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Facial moisturizer

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

What is your favorite can't live without face moisturizer ???

I typically have combination skin. Dry patches with oily spots. In the winter my skin all over is very dry. I typically slather on lotions and moisturizers and like to use an Olay bodywash. In the past I've used Nivea creme with success on my face in the winter to really help that dry effect. This winter it doesn't seem to be helping near as much.

When I get out of the shower (I avoid using bath soaps on my face) my face is tight and feels like sand paper. Once I put on the Nivea it is relieving as I no longer feel as if my skin is pulling on my face and it is softer but I'm curious if there is something better out there.

I don't wear makeup. Occasionally I will dab a touch of foundation under my eyes (I'm a stresser and and insomniac so I can get dark circles) . I am menopausal (had a complete hysterectomy..everything yanked years ago !!) and I find that as time goes on my skin isn't what it use to be...lol.

Maybe a honey facial will help.... ?

So inquiring minds want to know what everyone else is using.

~Julie =0)

North Adams, MI(Zone 5b)

I love BeautiControls Skinlogics Moisturizers, they prescribe their skincare for the age your skin is acting not the old fashion way of dry, oily, combination. So if you have a 20 year old and 60 year old with dry skin you don't give them the same formula because they have different skincare needs beyond just dry skin. I use their All Clear line and it has done wonders for my skin. www.beauticontrol.com

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the link Mindy

I've bookmarked them and am looking into possibly trying their Skinlogic Platinum moisturizer. I'm going to wait first and see if anyone else has a suggestion before I "leap"....lol

~Julie =0)

Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

I try as much as possible to purchase only products that are not tested on animals. For that reason, I most often use Arbonne products (which also have the nice distinction that all their plant extracts, etc. are from plants that are not grown with pesticide applications). I also use products from Burt's Bees and "Kiss My Face", both of which I find are really good on my dry winter skin. For my facial moisturizer right now though, I'm using either Arbonne or the Body Shop Vitamin E facial moisturizer, which I find is particularly good for my skin in winter. My cheeks and forehead get pretty dry but my nose and chin are oily.

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

A lot of soaps leave a film on the skin, & deodorant soaps are harsh. If soaps irritate your skin, try Cetaphil - it is detergent free. Exfoliation is important - a build up of dead skin cells could contribute to roughness. Honey used in the shower with a nylon scrunchy is a real treat. If your skin is too sensitive for the scrunchy, use a washcloth with some oatmeal & honey. Try a softening toner without alcohol, then follow with a good moisturizer - I use Dr. Hauschka or straight jojoba oil. I spritz with rosewater once or twice a day in between. Some of the drugstore brands are very irritating to my skin. My experience has been, that the best products also cost the most!

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

For a facial cleanser I alternate using Cetaphil, Phisoderm and a sensitive skin Ponds moisturizer cleanser. I do admit I don't believe I've ever used a toner product, will have to look into that.

Thanks for the tips everyone. I'm taking notes and looking up products !!!

~Julie =0)

Ripon, WI(Zone 4a)

The facial cleanser I use is TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser from Mary Kay. "It cleanses, exfoliates and freshens in one step." I have very sensitive skin that also gets really dry in winter. This stuff has worked great for me. http://www.marykay.com/skincare/cleansers/cleansers/10869200/default.aspx

My facial moisturizer is Oil of Olay Total Effects 7x Visible Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex. Again, works well on my sensitive skin.

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I used to have a wonderful moisturizer that contained beeswax. Other than Burt's Bees, I cannot locate any beeswax products for skin care. But you can make your own skin lotion with beeswax & sweet almond oil. The beeswax leaves the skin silky smooth, & acts as a barrier against the harsh dry air of winter. Much softer that regular lotions or oils -just a nice result. I don't know if it would be too heavy for facial use. I have my eye on a couple beeswax eBay sellers - all natural & guilt free :)

Bolivar, TN(Zone 7a)

I keep telling people to use GOJO w/pumice every 3 days. It takes off the dead skin cells and leaves your skin smooth and soft and helps with age spots. After you wash your face, rinse well, leave slightly damp and smooth a little mineral oil over it. Even if your face is oily, mineral oil holds the water to your face until it has soaked in. Then gently wipe away the rest of the minerral oil. If you tried it for several mo.s you will be surprised at what a difference it makes. It is also cheap. LIZ

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I use the gritty soaps in the Summer, to get the garden grime off my hands.

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

Do you use GOJO w/pumice on your face ??? That sounds a little harsh for the face.


Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

A friend of mine started using coconut oil on her face this summer. (you can get it at health food stores) The other day I was talking ot her and noticed that her face was a smooth as a baby's behind! No kidding! She is very close to 50yo I think since she is older than I am. I asked her if she was still using it and she said she was although for the last week she hadn't because someone had taken it out of the Bathroom. (You can also use this to cook with..very healthy)

Anyway..I have some and have started to use it. It's solid at room temps andyou just need a smidgen. I hold it against my face which quickly begins to melt it and then I dot it around. A little goes a very long way. I took closeups of my face before beginning so I could have a good comparison. I will let you all know what happens if you are interested. While I didn't htink it was cheap when I bought it for cooking.. for face use it would be an extreme bargain. You use so little it would last forever!

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

I bought a bucket full of coconut oil when I was doing soaps years ago. I use to add the coconut oil to bath salts I was making. They were great like the ones you buy at bath and body shops. I use to sell the soaps and the bags of salts at the place I worked , especially around Christmas ppl bought a LOT.

The oiled salts leave your skin so smooooth and soft when you get out of the tub!!!!

~Julie =0)

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

Coconut oil is nice to add to your lotion moisturizers too. You just shake it well before use. I have used it straight on my hands - but not my face. When you go to buy the oils, always check in the cooking section of the store. Grocery stores often carry avocado, almond, coconut, sesame etc. for a much lower price than in the beauty section or health food stores. Pure Shea is also a great skin moisturizer & barrier - leaves the skin very soft.
Interesting how we keep returning to natural remedies!

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