Looking to trade for colorful Bromeliads and similar plants.

Louisville, KY

I have almost completed my personal conservatory and would like to find a collector who may be willing to trade plants. I grow many tropicals and have a handful of bromeliads as well as many other tropicals to offer. I am manly interested in the more colorful foliage forms. If interested please contact me thanks.

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West Orange, NJ(Zone 6a)

Are you interested in cordylines? I have several varieties.

Bolivar, TN(Zone 7a)

I have the energizer bunny of all broms. It keeps on giving and giving. Right now all the plants on it are about 3' around. If you want one of the offshoots, let me know. It is a pretty green and in the summer turns blue in the middle and has tiny yellow flowers. Makes a great hanging basket or a pot full in no time. LIZ

Springfield, MO(Zone 6a)

I've got about 225 varieties of Bromeliad species and cultivars Brian (and assorted tropicals you probably already have or don't want). Once it warms up a bit I'd be happy to do some swapping. My list is at http://geocities.com/ne0b/plant_list.htm

Louisville, KY

Thanks Dave by the looks of things I may have bromeliads to trade as well as other tropical plants once spring is here. You know I have done a few speeches/plantsales in springfield for Linda at Oquins watergardens and orchids you familiar with them? Linda is very nice and they carry some cool plants.

Louisville, KY

Checked out the link very cool web page. I see your into table tennis. If I make it out to Springfield again I will have to challenge you. I am pretty good though never played in a tournament besides when very young. I have sense been unbeatable at the table at work its been hard finding good competition lol. I played over 500 games last year was beaten once but whos keeping count as my father says.

Springfield, MO(Zone 6a)

I am also a bicyclist but unfortunately I had a head-on crash five years ago with a car. One of my injuries was a bad distal radius fracture in my (of course) right arm. Since the crash I haven't played hardly at all due to constant soreness/pain in my right wrist. Check out this Louisville club and prepare to be humbled. http://usatt.org/admin/ClubsList.aspx?State=KY#listTop

I know of O'Quinns but have never stopped in there since I'm not into Orchids. I'll have to make a special trip. We had a horrible ice storm last Friday through Sunday and many people still do not have power. A tropical growing friend of mine lost most of his greenhouse stock when a very large oak tree crashed right into the middle of his 1,000 gallon propane tank. They had to evacuate the area for a little while. I've lent him kerosene heaters and my generator after my power came back on Monday but it was too late. He still has no power.

Louisville, KY

Will look it up. I would hate to find out that I am not as good as I think I am LOL. I always hear their is someone better but I have not been able to play anyone who was extremely good.

Saint Petersburg, FL

Hey Cousin Brian,
Its Shawn in St. Pete. The bromeliad you are looking for is called Vriesea simplex. I think I might have found someone that lives close to me that has some. Im going to check them out this week. And If I remember correctly I was the Grand Champion of the ping pong table!!!! Ill be taking some pictures of some broms I bought this weekend.

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

*pouting* Why is it FL has all the great plants at their disposal...and "we" have to go ISO?! So sad. :(

Louisville, KY

Hey Shawn good to see you on here. Their was one Bromeliad I was after that had 3 to 4 foot hanging flower brachets. Unfortunatly I am not great on IDing them tropiflora had it for sometime but when I ordered they were already out of it.

And when you think your ready the ping pong table is up. I have not been beaten in 2 years.

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