BIGFOOT TRAP - only one is 20 minutes from our home !!

Beaverton, OR

I was enjoying working on one of my pages yesterday. For a hiking trail 20 minutes from here. Collings Mountain trail.

It has the only BIGFOOT trap in the United States; built about 1974.

This image is just a bridge on the trail - the link here, has a photo of the Bigfoot trap.

It's an amusing addition to the national forest.

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Chandler, AZ(Zone 9b)

that is too funny...i am curious, how does the trap work to catch bigfoot? have any curious hikers ever been trapped in it? thanks for sharing.

Beaverton, OR

There's a bit of information about it on the internet. Not much, but a bit. I was going to write more on the page, but didn't want the text to run too long about the trap.

What I read, says that it was baited for a while with deer carcasses, etc.. Which is believeable. We live just 15 to 20 minutes away, and highway 238 that runs by our home between Grants Pass and Jacksonville has deer run in front of cars regularly. So there's a supply of deer meat without breaking laws.

There are some cables inside, which probably were connected to a trigger system. I just noticed a latch on the outside the other day when I hiked up there. When the door comes down, apparently, a spring pushes a big pin in place to hold the door shut.

Currently, the door is either bolted or welded into the open position.

Rumor is, that a bear or two were caught. And there are bear in the hills there.

Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

In the book "Sources of the River" a book about David Thompson who was one of the first explorers before Lewis and Clark, there is a brief mention of a large hairy man-beast crossing below David Thompson in Howes Pass. The Piegans had talked about this creature many times in conversations of where he was heading. He continues his story as if this is a common creature of the forest. No further mention in his narrative.

Beaverton, OR

Added a VIDEO of the trail entry and Bigfoot trap to the link at top, just a couple of days ago.

I'll be adding short videos this year to my other hiking and campground pages as I repeat hikes, etc.. They will be marked with an animation or icon.

Gainesville, MO

It looks like a beautiful place to live, as well as an educational experience.

Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

Now you can look on Google earth and Sasquatch sighting posted on the globe. I am planning a trip to Cumberland house on the Saskatchewan river and there were 3 sitings there in the last 10 years. Oh boy I get to see one.

Beaverton, OR

We move this week, so that page may represent my last hike to the Bigfoot trap.

I posted some images on Panoramio, including that trap and other stuff near Applegate Lake.

Panoramio Images show on Google Earth if desired.

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