Good notes and Sad notes.

Burlington, ON

Last night I sat and inhaled the magnificent fragrance of 11 open flowers on my pink Brugmansia suavolens.
I have never seen a seed pod but I have been playing bumblebee to some of flowers that were out earlier on this plant and I *think* I have 2 pods developing!!

The sad part of this post is to tell you that I got 'trashed' by that email virus that is flying around and lost all my email and bookmark folders.
To any of you who were in my address book, I hope I was able to warn you in time, and if not, it was not a malicious act on my part.
I lost any mail I had recieved prior to July 27th so I am unable to respond to these.
We now have 'Mega' protection so I trust this never happens again.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

That virus was getting a lot of people. Not your fault. Will email you my address soon.


Ra, congrats on the seedpods. Looks like everyone here is getting the hybridizing bug. What did you cross yours with Ra? I have a few seedpods forming on my hybrids and a few on my named hybrids as well. Wishing I had more aurea's to set seed to as always though. I may be sending out some more Culebra's and Double oranges here shortly. Boy do I ramble on too much....

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Burlington, ON

hmmmmmm maybe they aren't seed pods Brugmansia.
All I did was take a Q-tip and go into each anthers and stamen and stroke them but all were on the same plant.
Whatever they are, they are in the very early stages and the stamen is still on the stems.


Ra-With a bit of luck and perhaps a smidgen of Ga-3 on the stigma you might get lucky doing it that way as I have heard of others with only one Brugmansia getting seedpods to form. Jamaican suaveolens and Cypress Gardens versicolor have both been known to self seed on occassion from the stories I have heard. Of course the Jamaican suaveolens occassionally throws out shredded flowers as well....Good luck at any rate and I hope...well ahh, just remembered another nursery in NC had one set a seedpod spontaneously as well...rambling as always,

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