Melbourne, FL

Need expert help with this....maybe a Palm Warbler? I have three shots to upload.

Thumbnail by gardenpom
Melbourne, FL

Another shot.

Thumbnail by gardenpom
Melbourne, FL

Final shot.

Thumbnail by gardenpom

Great Pics. gardenpom,
Your birds seem more friendly.


Great photos!!! Excellent shots! Beautiful bird!

That last one looks like he/she's pearing down at you wondering what you're doing! LOL! Cute!

Sorry, I don't know anything about Warblers to help.


Blythe, CA(Zone 10b)

Nice pics, but I don't have a clue what kind they are.

Marlton, NJ

Maybe a Yellow Rumped Warbler??

Melbourne, FL

I don't know, I google these birds and I just can't tell. There are smililarities and big differences in them.

Marlton, NJ

Palm Warbler has a Chestnut Cap and a Yellow undertail. Your bird doesn't seem to have either of those.

Mesa, AZ

I would agree with Pelletory- yellow rumped warbler. Out here they are usually called audubon's warbler. Has a distinctive call when feeding, really works the ends of branches and wherever leaves or in the case of no leaves, the branches come out of the trunk. That's where they find tasty little bugs!

Lovely photos!

NW Qtr, AR(Zone 6a)

Yep, tis in agreement also .. Yellow-rumped Warbler.

They winter-over in Florida, to boot! Super NICE shots, gardenpom !!

- Magpye

Thumbnail by Magpye
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Yellow-rumped Warbler for me too


Melbourne, FL

Thanks everyone! Glad to know what this little beauty is.

Melbourne, FL

Guess these were the same little birds I saw last week.

Thumbnail by gardenpom
Marlton, NJ

No this ones different; no streaking on the breast.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Guess these were the same little birds I saw last week

These are American Goldfinches (in winter plumage). Note the thick bills (warblers have slender bills)


Marlton, NJ

I love the Goldfinches winter plumage. I have some nice pics of it I'll try to find.

Melbourne, FL

First time I ever noticed Goldfinches here....wish I got them when they had their beautiful colors, though. Thanks a lot for everyones' help. Purchased an Audubon book today so maybe I can get better at this.

Phoenix, AZ

The bird on the left in the set of 3 reminds me of evening grosbeak. Not that it *is*--but plumage is similar.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

Beautiful shot

The Woodlands, TX(Zone 9a)

magpied - I always think of the evening grosbeak as an American goldfinch on steroids.

Marlton, NJ

LOL, now thats one mental image!

Lakeland, FL

Yellow Rumped Warbler

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