What are you ordering this year and why?

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

I'm still looking and reading and looking some more. Will probably end up with a list a mile long and have to throw darts to make the final decisions.

I need some ideas on rich red cactuses or semi cactus, really dark blackish red in any shape, bright yellow semicactuses, um um...... rich purples in any shape. Have you grown any of these in small to medium size that struck your fancy?

Thumbnail by Poochella
Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

and why? And I didn't study for this

Pooch - I don't have much too recommend off your wants there. LeBaron was a nice little purple M

Porcelain - because I like waterlilies and white
Golden Cloud - because I like waterlilies and bronze
Forty-Niner - because I like waterlilies and it is different
Sir Alf Ramsey -because I like big things
Penhill Watermelon - because I like watermelon, I hope it's seedless.

**I hope I got the answers right**

Bath, NY(Zone 5b)

Hi Annie, I have urchin, which is a realy dark red cactus if you are interested, just let me know.

Thumbnail by willow22552
Nipomo, CA(Zone 8a)

Hi Annie,
I have ordered a few already. Let's see what I can remember.
Blue Star ( I am so excited about this one I can hardly stand myself)
Thomas Edison
Babylon Bronze ( I had one last year, but think I killed it)
Blue Jay
Lavender Perfection
I think there are more, I just can't remember all of them. It is always a suprise to see what I end up with.
This is an addiction that I think is goingto cause me to take on more hours at work!

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

I decided to make it easy on myself-- I am just sentout a check and told the people to give me a selection of shapes -- nothing over 4 feet, and I want the colors to have a slash in it... so 2 colors to a flower (or flame or blend) I have no idea if it will work, but it was easy. LOL!


Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

Suzy, you are one Brave Woman!!!
Yikes... what am I growing... what am I NOT trying out??? I think I bought one of everything Red Hawk had in it's $1 and $2 sale!!! Unfortuately, there are no pix in their price list, so I bought first and now I'm looking up the colors and heights-sheesh, what we'll do to save a buck. I asked DH for a gift cert. to either Connells, Aztec, or Swan Island for my upcoming B-Day, so I'll HOPEFULLY get to try something expensive- maybe a 2007 intro. It'll be interesting to see if there's a huge diff. between a $1 tuber and a $18 (or whatever) tuber!
And HEY... why does Van Bourgondien get off saying that they have "exclusive" dahlias when I see them in many other grower's lists??? i. e. "Mom's Special"? I guess they are the only dahlia of that name in their catalog!

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Naw, not brave, just fed up with my lists and lists and lists and who cares? Just gimme some flowers and I'll be happy. Red Hawk was the place I sent the $45.00 and I figure they'll either fix me up or not. They'll either be sold out or not. I figure I can look them up when they get here. Or not. Now that Pooch has posted that picture, and Tod those links, I wish I had asked for some dark purple. LOL!

Either way I will have dahlias available as presents for all my friends because I over ordered and don't want to devote the space to only one flower like you folks. I'd just as soon have marigolds and Nasturtiums. (GASP!) I'm fickle. I love whatever is blooming now.


Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

Dayna, you'll just love Seattle! It's one of my alltime faves.

Geez Tod! Your yard is going to a sea of gorgeous red lacy blooms. Northlake Pride was one that caught my eye at last summer's dahlia shows here; very cool flower. Dan's is sold out :( You must have got the last one.

Suzy, you just said "send me whatever bi -colors 4 ft or under?" You used the "Easy" button!

Jax, there should be no tuber difference except possibly in size and shape of a brand new variety tuber vs an old variety. Size doesn't matter unless they're really skinny and prone to rot or breaking, or overly huge. A friend of mine at work fell in love with a $20 tuber and will order it. I would rot it for sure.

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

Suzy, "WHO CARES"??? no lists??? Cough, gag, gulp-- whaaa??? I NEED my lists, and I'm putting my OCD to good use!!! I think if I get a "substitute" (shudder) tuber, I'll flip.
Actually, I wish I could subscribe to your philosophy! When I get a teeny bit excited about an idea, I go whole-hog with the project and wind up with a huge, expensive disaster.
This is my Asian-inspired paved patio that I started last June:

Thumbnail by Jax4ever
Blyth, ON(Zone 5b)

Oh! Oh! Can I pipe up from Canada? Dominion ships to Canada only, but if you like these I'm sure you can find them somewhere else. Ferncliffe Gardens ships to the U.S.



How about lilac and bright yellow: http://www.dominion-seed-house.com/en-CA/ProductSheet.aspx?InfoID=1550

One of my all time faves: http://www.ferncliffgardens.com/Bodascious.html
This one says "bright rosy purple", but it looks more black-red to me: http://www.ferncliffgardens.com/RevPHolian.html

I adore this one and have it growing next to Bodascious: http://www.ferncliffgardens.com/Honka.html

I hope you like some of these - they're my favourite colours too :-)


West Caldwell, NJ(Zone 6b)

This is the deepest purple I had seen, it did not do well for me, but I will apply more nitrogen early on to correct that problem!


It's a HUGE bloom. Mine was a bit deeper purple than this.

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

BLast! I had a huge long post addressing everyone and then just had to go off and find Forty Niner to look at and lost my post! Notepad. Notepad. Mgh taught me to use notepad and I never learn....

Willow, YES to Urchin; thanks very much. Love those maroony ones. Summer Night is really all I have and the tubers were so skimpy this year. That's why I'm getting more dark reds. Gratzi!

Al, you got all the answers right LOL. Now that I've seen FortyNiner, I agree, it's different and a good find. I'll count on you for a progress report next summer. Porcelain is pretty, ditto for that one LOL.

Jax, is your patio somewhere by the skateboard? I can't see it, but it looks like good bear and deer habitat there! Maybe build a ten foot fence instead of a patio...

Ginny, of course Canadian piping up is always welcome! I forgot about Ferncliff Gardens- spent a lot of time looking at their website last year. You picked out some wonderful colors including a couple I have and several more I wouldn't mind having. Hillcrest Millenium to name names LOL. Thanks for posting all those!

Tod, That purple Tajehio, (sp? I'm NOT going to look for the correct name and lose this post) is a gorgeous color! I can't grow the big ones very well; they bloom about a week before Thanksgiving, if not frozen by then. Maybe start it early in a pot? Why do you think it needs nitrogen?

Thanks all for your input: so far I've ordered
Crossfield Ebony for my pom collection
Danjo Doc for a round darker red
Black Narcissus- bigger than usual for me, upper left here
And BEEEEEEUUULAH Ruth a brighter red

Now off to Ferncliff Gardens LOL......
Below is Ballerina, or possibly White Ballerina from a dahlia show this summer. I'm after a white waterlily as well.

Thumbnail by Poochella
Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

What I have, or have on order:
Aitara Bronwyn, April Dawn, Arabian Night, Aslan, Babylon Red*, Banana Rama, Belle of Barmera, Blue Beard, Bob Huston, Bold Accent, Bonaventure, Bristol Stripe, Cafť Au Lait, Camano Sitka, Carribean Fantasy, Christine (!), Crazy Love, Daleko Jupiter, Emory Paul, Ferncliff Illusion (!), Firepot, Frizzy Lizzy, Frost Nip, Gargantuan, Gittís Perfection, Haley Jane, Hillcrest Kismet, Islander, Jax Char, Kelvin Floodlight*,Kenora Frills, Kenora Macob, Kiddís Climax, Kogana Fubuki, Korb Summer Gala, Lilac Time*, Lovely Lana, Melody Allegro, Momís Special(!), My Pride, Mystery Day, Netterbob, Normandy Lisanne, Ottoís Thrill, Papageno, Pat Feary, Penhill Watermelon (seedless), Ryan C, Seduction, Shiloh Noelle, Sir Alf Ramsey, Snow Country*, Summerís End, Swanís Desert Storm, Tahoma Twighlight, Taratahi Sunrise, Thomas Edison, Veraís Elma, Vernon Rose, Wandaís Aurora, Who Dun It(!).

I think thatís 61, not counting a bunch of unnamed tubers I have in storage.

Those with an * are those that came with a collection and are solids; my favorite are light blends (can you tell???) so they arenít anything I am interested in.
The (!) are the dahlias that just floored me- complete love at first sight! All of the above are single tubers except Christine, which I ordered 4 of, I was that stricken. I was ďstuckĒ with 5 Haley Jane b/c it was an ebay auction for 5.

Why: Iím new to dahlias, and I want to try as many as I can cram into the ground! In April/June, I always have TONS of energy, so I can get them all planted. Iím not worried about there being too many when I am out of energy in the fall; Iíll just lift what I liked and leave the rest, or, sell/trade what I donít like. There is always the old rule of A Third: When you put out plants, 1/3 wonít make it, 1/3 you wonít like, and 1/3 will be great. The biggest disaster there could be is that will all work out, and I will love them all!!! Then I wonít have the time, energy, or space to lift or store that many. Even then, Iíll have saved money b/c Iím sick of paying $10-$25 for nursery perennials that donít work out.

Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

Jax - well my 1/3 that don't make it has been closer to 1/20 for me for your optimisum. I think I get a 1/4 I don't like and a 1/4 that I could take 'em or leave 'em.
I see you copied a few of mine - good move! Firepot is short and slow - quite a flower though. Bonaventure and Tarahiti Sunrise!!! I had Pat Feary on my list last year but never got it - so I'll look for your pics. You've got some biggies on there.

West Caldwell, NJ(Zone 6b)

jax, we must have similar tastes!

OK, here is my list for '07:

Ad Lib, Alfred C, Ayers White Night, Bert Pitt, Big Wow, Black Narcissus,
Bloomquist Glow, Bodacious, Bristol Stripe, Camano Rascal, Camano Sitka,
Camano Titan, Cheerleader, Citron Du Cap, Clyde's Choice, Conquistador,
Corin, Creve Coeur, Croyden Masterpiece, Cyril Higgo, Dana, Dick Westfall,
Emory Paul, Encore, Felida Stars and Stripes, Formby Kaitlin, Frost Nip,
Gargantuan, Gladiator, Gloriosa, Goshen Giant, Grand Finale, Hana Hitosuji,
Hakuyoh, Hawaii, Holland's Festival, Inland Dynasty, Intrepid, Ivory Palaces,
Jannie P, Jennie, Jocondo, Kelvin Floodlight, Kenora Sunset, Lillian Stewart,
Lipstick, Lydia Suckow, Maniac, Mick's Peppermint, Mom's Special,
Northlake Pride, Pee Gee, Pinelands Pam, Pinelands Paulie, Rose Jupiter,
Sans Souci, Sea Helado, Sharon Ann, Show N Tell, Sir Alfred Ramsey,
Tahoma Red Tide, Vassio Meggos, Vera's Elma, Wildman, Woodlands Sweet,
Wyn's King Salmon, Zorro

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

Oooh Big Wow! Big Wow on all of those in both lists. I've never heard the rule of thirds, but I can manage to kill off at least 10% of dahlia tubers each spring being impatient and planting when it's too cool and wet. Maybe another 10% I can take or leave, 20% I should leave but can't bear to get rid of, and I adore the entire remainder.

Randomly searching for images of some of the above, I came up with this link for "Maniac dahlia" courtesy of google. LOL check out the lower right doll. Love the pink platforms LOL.
Where did you find "maniac" the real dahlia,Todgor?

You guys/gals are going to have some beeeautiful gardens!

Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

Pooch - too late for Christmas this year. The kids will get them next year.

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

I wanted as big/tall as possible b/c I don't want any sight of the drive that's above the garden. My new neighbors just bought a bright yellow ATV, and they've been riding it out to get the mail!

We are in the woods, albeit off rte. 95 just north of Boston. TONS of deer, possum, raccoons and wonderful birds, but no bears, at least not yet. Pooch, my patio is the few cinder blocks I have placed to retain the slope. I messed them up (not straight), and then broke 2 blocks (also lying there) then spilled all the cement, then it rained. THEN I decided it would be a good thing to clean out the basement. Anyone looking for a little weekend project??? ;-)

Just the other (warm) day, I decided to clear some land and make another shady bed, maybe with some grass:

Thumbnail by Jax4ever
Chicago, IL

Hey, kids,
Where are you going to plant all those Dahlias?????
I need a bigger yard! Wahhh. :-(

Pooch, didn't you say you were culling your collection to a few favs only???
I think I am going to get more Karmas and a few big and bold ones. Where I'll plant them? I'll figure it out. :-D

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

Not culling much, Mone. I am a bad culler. I am culling perennials to make room for dahlias. I'm culling raspberries and sending them to Daisyruffles! Anyone else want a few? They're averagely sweet everbearing, 6-8 ft tall, spread, and really provide a delicious snack and vitamin C while gardening from about late July til frost (dahlia season.)
I am making more dahlia beds or room for them in existing beds. That's why I need to find a bulldozer and get busy hauling soil and compost. I wish the snow would melt. I wish I'd ask my neighbor if she's going to really get horses or could I just tear up that flat, sunny acre she has sitting idle, tempting me every single summer day beyond the fence. The horses would only tear it up anyhow, right?

Mone, could you go door to door and recruit some new garden spots at the neighbors? I bet you might find how much people appreciate your hard work and beautiful yard and pay you back with a little garden bed donation. What can they say besides "no?" or " Get out of here you crazy lady, I'm calling the cops?" LOL

West Caldwell, NJ(Zone 6b)

Annie, I thought I had a Maniac last year as one of my free dahlias from Swan Island (I got Jennifer's Wedding instead I guess). You can get it for cheaper this year from them:


Still pricey though! But I am a sucker for any yellow/orange with red two-tone, the larger the better.

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Yep, got that raised bed all ready for your raspberries, Annie!
Jax4ever, how much land do you have??? It looks great tho plus having wild animals sounds nice as long as they leave your plants along. I will admit deers don't like dahlias so............that is great...............
Mone, just take out your lawn!!!! You know better. You don't need lawn as Annie will agree, LOL LOL

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Wow! I'm so impressed by the enthusiasm and the ordering! I'm trying to limit my ordering and there you all go buying up everything in sight. It's a wonder there are any left for me to order......maybe they're sold out. I haven't looked lately!

Does anyone/everyone compare the dahlias chosen with Plant Files? I eliminated some choices when the Plant File photos didn't look like the catalog photos.

Chicago, IL

I don't have any more lawn, Carol! My yard is 34 x 125' house and garage included. Other than the sidewalks and patio, every single inch is planted to the hilt. The lawn you saw in my pics is gone. I covered it up last spring, because I had sfuffed it with miniature bulbs the fall before. The parkway is all planted up too. And there are many half whiskey barrels and pots on the patio.

I actually have 6 other yards to play with in the neighborhood. lol. But I want more closer so I can see the flowers in bloom. :-) I just expanded the bed in the neighbor's yard on both sides of my house - one with permission, another without. lol.

I still want an acrage in warmer climate so I don't have to dig up tubers every winter. :-)
Pooch, maybe I'll go knock at another neighbor's door. She loves my flowers. She cannot do much in her yard. That's it. I'll ask her when I see her next. I gave her a couple Dahlias last summer - moi - who rarely cut my very own Dahlias. lol. Subconscioulsy, I was deviously planning this coup de grace. Ta daaa.

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

I have 2.5 acres. The forest encroaches from all sides-- I have to fight for every patch of sun!

Nipomo, CA(Zone 8a)

I too have to fight for every patch of sun. I don't live near a forest, but my house is surrounded my trees that dh will not let me cut down. I am sure he will change his mind when a big huge branch falls off and hurts the house, the truck or heaven forbid the boat! (smile)

Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

Pirl - I look through plantfiles quite a bit. I certainly encourage anyone that grows dahlias to enter their pictures and comments to help build that resource.

Tod - that's quite a list. I kept looking at Vassio Meggio on every site I was on but just didn't get it.

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

dwerland, I hear you on the DH and Trees front!!! My DH just doesn't want to pony up the dough for tree removal, even tho' they're dead and leaning on each other. The "lawn" has big bare spots and moss. I've replanted much of it w/hostas, pachysandra and vinca, but all the dead wood standing is getting to me. I bought an electric chain saw, but it doesn't have the HP to take on the big stuff. I can't start a gas one; I rented one from HD and I had to bring it right back. DH is now planning a $$ vacation in Nice, France. When I found out, I flipped! He has the $$, just not to be spent on the yard. I need a job, but I can't get arrested!

Nipomo, CA(Zone 8a)

Tree removal is so expensive!!!! I think we should do it one at a time, but DH is always an all or nothing type guy. He wants to do the entire job, in one big bite instead of smaller little bites. I actually did cut down one of the trees in front the oak ( shh! Don't tell anyone, it is illegal to do that here) and was so proud that it didn't fall on the house, when I started to pull all the little limbs out of the yard I realized that I couldn't budge the largest one, so I did have to call the male neighbor over to help me move it.

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

Too funny! I am "Sahara Desert!!!" and he's "can't we just cut that one dead branch?" Of course, it's $800 to cut the one dead branch, $1500 to do my plan, which is about 9 trees, so his concern is purely economic; funny, mine is cheaper per tree. Lordy, If I could start a saw, I'd have dahlias galore!!!

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

Jax, I got one of these for Christmas a few years ago. I can't start 'pull' things easily either, but this chainsaw is a dream. One or two pulls. Only one time, after the saw had sat idle for many months, did I need help starting it up. It's a little lifesaver when it comes to sparing my chronic tendinitis elbow from using a brush saw and certainly a time saver with all the falling trees and branches we have here.

Tod, I like your Maniac Dahlia link, better than the Maniac Dahlia link I posted.

Nai, I bet that neighbor would gladly let you plant since you 'greased the skids' with the gift of flowers.

I agree, look at and add your photos to the Plantfiles but remember that results can vary from yard to yard. I wouldn't necessarily cross a certain flower off my wish list based on one or two photos. I find the comments there particularly helpful.

Dwerland, your treecutting secret is safe right here. Mum's the word....

I have some more hunting to do..... spring is just around the corner and under the ton of snow remaining in our yard LOL.

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

Pooch, I would kill for that saw! (I would probably kill myself with that saw) How much was it? I already asked DH for a propane weed torch, which was recommended by those on the "Invasives" board. I guess they should know their weeds! Sheesh, stay outta my way, huh?

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

Jax, I can't say a price for sure, but guess about $300. Far less than a trip to Jacques Chiracville, that's for sure! If you can't get the saw, perhaps this would be something to inspire you : They think of everything don't they?

When the saw was new, I couldn't figure out how to start it and left a message for hubby to call home from work to give me some pointers. Soon I got it figured out and left him a voice mail-
"Honey, don't need your help anymore. I'll be [vroom, vroom revving chainsaw noise here...] out in the woods!"

I love that saw! It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Not so much as a scratch on me from hours of use. Protective eyeware and good grip gloves are a must though.

I've heard nothing but favorable reviews on the propane torches. I'd need one of those suburban household propane tanks to supply enough fuel to get all my weeds :(

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Very nice saw, Annie! If I had trees still, I would definitely get that saw. Only 8 lbs. That is a nice weight.
Love that deal for the cellphone. As you say, what next???

Annie, I will say something and don't take this wrong. But it really scares me to think of you using that chainsaw when you don't have anyone near you to take you to the hospital if you ever get hurt with that saw!
When my ex used the chainsaw, he made sure me or someone was nearby. I just think it is a good safety precaution. But this is just my opinion. I have seen too much injury/damage with chainsaw when working in the Forest Service and personal use.

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

All of a sudden, I really want that ringtone for my cellphone LOL!

Yes, Carol; our rule of thumb is no tree cutting unless someone else is around. I always have my cellphone on me, but it's tough to call 911 when your jugular is dripping A negative all over the forest floor; you are right. All I do is cut up fallen stuff for easier hauling, or remove the occasional low-hanging branch in my way. I am very careful with my footing as our woods isn't ankle friendly and to lose footing with a whirring saw is a recipe for disaster. Hubby handles cutting up the big trees and usually they fall before he gets there.

A couple years ago he came stumbling up the stairs from the woods and looked like a red Pillsbury Dough Boy: he had cut right into a yellow jacket or hornet's nest in a fallen tree in the woods and was stung on the face and head about 50 times. Poor guy! I still stay away from anything in that vicinity. He was miserable for a couple days, but okay.

The real heroes are the arborists. We had a duo out last year to clear some trees for more sun to the gardens. I'm telling you, you could have had a blown glass collection surrounding each tree and they would have carefully placed the huge chunks of 70 yr old tree trunk they cut-as-they-went inbetween glass pieces. Just amazing. I have other little evergreens planted very nearyby and not so much as a needle was harmed. They have cool ropes and pulleys and cleats and stuff too! I want some for Christmas LOL. I have always been a tree climbing fool- to this day. But never, ever with a chain saw with the intention of cutting off something really heavy and big over my head!

Here is a bad photo of one of them in 100ft hemlock by the neighboring barn roof. Within 15 ft of the barn and not a square inch of roof was harmed. It is just amazing, the skill they have and risks they take. I am sure you have seen plenty of scary stuff in your forest work Carol! But my chainsawing is limited to cleaning up the ground level stuff.

Thumbnail by Poochella
Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

"Not me;" said Chicken Little!

Thumbnail by Poochella
Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Oh cool. Those pics bring back good memories!!!
I used to do that!!!
I used to climb 100+' trees to collect their cones. Doug fir, nobel firs, and hemlocks. Oh those were the good days! Was scary at first but you learn as you go. I used love doing that. I was in charge of the cone collections for the Forest Service and it was quite a job.

So am glad that you are just doing minor tree trimming. I figured that but.....us women are known to do more than normal, LOL

As for the bee hive. Been there, done that. When I was a kid, I was running thru the woods with friends and ended up stepping on a rotten log. Well, I will tell you. Nobody had heard me scream so loud as of that day. My mom spent hours picking out wasps out of my poor body. I think I was like 8 years old. Those memories I can do without. So I feel for your hubby.

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

Did you get those cool cleats to collect the cones high up? Awesome, if you did! Hubby gets weak-kneed watching bungee jumpers on TV. He hangs onto the sides of his arm chair and says " Oh oh!" LOL So one night at dusk with no time to waste, I breezed by ordering "come out and hold the ladder right now, I have to get Midget (the cat) out of the tree...." He thought it would be the little 6 ft ladder.

So imagine his surprise and discomfort as I hauled the 25 ft extension ladder to a hemlock in the woods and clambored up, not only the rungs, but stood tippy toe on the very ends of the ladder sides. The first two lower branches I grabbed for stability broke off and fell at his feet LOL. I think he turned white about then.

I was able to find one branch of the two the cat was straddled upon and got her tail, then hind leg, then eased her down the trunk like a woodpecker until I could get her in one arm to carry down. I think hubby was ready to throw up right about then. LOL He puts up with so much!

But he would definitely not be a cone collector above about 6 ft off the ground.

Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

My work used to have an arborist department, a lot of guys come and went because they all wanted the experience to get city jobs. There were some real great guys and also some guys out of college that seemed to wreck anything possible.
Carol - you were a tree monkey?
I never had to climb trees - just spray them.

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