Would it be possible to grow a poppy inside my house?

Gloucester, MA

I have a jar of poppy seeds for eating, but I have also germinated them. Being a newbie at growing poppies I repotted each one individualy and of course they all died. So I am wondering if it would be possible to grow a poppy in my house. Winter here in the state of Massachusetts (a.k.a. The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts) is so harsh and cold and I always look forward to the summer when I can grow my vegetables, gourds, flowers and identify weeds I see growing wild. I have found a Lamb ear plant. Wow I realy got off topic, well all that behind I have a old flouescent light from one of my fish tanks I could use for an extra source of light if needed. Well thanks everybody for reading!

Ennis, MT(Zone 4a)

These poppies tend to resent being repotted. I would try germinating them in a larger pot, and just thin excess seedlings with small scissors so no roots are disrupted. That would not annoy the one you are trying to grow. I am not sure how they will work indoors, but let us know. Sounds like a worthy idea! I am just full up with my geraniums, amaryllis, and a few odds and ends, so I have not tried it.

San Juan, PR(Zone 10b)

Hi again.mulchmania,let me tell you are right again my friend :) I learned by trial and error that repotting them too young makes them to bend their stems and minimize the chances of survival.mulchmania's method of larger pots and scissor thinning is the best alternative.Also, my advice in growing them indoors is to put them near a sunny window (avoid scorching by using a thin courtain,remove it after they are strong enough to resist direct sunlight),but do it when sowing,cause if you wait to move them indoors after they have germinated they will bend their stems in search of the new position of light source.

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Gloucester, MA

Thnaks everybody for your help. I will try it sometime this month. I will make a journal entry for it.

Also does anybody here know how to repot a 1 inch tall well rooted sprout? I might get a mini bonsai shovel, It is growing the second set of leaves. I accidently dropped it into my Vinca vine and it has been growing in there for about 3 weeks.

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