This might brighten you up......(continued)

Since our last thread was getting so long and slow to load I started a part II.
Here is the link to part I.
There are lots of good tips, pictures, and other cool things contributed by the folks here on the Rocky Mountain Gardening Discussion Forum.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Ennis, MT(Zone 4a)

That pic is a good brightener all right. How do you post a hyperlink???

Cut and paste it from your Address bar to (Your message:)
Then press " Preview " and like magic DG will do it for you.
Give it a try right now.

Centennial, CO(Zone 5b)

ginger, I already CREATED the new thread at 2pm today( link was in my post) :

OOPs I didn`t see that.
I`ve been out Mowing all day. Ok I see now .
It looks like you are showing me how to do it.
Thanks again.

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Ennis, MT(Zone 4a)

Ok, here's a try. This is to a thread where we have been posting both paintings and photos of poppies.

Wow, this looks like it is going to work!

Ennis, MT(Zone 4a)

It did! Thanks ginger!

On ya M8.

Wow! what a day.
We Mowed 1/2 acre of grass, Then raked it together.
Loaded it onto the UTE and bought it up the hill.
There were 11 Ute. loads full.

Thumbnail by ginger749

Jack Kept an eye out all the time.

Thumbnail by ginger749

Now it`s all done, Jack will look after it
While we have a drink or three.
hot day.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Denver, CO

Do you do golf courses?

Not Today I`m Faked. lol
A nice bottle of wine would be nice.

Denver, CO

Champaigne? Left over from New Year's?

You Buddy, don`t know how many rellies we have had here.
They drank the lot.
Dam it all .
I had to send one of the rug rats to get some more. lol

These are 'Low Line' cows.
Not much bigger than a big Dog.

Thumbnail by ginger749

This was another Childrens Python.
These are Studio shots.
They are harmless till they bight. lol

Thumbnail by ginger749

Somewhere you asked what 'Photo Chop" was .
Here`s an example.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Ennis, MT(Zone 4a)

It appears she meant what I would call Photoshopped. Her term may be more apt for that pic...

Denver, CO

Ah- I'd call it "cut and pasted," being so old fashioned.

Mulch- Who is "she"? I think I'm getting these threads mixed up.

Watch it JamesCo,
Who are you calling old fashioned.
That Tree is 2000 Years old.

If yall have been paying attention, you will know what this is.
If not, can you name this plant ?
If in doubt, Don`t google Hairy balls.
The flowers Will be no help at all.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Ennis, MT(Zone 4a)

"She" is ginger. How is that confusing?

Photoshopped can refer to all manner of adjustments in color as well as cut and paste operations.

This was last year.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Ennis, MT(Zone 4a)

Ginger, I am glad we got some more snow last night, but your lovely picture makes it hard to look out the window right now...

Don`t forget the name of this thread.
I`m here to try to cheer yall up.
This was all grown at home.
I`m glad you got the extra snow last night.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Ennis, MT(Zone 4a)

That's a beauty!

Makes me look forward to my amaryllis blooming. I have a favorite white one that usually has some extra little ruffles and fringing in the center which I love to paint. I suspect I need to pot it up into a larger pot as it bulges way up out of the one it is in and has developed two secondary bulbs which are tightly packed in there. I know they like some crowding but that is getting ridiculous! It has not sent up any flower stalks yet this winter, I am ready for it to do so even if it isn't.

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

Thanks, ginger, for all the beautiful flower pictures. Makes me want to go to Australia.

Two of my amaryllis began sending up flower stalks just about the solstice. They are a brilliant red, common but always cheering this time of year. I can't wait for the blooms. I spent yesterday afternoon killing those little white fluffy bugs that come in the winter -- on my brugs and trimming the big one to make new ones for friends. This is the best I can do for gardening right now. Oh, that and the fact that my seed packets are starting to arrive. Sure sign of spring.

Ennis, MT(Zone 4a)

Uh oh. Ginger, I just discovered on another thread when I was rambling around DG that you evidently are a HE. My most abject apologies, I have two good friends named Ginger who are both women and I brainlessly made the same gender assumption as a result. I have no doubt that face to face I would not have made such an error. No slander of any kind is intended, Ginger, I am sure you are an exemplary man!

This is what I would call the Penguin Problem. Scientists have to dissect the small Adele penguins to determine gender. Unfortunately the penguins themselves seem to have the same problem. Their courtship ritual consists of a boy penguin laying a pebble at the feet of a girl penguin. Woe be when the unfortunate suitor lays a pebble at the feet of another boy penguin! All manner of havoc ensues.

So, to avoid any further difficulties, Ginger, I shall forthwith announce to any boy penguins I encounter that they are not to lay pebbles at your feet!

Thanks mate, As I told JamesCo 4 days ago,
I feel we are all people here.
We all have a Love for Gardening,
That comes first and fore most.

Well this thread seems to have died a natural death.
Maybe you all got bored with my Sunshine ? Kell.

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Aurora, CO(Zone 5b)

Snagged this off of the canna thread. My style of gardening with the glass of wine handy. Hope you don't mind Kell.

And here I was trying to sneak away !!!
Someone asked me by D-mail if I grew Potatoes.
This [above] was my response . Kell

Do you know what Lychees are ?
We have a small tree here .
Right next to the BBQ .

Thumbnail by ginger749
Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

Your leechees are beautiful. I have seen them them growing in the Thai hill country where the Hmong people raise them for a cash crop. They also make some really strong drink out of them which has a lovely leechee flavor. They use it for ceremonial purposes, one of which is greeting. We were given some at about 9:00 am and spent the morning a little fuzzy. But we didn't want to be rude.

This is what they look like inside .
Whitish / clear. Taste fantabulous.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Aurora, CO(Zone 5b)

Kell, never heard of it, but will look up. The leaves look like a peach tree. Any relation?

The bit you eat is like no other.
There is a large dark brown seed inside.
Perfectly smooth. Unlike a peach.

We have them with Ice Cream .
All the asian stores sell them.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Aurora, CO(Zone 5b)

Sounds interesting. Guess they grow primarily in S Florida over here, but becoming more popular. There's a big asian grocery store not to far from my house, so will have to go looking next time there. A couple of the sights said they make wine out of it too.

pajaritomt, Said much the same farther up the page.
Which I forgot to thank her for the Input.

Aurora, CO(Zone 5b)

Read it, but didn't register-a bit manic these past couple of days! Whenever in a "liberty" port in the navy days, I spent quite a few of the days fuzzy by 9 am! It was always 5 o'clock somewhere.

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