squeaky hardwood flooring

Redmond, WA

I finished putting down my bamboo flooring a year or two back - before putting the floor down I found all the squeaks and screwed all the loose boards down.

A few months ago I found three more spots that I should have caught, now getting on my nerves - however the hardwoods already down. The bamboo is T&G and stapled so for those two spots I was thinking of drilling through in 2-3 spots for each repair area then put the screw down then plug the hole with wood putty - then repair the sealant there.

#1 i'm certain I won't find putty to match
#2 i'm not certain if this is the best way to go as I do not have access from underneath to countersink anything

West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

Maybe you can squirt some glue in there, too.
You can hide the screw holes with wooden plugs. Maybe you can make some out of scrap bamboo to match. It doesn't have to match, though.

Missouri City, TX

There are "headless" screws made for this. They use a square drive. Leaves a very small hole to fill.

There are color match sticks available from most flooring companies. Perhaps an artists brush and some clear Varathane to seal over the filler would produce a surface that would last and be easy to clean.

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

Is there an update to your problem? I am interested to know as I can't stand a squeaky wood floor either.

Also....I heard of using bamboo as a wood floor the other day but can't say I've ever seen one? Can you post a picture of this?

Missouri City, TX

Most of the flooring stores in Houston have part of their showroom done in Bamboo. It is so hard that it cannot be stained - they use flame to stain it.

It is what DW and I want - remove all the @#$%^ wall to wall carpet - and replace with Bamboo and tile. Just a matter of running out of "on coming trains" that empty the budget.

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

Thanks Bubba! I know what you mean about not wanting carpet Do you have pets as well? I have 2 cats so it is nice that you don't see the dust bunnies rolling across a hard floor. But most the first floor is large tiles. SOOOOO cold and hard on the feet...I'd love some wood!

Missouri City, TX

2 cats and until recently 2 dogs. New bagless picks up so much dust - amazing.

Our house was a "spec" house and the builder went broke. Saving & Loan "finished" it and created a mortgage for it. Upstairs, the carpet installers did NOT even sweep, so we have pieces of sheet rock, etc. under it. They even did WTW in the master bath - nice and soft, but we really don't want full carpet there. Not sure if they really attached the top floor to the subfloor - lots of squeaks.

I can fix the floor (got the woodworking tools and know how to use them), but need to chose which battles to fight first.

Oh well, poco a poco. (little by little)

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Good Luck Bubba!!

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