Confused Cardinal Flower

Seaford, NY(Zone 7a)

Lobelia cardinalis germinated indoors in late Feb. This one started flowering in mid Oct and didn't quite get to flower before the first hard freeze. The weather here has been mild most of the fall. Do you think this plant will flower next year?
check out it's sibling to the right (did not flower)

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Thumbnail by branches
Seaford, NY(Zone 7a)

another pic of the plant

Thumbnail by branches

Out by me, they die back entirely to the ground. I suspect yours will probably do the same. Soon, all you should see will be the basal rosette. They look like "happy" plants. I don't see any reason why either one shouldn't bloom again next year barring torrential rains followed by flood waters or an intense drought or anything else that might unduly stress either plant.

Seaford, NY(Zone 7a)

the plant that started flowering last fall did not make it. the other one is doing fine. I have many other 2nd year plants around my yard and they are all about 4 inches high today. It should be a colorful late summer.

West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

Very cool!
I have a bunch of L. cardinalis seedlings I was going to plant in an area that sometimes is a big puddle if we get a few inches of rain in one day... don't these like a lot of water? I've seen them almost in swamps and standing water, I was hoping they'd be happy there.

Seaford, NY(Zone 7a)

claypa, The ones in the photo are in a wet spot and they seem to like it.

Bummer you lost your plant. I hate it when I lose plants!

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