Anyone grow Fockeas?

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

I'm considering getting one, and just wondered if anyone else grows them *indoors* without the aid of a greenhouse?

If so, any pros and cons?



Yardley, PA

I have grown a Fockea Edulis for years in the house with no problems. I don't remember when I got this. It goes out in the summer and must be pretty tough because I tend to overwater and it has done great. I now use semi-hydroponics so I don't have the rotting problem much anymore, thank goodness. I have even put the Fockea right in the garden for the summer and it really liked that. I do grow mine under lights even though this one has gone to sleep. I also give it some water so it doesn't lose it's roots.

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Minneapolis, MN(Zone 4a)

I, too, grow Fockea Edulis indoors, but put it outside for the summer. Mine doesn't go dormant in the winter, where I have it in a south window in a cool sun room.

Susan in Minneapolis

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

Thanks for the input, both of you!

Do you find there care to be similar to that of Adeniums, then, if either of you grow those, too?

It seems that my A. obesum (some years) doesn't go 'completely' dormant.

Yardley, PA

I do grow my adeniums the same. Sometimes they will lose their leaves and sometimes not. I have had flowers in the winter also. The Fockea will probably not be dormant for long since I have it under lights and it is pretty warm.

Hayward, CA

Outdoors its a tough plant.Mine was not bothered in the least by four nights of 32f or below this last January. In a pot no less.

Philadelphia, PA

I have grown Fockea edulis for 5 years without a greenhouse.I have them indoors during the winter,and put them outdoors in the same pot for the summer.I live in Philadelphia Pa.

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

I still haven't purchased one, but am still I appreciate your input! Thanks!

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

Im in Philadelphia too
Ive had mine for 2 yrs now
Shes a slow grower and ive beat her up a bit.
I think I understand what she needs now lol!

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