nice job.
I never knew that when I see the movie/music stars with braids, that they have a ton of hair extensions added. I thought all those braids were their own hair! The result is much sparser without them. But I keep trying different styles each year - last year I left my bangs normal, with the rest braided. It was a softer look.
A great site to check out nice braids, & some tips too:

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

This site is a little complicared, with the designations for each finger - I had a hard time keeping them straight doing it on myslef.

This one was a little easier to understand, & you can find other braids to try too.

It was a lot of fun seeing all the beautiful braid styles that are possible!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Heya, thanks to cjolene for pointing me to this thread... fun, and some good tips here too!

Here's a site with a great "gallery" of hair styles -- with instructions!! http://www.dressytresses.com/ I finally learned how to put my hair up in a bun. :-) I did purchase a couple of items from them and liked them... however, I promptly broke the metal hairstick... I think it was user error, just didn't know how I needed to be more gentle in inserting it and not try to prybar it down into and back out of my hair. I also snapped a chopstick that way. I have a pair of wooden hairsticks that I got in Hawaii that I really, really love... they are sturdy and have a loose "corkscrew" carved into their shape, so that I can sort of screw them right through my hair... they really stay put!

In summer, I generally have to wear a hat to keep the sun from my eyes, or I would probably wear my hair up in a bun more... it's great to get it out of the way when I'm working around the house, though. My usual summer hairstyle is a ponytail or a single braid, generally with a barette gathering maybe 1/3 of my hair closer to the crown and then a ponytail holder below that. In winter, I sometimes put about 1/3 of my hair in a braid at the back of my head (just like putting in a barette to gather some of the hair back, except you divide the hair into 3 sections and braid it from behind the crown)... I like using costume jewelry brooches stuck into the hairband at the bottom of my braid for a dressy or fun look.

I braid my hair at night, both as a convience and because I think it gets less damaged that way. I almost never use a blowdryer, and I don't shampoo every day unless I'm getting my hair muddy or something. I generally don't rinse out my conditioner either, as much of it comes out anyway when I squeeze the water from my hair and then towel-dry it. I love the Aussie shampoo for fine hair, although for my personal tastes I wish it smelled more floral than herbal... I'm also a fan of that rose-scented Herbal Essences stuff!

There's a "hair serum" called Frizz Eaze (some crazy spelling like that) that's great even if you don't have frizzy hair. Just 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of it makes my hair incredibly soft and shiny (and even straighter than usual, LOL).

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

I am lovin these sites! I tried that braided hair knot but I think it looked a little silly on me- my end of my hair went just to my shoulders. It looks pretty in the picture, though. Critter's site shows kinda the same knot except not braided first...maybe I'll try that. Such pretty hair accessories, too. ; )

Is it even possible to do a 5 stranded braid by yourself? Just wondering...looks a little complicated.

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I too had trouble doing the braiding on myself - & the sites do mention how much your arms will hurt! I was able to do a partial herringbone, until I reached the "tail" & I lost my concentration. I am not certain that the numbered finger illustrations are aimed at doing them on your own hair. These people really know how to do braids!
I started doing the jojoba oil once a week - it makes a world of difference.

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

Wow thanks for the sites, will keep me busy investigating a new doo....lol

Critter you mentioned scent. I have used the tiny bottles of scents you buy to make soaps with and add a few drops to a bottle of shampoo or conditioner and it works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a collection lot a while back on ebay to make some soaps with and thought why not add a dab to my shampoo. It blends well and sometimes hides the herbal smell my shampoos get from the oils I add to it.

Last year I was experimenting and mixed several scents together. Now myself personally I am sinus challenged so I don't always know how wonderful or bad something smells ...lol. I had been invited to a party at a motorcycle clubhouse. Now being that it was off season (snow) I was in my car and my hair was down. I had several men come up to me thru the night and tell me how great my hair smelled and ask me what I used on it. They of course were touching it by the time they started to talk to me and ask about it. Heard how soft it was etc....

I of course have NEVER been able to duplicate the mixture I used in that bottle....LMAO !!! I didn't write down what scents I mixed and cannot for the life of me remember.

I try not to rinse out all of the conditioner as well. I find turning the water cooler helps with that. I have told ppl who ask don't rinse it till the water is crystal clear or you have defeated your purpose in conditioning to begin with.

Now I will be honest and say I am not a vane woman. I rarely wear makeup and 90% of the time (between work and riding the motorcycle) my hair is pulled back and secured in some fashion to keep it out of my way. But the real reason I keep my hair long is because when I set it free almost every single time someone will pay me a compliment on my hair and I like the way it makes me feel when somebody says something nice to me or notices it.

~Julie =0)

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

You should accept the compliments with pride - your hair is so long, & it takes a lot of work to grow, care for & maintain it. It is an accomplishment! I have a ways to go, but I can appreciate what goes into a nice, long mane :)

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

As we're talking about long hair, I keep thinking about a teacher I had when I was a little kiddo and she had super long hair down to her knees and my little sister and I just drooled over it. She had the prettiest hair in the world. We both wanted hair like hers. ; )

Your hair IS really pretty, Julie. Did you grow it from short or just notice one day it was long and kept growing it?

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

I had hair to my hips in my teens then I cut it all off and went thru a variety of short styles for years. Including for a while sheered very close to my head, so close that really nothing much moved except a slight fringe of what passed for bangs....lol. Although that was many years ago.

When I started riding my motorcycle I got tired of the helmet hair issue every time I stopped somewhere. I found that growing it out helped with my helmet hair look. Most times I do a ponytail with 8 or 9 bands down the length of it to keep it all together or braid it , throw on my helmet and I'm good to go.

~Julie =0)

Bolivar, TN(Zone 7a)

I had long hair for the first 16 yrs. of my life before my aunt (crying) cut it off and gave me a perm. My hair reached half way between my knees and ankles. Still have a long braid of it. Have had shoulder length or shorter hair since then. Now that I am 64, I have decided to let it grow again. I figure I have about 16 yrs. left and I want to see how long it will get. Had my last short cut and curly perm Feb. 06. Now it is below my shoulders and have just had trims for the split ends.

Happy New Year and good gardening to all. LIZ

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

Is your hair silver? Long silver hair is a totally classy look. I had a patient who had lovely silver hair that was long in the back, below her shoulders, & the bangs area was short. She had the bangs curled up high, & the long part in a bun. It was very sophisticated. I loved doing her hair!

Emporia, KS(Zone 5b)

How often do you guys trim your hair? I know I always wait too long and then I have to butcher off a whole 6 inches. lol I just got it trimmed about 2 inches a couple days ago and I'm thinking I need to get it retrimmed. But if I'd just remember to trim it on a regular basis, I don't think I'd have this problem.

Doug, trying to discourage the 6 inch chop, told me he'd shave off his beard (remember, we have a deal). I had to remind him I'm not shaving my hair all off. lol

Also, did you guys see the commercial for Head and Shoulders? I don't know if it's been on for a while, but it's the first time I saw it. They said they had 6 times the conditioner in their shampoo than others and that Cosmo magazine said it made the hair shinier, healthiest, etc? Anyone know this for sure?

Also saw a commercial for Pantene that said it'd reverse 2 years worth of damage in such and such amount of time. Whoa...they sure are making advancements in this area. I remember 2 of you guys really loved Pantene. I should probably start looking into these two. ; )

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