This was this years Flowers.
Today I dug them all up, so I could split them up.
From the original 10. I now have 200 odd.

Thumbnail by ginger749
nelson, New Zealand(Zone 9a)

Seeing your photo reminded me of the solitary one bulb we had of that plant. It was growing in a pot and bloomed for several years but finally gave up the ghost!
Yours look beautiful under that palm tree. You can certainly make a lovely garden picture with massed plantings of one variety.

Thank you ferrymead
This last week I dug them out.
And got more than 300 good size bulbs.
This Pic is what I got from just one original bulb.
I put 200 back in the original garden.
Should be great next winter.

Thumbnail by ginger749

Another angle of same garden.

Thumbnail by ginger749
nelson, New Zealand(Zone 9a)

They look so healthy and great root growth, you obviously feed them well. So rewarding for all your care.

I use Dynamic Lifter.

nelson, New Zealand(Zone 9a)

Sure works well.

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

Nice bed, charming.

Are there any interesting hippeastrum seed growers in you neck of the woods?

Thumbnail by DaleTheGardener
Nowra, NSW,, Australia(Zone 9b)

ginger749 do you know what Hippeastrum that is? I have seen it in a few old gardens around Sydney - maybe Hippeastrum blossfeldiae???? Its a beautiful plant and not one of the usual (too) big-flowered hybrids!

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Yeah ginger, what is it? I have that one too, and Dale, I love the pink hippy! I'm gonna drag these old threads back into the light. Dales probly not about anymore, but I know Ginger will be back

Sydney, Australia

Yay I second that... I have lots too......the first one I ever owned was given to me as an indoor plant when I knew nothing of gardening ...and it was a nice green indoor plant too for 2/3 years....then I put it outside......ooooh a big flower! loved them ever since but don't know the names of any except the apple blossom. Those hippys look great under the palm tree...very happy.

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Hi Chrissy, what colour is yours? I think I have an "Apple blossom" Pink with white stripes? Is this like yours? My sister gave it to me. She lives in Nz where they call them Amaryllis .

Thumbnail by weed_woman
Coffs Harbour, Australia

And again

Thumbnail by weed_woman
Coffs Harbour, Australia

i got my orange ones like Gingers from the tip where someone had thrown a heap to one side near the green waste dump area. I knew they were hippies but had no Idea what colour, and was pleased to get the orange. I have them in pots and put each pot in a terracotta pot for display when they are flowering.

Thumbnail by weed_woman

Sorry for not answering earlier weed_woman ,
I have been in Papua New Guinea for the past 8 days .
That last Pic. of yours is a beauty .
Your's do look a bit more orange .

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Hi Ginger, How was your trip? Did you get to look at anything horticultural? Pics please!

I was Trail Bike riding through the mountains for 5 days .
And the day I was supposed to go to the POM Botanical Gardens .
Michael Somare was put back in power ,
and there were riots and we were confined to our Compound .
I did see this on the ride . Do you know what it is ?

Thumbnail by ginger749
Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

It is a pregnant female Cycad! LOL! Probably Cycas revoluta, commonly known as the Sago Palm (which I have NEVER understood since it isn't the plant they make sago out of!) Heh! Common names are weird! Cycads are very interesting plants, they are true "living fossils" and have been around longer than the dinosaurs. You need two plants, a male and a female to make seeds, so there must have been a male plant somewhere close to this one. I have 3 cycads in my collection, two C. revoluta and a Zamia furfuracea (AKA Cardboard Palm) but they are all fairly small, so it will be a long time before I see a display like this one! KK.

PS Bummer about the holiday ginger!

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Awwwww! Done it again. Must send post before navigating away. (Looked at the pic again) I thought it was a Cycad too, but maybe a different species, only because I haven't seen the seeds below the foliage, and there is no Fluff. The seeds are also usually Orange, but perhaps these have been on the plant for sometime and the seeds have lost their orange coating, the Fluff has flown and new leaves have grown?

Thumbnail by weed_woman

Thank you Kaelkitty & weed_woman ,
I posted the same pics on ( Plant Identification: )
On Daves Garden .


And yes I got a perfect ID .
Here is the link to the sp: http://images.google.com/images?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGLG,GGLG:2005-28,GGLG:en&q=cycas%20media&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi

Here is another Pic. of a younger Plant / Plant's .

Thumbnail by ginger749

Don't know about the rest of you Ozzie's ,
But I'm getting Lots & Lots of Rain .
All my tanks are full and I'm up to 135 mm in 1 1/2 days .
I have been weeding in the rain , I guess I'll have to mow soon .
Hope every one else is getting some . Wink Wink .

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Hi Ginger, yes we're having lots 'n' lots of rain too. The dam is overflowing, the pool is overflowing, the tank is overflowing, the wheelbarrow is overflowing. I looked at the rain guage this morning and it was full to the brim, so in 24 hours we got over 160mm.
Enough is enough!

Thumbnail by weed_woman

I think it will take a lot more to fill the Brisvegas Dams .
There are 3 Big Dams and they are down to 17% full / empty .
I have been mulching for 2 weeks now .
This will help no end . I'm going out to take a Pic now .

Here Tis .
Cannas love it ,
And the Gingers do also .

Thumbnail by ginger749
Coffs Harbour, Australia

Geeze Ginger, your paw paws are happening! Is that Trachelospermum tricolour (?)
hanging over the top of the tyres? With what are you mulching you garden? I've been using hardwood chip in the big tree and shrub areas, and sugarcane trash and hay mulch in the vege beds and the annual and perrenial display beds.
We had a break in the clouds today, just enough for me to get out and plant the Magnolia I bought last thursday, the Cape Vigilia I bought about 8 weeks ago and the snap dragons and Allysum I bought sunday just gone. Well, I've still got some snappy and alllysum to go, but they'll keep.
How much did your Macrozamia look like a date palm? That was my first thought, but I couldn't see any spines. I think it also looks alot like a Burrawang? Doh! I just looked up the names for the spelling and found out the Macrozamia is a burrawang! Well, I'm almost smarter than I thought! LOL

Hi weed_woman ,
We call them Track Jazz .
So you are right .

The Paw Paw is a New Guinea Red .
I'll post up another Pic for your enjoyment .

Thumbnail by ginger749
Sydney, Australia

Love your garden Ginger.....it sure as heck must be warmer up your way than here......we are freezing our tootsies off....looks like you are having a lot of fun! :)

I never complain about rain .
My Large dam is still not full .

It's like other things in life , wink wink
You can never get enough . lol

Just changing the subject .
A novel way of crossing a swollen river .
And yes , there are Crocks in here .
But only 4 ft long . ( freshies )

Thumbnail by ginger749
Coffs Harbour, Australia

So is that your riding/holiday mate swimming for his life? (while you stand by with camera at the ready, shouting, "Faster, faster, its gonna get ya"?)

You bet ya . :o))
That day we didn't see any .
But other days we did .
The KOKODA TRAIL starts 4 Kilometres from this exact spot .
This was all four of us later in the day .

Thumbnail by ginger749
Sydney, Australia

Oh my goodness!!!!!

This was # 2 bike across the River . ( The Laloki River )

Thumbnail by ginger749
Sydney, Australia

Did you have time to take pics of any interesting plants (mid floods ...fighting off crocs etc? (Whew!)

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Very nice pics Ginger. Hubby says they are definitely trials bikes and wants to know why you were riding them? Were there any Bultacos amongst them?

Hubby says they are definitely trials bikes and wants to know why you were riding them?

The answer is Adventure . The same reason I Climb Mountains .
I always rode a Bultaco Sherpa T .
Owned 4 of them in 3 years , all in PNG '70 - '74 .

Thumbnail by ginger749
Coffs Harbour, Australia

Hubby thinks he's a know-it-all and reckons your last pic might be Alpina. He's a Bultaco fan and is always on the lookout for more! He races them in vintage motorcross on occassion and does fairly well. I, on the other hand, am a fair weather rider, and as the day was soooooo nice, we rode out to Nana Glen (Kooka cafe) for a mugacino and scones (only 25 minutes from home on country roads. I ride like an old mole, (says hubby) and cruised about at 90k so I could look about and take it all in. Our poor old bikes in need of some love and attention though. Now the weather is warming up I'm sure we'll get out on them a bit more.
Note in the pic, the corrugated iron kooka against the tree.

Thumbnail by weed_woman
Coffs Harbour, Australia

The Hippies are back!

Thumbnail by weed_woman
Sydney, Australia

Beautiful! mine are not.... yet ...still a bit cold.

Coffs Harbour, Australia

The pink ones are out now too!

Thumbnail by weed_woman

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