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Any gatherers of seed in the Phillipines? Looking for more..

Thornville, OH

Hi. I can trade or other arrangements can be made but i would like to find some gatherers of flower & plant seed from the Phillipines properly labeled with the common name with photos or without photos, and i can look for your wants in any area of life or seeds....all kinds of ways...i can send postage and fullfill your other arrangements, prefer names to be in english/latin but other will do fine....i'm easy to deal with...the seeds must be seperated from each other in bags, etc. thanks! mark-Ohio let me know....

Teresina, Brazil(Zone 9b)

Hi Mark. Sorry fr barging in.

Well, I am not in the phillipines, sorry. I am located in Brazil and also am a seed harvester. Perharps we could do business...

No Fortes, G.G.

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