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A cup was thrown and hit the 52" big screen cover (which seems to be plexiglas). It now has a baseball size hole and several spider cracks. The TV itself still works and you can see the picture. Just has the hole and the cracks. Any suggestions on DIY repair would be appreciated.

I called a glass company about replacement plexiglass already. Quoted $105.00 for 1/8" clear plexiglass. Please ask your TV repairman friend if a do-it-yourselfer can remove the RCA TV case and replace the plexiglass screen easily.


P.S. My DH didn't see it before I left this morning, so please answer SOONEST as I may need a new home by the time I leave work today!

What does DH stand for ???

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

ginger, DH= Darling Husband

Gymgirl, I'll ask my DH for you.. He works in a service center that repairs monitors among other things, so he will at least know if it is possible/too difficult to do on your own.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

You're right here in Houston!!???? Praise God!


Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Yep, I'm on the northwest side of Houston. :-) The service center my DH works at is for the Tilt chain of arcades. They don't actually fix tvs for people, but a lot of games have tvs in them instead of computer monitors, so they work with them a lot. I'll let you know what he says. :-)

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Where on the northwest side do you live? I lived at 290 and W. 34th for 20 years. I bought my first house in December of 2004, met my husband in January 2005, was engaged by April that year and just celebrated my 1st year anniversary November 19th. How's that for scheduling? Which is why I need to FIX THAT TV! aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhh!

I'm too new to be a divorcee!!!!

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

We live off of Kempwood between Gessner and Campbell - VERY close to your old place. Happy anniversary! :-) I hope he is understanding.. It IS just a tv, after all. :-)

Here's what Charles said:
"It involves removing the plastic trim that frames the screen. There might be screws holding the trim on the sides of the TV, or along the bottom, or along the top. Usually two or three sides, and the fourth side you slide the trim out of, or off the hooks that hold it.

Then under the trim there are strips or channels that hold the lens, with the Plexiglass piece in front of that. The channels are often held in with wood screws. Just remember the lens is plastic and VERY easy to scratch. If it's damaged, it will have to be replaced too (another $100).

Call Home Depot to see if they can cut a cheaper piece of Plexiglass. The old Plexiglass might be tinted."

The Plexiglass is non reflective,
To cut out glare and reflections from around the viewer.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

You ladies are saving my life!!!


P.S. DH called to see how I was and to tell me he loves me! I think it's safe to go home AFTER Bible Study!!!!!

A cup was thrown and hit the 52" big screen cover...... please answer SOONEST .....
.............I think it's safe to go home AFTER Bible Study!!!!!"

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)


SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

The big screen is fixed......

Gymgirl: ” The big screen is fixed......

So, what new “bride” likes to wash coffee cups?


Glad it was only a TV that needed stitches.

..................Say, in the future:

Have you considered a 52” Wide Screen Melamine T.V.………….????


..........HTML edit

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I'm SO glad you got it fixed, Gymgirl!! :-)

Me Too!

Nonetheless, If one aspires to greater recognition, ………..

…Convention dictates that one should NOT squander their throwing aptitude
(nor their rotator cup) with naive coffee cups......

........RATHER: The hurling of lamps or ashtrays at the intended target is de rigueur politique Arkansas.


.....and what's with your wretchedly bad aim??? (Gymgirl?) ???


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I wasn't aiming at all...and I'm from Louisiana. We usually just cut and shoot.... cut one and what??????

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pepper23 - do not encourage me. lol

”I wasn't aiming at all...” I understand.

Sorta’ like aiming the cats of Zanzibar.

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I am encouraging you now. LOL

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Rampant goofiness...

(walking away, shaking my head...) ;-)

Flushing, NY

my big screen tv, is not turning when i press the power button the red light keeps blinking

Flushing, NY

its not turning on

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

What is the make and model number, candycane? Maybe we can find the manual online and see if we can help you. :-)

Cascade Mtns, WA(Zone 6a)

oi vey!!
the silence is deafening on this one :(

Bristol, TN

my 61 inch rca big screen is boeing on the ends any suggestions

Atlanta, GA

My big screen has shadow images on the screen, instead of 2 objects we see 6, can someone help me in Atlanta, GA

Indianapolis, IN

my big screen 61" jvc dseries looks like theres a lot of scribbly lines in it (white) AND WHEN u hit the volume button it changes the channel please help

Jacksonville, FL

i have a big screen it will turn green then turn off in like 10 sec

Broken Arrow, OK

rca 61 inch big screen had sparks and smoke at bottom when tried to turn now won't do anything. Thinking powersource is it hard/expensive to fix? Plez help will be football season soon dh will be in major withdrawls

Corydon, IN

hi my name is john, i have a 57 inch sony big screen and when i turn it on the screen stays black and the lights on the front of the tv stay on but there is no sound nor picture. i have tried unplugging it but dosent work can anyone give me any ideas on how to fix my problem or what the problem could be thanks

Berkeley Springs, WV

I have a 61 RCA projection TV P 61927. It has a protective screen over it. I have dust between that and the projection screen. I would like to clean it. Can you help? I was told I can take protective screen off but I have no clue how to do that.

St Albans, United Kingdom

Good to have it fixed. In the future be more careful!

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