Fencing is ruining my marriage...

(Sheryl) Gainesboro, TN(Zone 6b)

Okay, well, it's not that bad, but it certainly ain't helping.

I can't seem to convince DH, who otherwise is a somewhat rational man who usually doesn't evaluate things strictly on an financial or emotional basis (that's my job), that barbed wire is bad. I can't convince him that 'possums are an actual threat that we might need to deal with. (And he just might be right on that one.) He laughs and says that I should talk to my neighbors and see what they use. I have very nice neighbors for the most part, but they don't "believe" in vaccinations or vets, for the most part. The dog next door has a growth bigger than a marble behind her ear and dew claws that are curled like ringlets. I'm asking their advice? Nope.

The best priced stuff seems to be the electric stuff. But the different parts and pieces make it an overwhelming task to sort out for someone who has never dealt with them before. Is this too much for a newbie? Should I be hiring the first one out? It doesn't look tough to put up.

Half of the pasture is 4 board fence, wood. The other part is wire mesh, probably 4"x4" squares, about 4' high, with a strand of barbed wire on top. I think I want to put electric tape within all of it, will that work? Do I need more or safer fencing outside of the electric?

Pricing: once again, a tough thing with all the little pieces and parts, and trying to do the apples to apples. Has anybody found a reliably well priced outlet?

Any and all help is appreciated... before I pinch Teddy so hard he squeals....

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