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Lilac "bush"

Morris, NY

Can someone help? I have a lilac bush which I planted aboout three years ago. It bloomed beautifully last year and I cut all the spent blooms. It has grown very robustly since then. Compared to other growth, the lilac is growing twice as fast. It is now about five and a half feet tall and just as wide. This year, it produced about a half dozen healthy blooms. .thats it, just those blooms and a ton of foliage. Should I be content with a beautiful giant green bush? or did I do something wrong????????neglect to do something. Thanks in advance
Bob Z4

AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)


Is the bush planted where it could have picked up some high nitrogen fertilizer from your lawn? If so, then this could account for the lush green growth and lack of blooms. Try feeding it with a fertilizer with a higher middle number and be sure it gets plenty of water this fall going into winter. Is it planted where it will get full sun? Lilacs perform best in full sun.

Morris, NY

Thanks Loon,
I will try the fert as I have never fertilized it at all. It does get full sun, and I have no lawn to speak of. I've had to plant most everything thats here. This land was part of a dairy farm, so I am still working it a piece at a time. I'll be back with tons of questions. I love to grow things and get frustrated when I cant do it right.

AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)

Be sure when you prune off the old blooms that you do so right after it's done blooming and not late into the fall. It may be also that you got a extra late frost that aborted the flower buds.

Good luck!

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