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Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

I am considering buying an MP3 player for one of my children, adult, to exercise with. I don't know the diff between a $80 one and a $400 MP3. The "descriptions" are gibberish to me. I simply want one that holds tunes. Are they rechargeable or do you replace a battery?

Smyrna, TN(Zone 6b)

I am happy with my Samsung MP3 Player Model: YP-T9JQB I bought at Best Buy for $129. It recharges while it is connected to your USB connection. You can put small videos on it as well, but to me that was a wasted feature. I do like that is has a voice recorder on it.

It holds 2GB of music, but you can buy one that holds 4GB. If your car has a AUX jack you can purchase a wire that will allow you to hook it up to the headphone jack. When you turn it off it resets the volume on it, and has a setting to allow you to restict the highest volume setting. This is great for kids who thinks it has to be loud.

A feature I thought was cool was when I started palying a song it showed the jacket cover on the display.

The MP3 player I got before that one was a SanDisk, in which I took back to trade in for the Samsung. The SanDisk gave me nothing but troubles. I had to try several times to get my computer to show it, had troubles downloading songs to it, and when it did download songs to the device it would either download it twice, or just half the file. I found the controls hard to use, and was not "hand" friendly, and the display was hard to see.

Jason B Bour

Irvine, PA

We bought a Sandisk at Staples for my stepdaughter for $ 59.99 it holds over 120 songs. It's easy to use and you replace the AA batteries as needed. The one we purchased is a 512MB but they also have a 1GB at a slightly higher price. She's 12 and loves it. And we want our own now too. For the price you cant go wrong. Because we all know when they are around for a while the price is going to go down and you can upgrade from there. Hope this helps. Note: the 1GB will hold about 240 songs

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

I ended up purchasing 2 SanDisk's and so far everyone is happy. They hold "only" 150 songs but life is tough sometimes, uh?

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