warped bedroom door

Beachwood, OH

Any ideas on how to make a warped door fit so the door lock will catch? I have one bedroom door that is warped - the result is that the door lock won't stay in the place in the door frame and you can't firmly close the door so it will stay latched - it keeps sliding out and the door swings open. Could we just move the keeper in the door frame?

Missouri City, TX

Can you post a picture?

I would try moving the keeper first. May require a shim or two. Might have to shim the hinges instead if the doorframe has spread.

If the door is not an antique, the big-box stores have replacements that are not terribly expensive.

Beachwood, OH

I think the whole problem lies with the door and you're probably right - the easiest thing to do might be to buy a door. I will have to ask the DH if we have tools to move the keeper. Thanks!

Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

First be certain that the problem is not that the catch is too low or high. Watch the catch by getting down to look at it as it closes. Is it below or above the whole in the catch plate? If so, Bubba's suggestion of shiming will cure the problem. If it is centered but won't catch because it is hitting the stop too soon, then you can definitely move the "keeper" forward. Remove it, fill the screw holes (golf tees work well - insert, score with utility knife & break off), then reset the plate with screws in the new location a bit forward. You may also be able to move the plate forward a bit by giving it a whack with a hammer. Use something like a socket wrench extension - put it against the leading edge of the opening and give it a whack. A new door is probably over kill, as the problem may just be a seasonal problem.
You can also remove the wooden door stop and reset it, but moving the catch plate is much simpler.
Here is a site with many suggestions http://www.sbsalaska.com/assets/news/topics/adjdoors.htm

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