Food worth traveling or waiting for?

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

It was suggested on another thread that I post this, so here it goes. I love to go to California Speedway to the Nascar Races and I finally tried this Mexican food that people were drooling over to me and these burritos are the best. I have to wait 6 months between eating them. My friend and I used to make 2 hour trips to go to Cantors Famous Bakery and an hour 1/2 to eat at this Chinese place we liked that was near the LA. county fair. We all have visited someone in another place or gone to the fair etc. and discovered to die for food or something we crave and do not have easy access to. What is yours, where and what have you done to fullfill this craving?

On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

My brother-in-law lives in N.J. and EVERY time he comes down here to Virginia, he goes to the Roy Rodger's for roast beef. Apparently they don't have Roy Rodger's in N.J. anymore, but it does make me laugh...there's probably stupendous roast beef right over the river from him but he lives to come down here and hit Roy's. Makes my Mom crazy, cause she'll be waiting for them to show up with whatever special she's whipped up and they stroll in burping Roy's. Families are nuts. ; D

The thing I love to do is travel up to NYC and let my Daddy take me out for a Peter Luger's steak. It's a family tradtion going back many years. That's where we do the dinner out when we travel up there for the Christmas hols.

Wilton, CA(Zone 9b)

We ride about hour to get a hamburger and fries at Giant Burgers in Pine Grove Ca. It only sits six customers at a time; but across the street is a park. We love the ride up, sitting in the park, and eating. The fries are hot-hot and each hamburger is over sized, made while you wait and is topped with tomato, onion and lettuce; oh so good. And on a great bun that stays together while you eat. Okay, I'm hungry!

On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

You made ME hungry. : )

One more place I love...there is a HOLE in the wall place called "The Blazer Pub" on Rt 684 in Katonah, NY....they do the best chili and fries I have ever, ever, ever had. I have no idea how they do it, the fries are huge, really quartered potatos, soft and melting inside, crispy and hot and just enough grease on the outside... chili is just bite enough to keep you interested but not so much that your eyes water, with meltingly gooey little yummy cubes of cheese and sharp little pieces of onion...

*wipes mouth*

Not that I have a Blazer issue or anything.

Tolleson, AZ(Zone 9a)

Ok how about the fact that when I can no longer take it I fly home to Pittsburgh for Campettis (probably spelled wrong) Pizza. The first thing I do when I get off the plane is dump my stuff off and go directly there.

Merrimac, WI(Zone 4b)

Jensen's Cafe in Burnsville, Minnesota. The coffee and french toast is wonderful! I always plan time to go when we're in Minneapolis.

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7b)

Great thread! Hellnzn11~ I haven't been to Fontana (planning to go one day :>) but the bloody marys at Phoenix are top notch... Other than that I haven't to die for food (?) at a NASCAR track...

Shouldn't be doing this before eating lunch...
SacValley we are similar in that we would as well travel so far for a good greazy spoon burger, ours is called Benny's (and Benny's II) which are 40min and an hour from ABQ, respectively... You can get these wonderful King Benny burgers which are double meat, guacamole, bacon, cheese, and green chile... (along with the usual garnish)...yum...

When I go to visit my folks on Long Island I always fill up on pizza, zeppoli and and Chinese, they're good no matter where ya go and sorely lacking in ABQ (in a gastronomically satisfying sense, anyway)...sorry for the generality...
~amy :)

Glendale, AZ

Hello all; lurker here. I miss Rappa brand scrapple. I've been exiled here in Arizona for four years and during that time have not been able to find any scrapple anywhere. I'm working on getting myself back home to Virginia so hopefully my wait won't be for much longer!

(from the surface of the sun)

Katy, TX(Zone 8b)

China View in Houston for really good Chinese Food. Buffet during the work week at lunch or from the menu at both lunch and dinner. Love their egg rolls and meat dishes! We drive the dreaded I-10 from Katy to get there and it's worth it. Also, if you have never had a good seafood bisque, try Babin's Creamy Crawfish bisque. It's so full of really good crawfish. My DDH loves soup but the French Onion Soup at Outback is worth the short -10minuite trip there - even if the steak wasn't so wonderful. I fill up on their bread, margaritas and fried(Boomerang) shrimp. Houstonians are known for eating out but we only go 1 or 2 times a week. I love the fajitas at Texas Borders along w/their margaritas and their onion rings and that's just down the street from us, luckily. Normally, we don't do chains but we make exceptions when it comes to Babin's and Outback.


On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

Wait marieortiz, are you saying you've flown to Philly ONLY for Campetti's pizza? Cause if it's THAT good I might have to make the drive through there next time I go to my Dad's in NY.

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

When I land at the New Orleans airport on my way to Mississippi, I always stop at Mandina's ( if they are open -- Katrina set them back) for a soft shelled crab and a bowl of turtle soup. Yum! And their French bread is terrific. Not like any other French bread anywhere. You bite into it and the crust shatters into a million pieces.
Then I drive to my place in Lumberton, Mississippi and the first Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, I go to Cuevas's Fish House for catfish, hush puppies and sweet tea, the best I have had anywhere.

Katy, TX(Zone 8b)

Where have all the fish houses and crab shacks gone? Moannnnnnn That used to be such a treat. Loved it in Mississippi when we went there. Of course, the places we went to probably are gone because of Katrina. So very, very sad.......


Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

that is sad but you know the creol, cajen food will never die there, they may fall but will rise again. They have a heart for their food and culture and history there. Marie that is so great. I always wanted to go to Philly to go to Pats philly steak and cheeze and then go accross the street to the other one and see which I think is better. Amy I hope you do go to Cal speedway some time and go to King Burrito or Burrito King, something like that, if you go.

Glendale, AZ

No hello back? You all sounded so friendly too. Exiting from lurking on this forum. Pardon the intrusion.


Missouri City, TX

Once a year during our anniversary, we are in San Antonio - always go to Hipp's Bubble Room. Except that Mr Hipp died a few years back, so it is now renamed the Armadillo. The Shy Poke Eggs, and a schooner of Shiner Bock.

Shy Poke Eggs are really nachos that are 5" round tortilla chips with white cheese, and the yoke us a couple of jalepeno slices covered with cheddar. They look exactly like sunny side eggs.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

Is the scrapple you speak of the yogurt covered stuff they have at frozen yogurt places? If it is mmmmmmm. Angie there are no intrusions on DG and Dave makes sure he runs a tight ship on those matters. I just lurked here recently myself and planted my butt here for my love of food. Join in

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

ooh that is making me hungry. Apparently food in the south needs a dictionary to go with it. lol

On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

No, scrapple is an Amish/Mennonite sausage, like head cheese, I think. Offal boiled up and made into a loaf with some kind of flour or corn meal. I've seen it in the Mennonite market. It's acquired taste. : ) You slice it and fry it up in a pan with a little butter to get crisp edges nd serve it with breakfast.

Friendly, yes, speed demons, no.

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Nantucket, MA(Zone 7a)

Buy a copy of Road Food, by Jane and Michael Stern, latest ed 2005 in paper. It has 600 amazing local food stops all around the country that are fine for us folks who hate chain food. We just drove a car from Maine to Fl and ate all our meals from joints that they recommended. They were all almost spot on for great local fare. From lobster pie at the Maine diner in Wells on RT 1 to a fine lunch of fried chicken with 3 (collar greens, sweet potato sticks and beans and rice) at somewhere in South Carolina. And some great crabs and BBQ along the way, not to forget memorable biscuits a cheese burger to die for in Manchester Ct at a family owned ice cream dairy. We had a tomtom on board so I just had to plug in the address and we found these normally hard to find great dinning spots via our robot friend. The book is set up by regions, and the index is very friendly. Road Food Rules! [email protected]] Patti

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On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

Thanks for the tip...I am on at my husband to take me up to Massachusetts next fall for a road trip.

That would make a fun thing to have in the car.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

There's a place in Boone, NC named Pepper's... food is okay but their onion rings are worth a hundred mile drive.

Igor's in Seattle for salmon.

A place on Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring. MD just outside DC for the best oyster stew and rolls, counter seating only. More than a dozen chincoteague oysters in a bowl!

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, pff DuPont Circle in Washington DC, also in Dallas, Atlanta.

White Dog Cafe in Philly.

Probably 2 dozen more I could drive to all over the country but cannot remember the names, just the food.

OC, CA & Twin Lakes , IA(Zone 4b)

We are going to Omaha, NE for a doctor's apt on Friday and plan to eat at Warren Buffet's favorite restaurant there so will post next week and let you know how it is:

Then Saturday we will go to LeMars, Iowa to Archies Waeside

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Oh, Ann, we LOVE China View, too!! It looks like just another motel restaurant from the outside, but the food is SO good! Robin, the owner, is really friendly, too. Has he had you try the Chrysanthemum tea? Yummm....

Now I'm hungry, too!! LOL

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On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

ok, darius, I'm gonna need more help than that on the place in Silver Spring... : ) Sounds like......near the.... : )

Phoenix, AZ

I recently purchased a house. One of my criteria was to be within a mile of Carolina's at Cave Creek and Cactus Rds. I LOVE All Of The Dishes At Her Restaurant.

Older venues I have loved are
Barbara's Crab Shack at Half Moon Bay CA
Fabbros in Redwood City CA
Mussels at Pointe Tapatio Different Pointe of View. AZ
Pizza Bianco downtown Phoenix AZ
Any "Fish Market" in AZ or CA Boston and Manhattan Chowders are great with alot of fresh SF Sourdough bread (yes, they ship the fresh bread from SF to PHX 'cause its just not the same when made in AZ.
A little outdoor cafe in Civitivecchia Italy where they serve perfect Zabaglione. Pescadero CA for Cioppino and artichoke soup and Aunt Emma's pies.

OC, CA & Twin Lakes , IA(Zone 4b)

Keep 'em comin' This is a great thread!

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

If you get to Berkshire County, Massachusetts (Pittsfield specifically), there is a place on East Street that we "locals" or former locals cannot go home without eating these. They are little skinny hotdogs, some would call them chili dogs, but they aren't really. The place is called Teo's. There used to be one in Naples, FL (the owner moved there for the winters and set up a shop there too, but I think it has closed now).

The dogs are about 5 inches long, nestled in a very soft fingerlike bun. They are best with their special hotdog sauce (made up of ground hotdogs and other tasty spices), mustard and onions. One cannot eat just one!!

When I was a little girl my father would go and buy 100 at a time (they were a dime then). There were 8 of us and 2 adults and we would devour them. Now, I can eat about 5 of them at one time (although I shouldn't).

Oh my, now I'm craving Teo's! BTW, you can get burgers and beer and all kinds of other foods there, but they are most famous for their hotdogs. Yummmmmmmmm.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Long gone, but a little drive-in burger joint in southeastern Colorado had the best open-faced chili burgers on the planet. Your choice was verde (green and hot) or rojo (red and hotter yet) chili (none of that tex-mex brown bean stuff, of course), smothering two freshly-made from scratch large-but-thin grilled burgers. Crisp julienned fresh fries on top, sprinkled with fresh-grated cheese that melted from the steaming chili and blistering hot fries....

My heart burns for one every time I think about them.

Phoenix, AZ

Oh my, Terry, I love Chili burgers. I love Chili anything! How about on a baked potato?

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Luna... I'll have to think of the name of the joint on Ga. Ave or ask local friends ... it's been there a zillion years, quite a culinary landmark. Every cabbie nearby knows it. It's just a few blocks off a beltway exit and I can see it in my mind.

Pylesville, MD(Zone 6b)

Santa Fe New Mexico
Holiday Inn Express by the airport
Now you would not think good food is associated with a place like this but here in the east Prime Rib is a joke at this hotel the Prime Rib would melt in your mouth and keep you coming back
for a week I was there I groged on Prime Rib becasue who knew when or if I would ever get back

Clay Center, KS(Zone 5b)

All time favorite is the Pepper Tree on West Moreno in Colorado Springs. Their chutney topped pepper steak is very memorable. Like Terry, the little place long since closed in Trinidad for Chili Burgers, LoSoloMio in Omaha for Eggplant Parmesan or their veal dishes, Haven't checked out El Taco Rey in Colorado Springs for a several years, but their Pork/Avocado Burrito smothered with Green Chili was wonderful. Rancho Chimayo north of Santa Fe for their Mexican food in general, and great flan Wabash Barbecue, Excelsior Springs (near Kansas City) MO. A good restaurant whether small and plain or pricey and formal is worth the drive. Sounds like I need to check out Road Food.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6a)

darius and luna......Oh, that would be Crisfield's on Ga Avenue - the old one, not the new one on Colesville Rd :) DS and DDIL go bi-weekly and although we rarely eat out, if we do, it's a trip there!


On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

I was just thinking it was time for me to go down to Politics and I can make it a twofer. Thanks, both of you. : )

(Zone 9a)

Maria's Pastry Shop on Cross Street in Boston's North End. Maria makes the best cannoli's in the world (and I have tried many, many). She also sold the shells and filling separately for those of us who wanted to fly home with some and make them up fresh; no soggy shells for us.

On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)'d be good person to ask...I'm looking for really good chewy crusty bread in Frederick. Is there a good bread place? I have been doing Giant but I'd rather do a non-chain.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6a)

They sell out every day - very early too :)

Proof - Artisan Bakery & Barista

12 East Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-668-2303 Fax: 301-668-2302

On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

Oh beautiful...thank you very much.

I'm on my way!

Missouri City, TX

The Mill just south of Pawtucket, RI. Great lobster and steaks.

New Braunfels Smokehouse, New Braunfels, TX.

Even though it's a chain, never had a bad meal at The Cheesecake Factory - CA, MO, TX.

Goodson's in Tomball, TX - Huge and great Chicken fried steak!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Dea, thanks for the Chrisfield's name... I recognized it immediately, just couldn't dredge it out of this brain, LOL.

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