Intl Workshop on Biological Control of Invasive Species

First Announcement

International Workshop on Biological Control of Invasive Species of Forests in the United States and P. R. China

To: All who are interested in biological control of invasive species of forests

From: Yun Wu and Richard Reardon, USDA Forest Service-Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team, Zongqi Yang and Wenxia Zhao, Chinese Academy of Forestry-Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection

International cooperation among the USDA Forest Service and various organizations in China to manage invasive species of forests has been ongoing for many years. This cooperation will need to be strengthened and the risk of new introduction of invasive species into the U. S. and P. R. China will continue to increase.

We are in the early stages of planning an international workshop that focuses on reviewing past and planning for future cooperation. The scope of the topics to be included in the workshop is broad, including arthropods, pathogens, plants, and other organisms.

Workshop objectives: 1) To summarize the most recent 15 years (1993-2007) of cooperation between USDA Forest Service and various organizations in China to manage invasive species of forests; 2) To develop a plan for future cooperation between the USDA Forest Service and various organizations in China, as well as other Asian countries to manage invasive species of forests; 3) To develop/strengthen strategies for minimizing introduction of invasive species of forests between the two countries; 4) To encourage informal exchanges of scientists and workshops covering biological control of invasive species of forests; 5) To harmonize the shipment of natural enemies; and 6) To document the biology, life history, natural enemies, etc. for a prioritized list of potential invasive species of forests threatening both countries.

The workshop will be held from September 20-25, 2007 in Beijing, P. R. China. In an effort to meet workshop monetary constrains it will be limited to 120 participants. Limited funds are available to cover international travel for invited speakers and to sponsor registration and lodging for graduate students.

The workshop will be co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Forestry, the China State Forestry Administration-Department of Afforestation, and the USDA Forest Service- Forest Health Protection, -Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team, and -International Programs.

If you are interested in making a presentation or a poster at this workshop, please send: 1) name, 2) affiliation, 3) E-mail address, 4) a title and a 3-4 sentence summary of your presentation in English or Chinese using a MS Word or PDF attachment, to [email protected] by January 20, 2006. You may go to for future announcements and updated information. If you have any questions regarding the workshop please contact Yun Wu at [email protected] or (304) 285-1594, or Zhongqi Yang at [email protected] or 86 10 62889502.

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召集人:吴 云博士,理查德·雷尔顿博士:美国农业部林务局森林健康技术企业站













如果您对本研讨会感兴趣并打算参加会议,请于 2007年1月20日前将您的下述资料用MS-Word或PDF附件(英文或中文)以E-mail发送至吴云博士([email protected]):


请登陆网站查看最新通知。如果有什么疑问,请与吴云博士([email protected]或304-285-1594) 或者杨忠岐博士 ([email protected] 或 86 10 62889502))直接联系。

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