canna rhizomes help

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

I did post this in Canna forum few days ago but got no help :(( We did get them planted a couple in ground and rest in pots for now. Hope we did it correct.
Here were out questions if anyone grows these.
Thanks, Allison
I got some really nice canna rhizomes in the mail today from Steve !
My question is if we plant a couple tomorrow will the others be Ok until Feb when we can have out lawn guy pre-pare a garden bed for us ?
Should I pot them in a pot for now on our screen porch ? It's plenty warm here in the 80's and we never have frost . Also do we plant the eye up ?
Thanks, Allison

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

im sure they will be ok stored in a cool spot for a little while! I use to grow them but here i have to dig them up and store all winter-to much work for me!
Yes eyes up!

I'd add that in the past I've stored them in peat moss or potting soil, not moist but not bone dry either. They seemed to keep for about 6 months for me like that.


Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Thanks everyone ! Steve sent me some Red Russians ! I can't wait for them to grow. Our first ones !

Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

They will be beautiful. I planted some cannas for the first time last year. I didn't dig them up for winter. Don't know if they will come back this spring, hope so. But a lot of people in our area have huge ones that have been there for years and years and they never dig them up. So I guess we'll see. Good luck with yours.

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Thanks Peggy hope yours come back up ! Here we don't have to dig up each year. I was Blessed a Dg gave me a couple large that made several :))
Canna Red Russian.
My wish is to get a deep pink, bright sunny yellow and maybe a white.
I gave my neighbor next door one of the Red Russian and he planted it so we both can see it and enjoy ! And ours are planted where he will be able to see some of ours ! The joy of gardening and sharing :))

Moscow, TN(Zone 7a)

Allison-Those Red Russian cannas are tough and spread like crazy. I dug some up, threw them in a big pot, then sat them under a tree all summer. They were fine and even began resprouting. Just make sure you give them lots of room when you plant them. BTW, cannas always bloom better if divided every year or so. Make sure you burn the old foliage to kill leaf roller catapillers eggs. If your plants start looking ratty mid-summer chopped em down and you will have nice new foliage and pretty blooms again in no time. Enjoy!


Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Thanks were not allowed to burn here, we live in a 55 plus mobile home park/neighborhood. So hopefuly we won't be seeing those porblems is so will do best to treat them :))

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I might add to Lorettas' post. After a canna blooms, cut the bloom stalk to the ground. It will return with more blooms. Some folks like to leave the stalks for the seed interest but I love the blooms... pod

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Thank you !

Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

Allison_FL i did answer you in the canna form may be you just missed it i allways try to help as i grow mostly cannas Paul

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Thanks Paul. I did finaly see it but had it there for so often. I don't go back to that forum as much as when you post people don't answer so I move on to more friendlier :environments ))

Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)
Link above Paul where I posted neded help. See Steve had sent them to me, and us not able to do our own gardening beacause of health have to wait sometimes to have things planted and I wanted to make sure they'd be Ok :)) So Steve said to post for help ! We got a neighbor to plant a few that day, and also pot the rest in large pots they are on our porch until we get our other gardens pre-pared next month for us :))
I also did a serach to find great info how to do this when I got no reply as we did not want to wait and take a chance losing them.

Wesley Chapel, FL(Zone 9a)


You can get a small bag of peat moss at Home Depot or Lowe's. Store the rhizomes in a brown bag with peat moss, out of sunlight, and keep them cool - I seem to remember somebody saying that 55 degrees is the optimum temperature, but maybe somebody else can verify that.

It doesn't do any good to plant the Russian Red rhizomes now - none of mine are growing, and if they're in the ground and dormant, you'll run the risk of them rotting. It won't be long before it's warm enough for them - I plant cannas in March, and you're in a much warmer zone than I am.

The Russian Reds are extremely prolific - you'll have twice the number of rhizomes at the end of the summer, maybe even more than that. You'll also get a ton of seeds from each stalk.

Let me know if I can help you any further.


Mona in Metcalfe, ON(Zone 5a)

yes the bumps which is the eye is to be planted up and make sure you have about two to three inches of soil above to cover and you can transplant them into the ground later I usually plant mine in pot six weeks before since its to cold here till may so they will flower in july and august, it takes about 12 weeks from planting for the flowers to show.

Staten Island, NY(Zone 7b)

Howdy! I would like to start w yellow cannas this year. Which are the best ones? Does the old foliage always need to be burned? How do you treat leaf roller? I have seen private homes growing lots of red cannas in pots. I suppose this is for commercial selling. I just think yellow is so much prettier, but is it just as good as red for commercial growing? Thanks for your answers!!!! Have a great day!! :)

Staten Island, NY(Zone 7b)

Me again! :D
How do I collect the seeds from cannas? How do you tell when they are ready? And how do you propagate the seeds? Are tubers ready to split when they are 2 years old? Thanks! Carol :)

Delhi, LA

Cannas don't care how you plant them or where you plant. They'll come up and grow. I once planted some I had in a bucket that I forgot and left outside. They stood in water all winter. I dumped the bucket over the fence and they came up like crazy. The biggest trouble I've had is trying to kill them. They store enough water that they won't burn. The advice on cutting the bloom stalk is a good one. They will bloom all year if you do that. I don't know about your area, but here we have trouble with a worm that makes the leaf curl up. You have to control them or they will ruin your canna. Keep a close watch and don't let them get the jump on you.

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

Canna seeds are ready when they look like they are going to drop off the plant. I have had good germination rates by just planting them as soon as I harvest them in a sunny spot. Since you are in a colder area that may or may not work for you. If you have a heat mat you can start them indoors in Fall and then move them outside in Spring. If you want to store the seeds put them in a baggie in the fridge. Anybody here wanting some Canna patens seeds I have extra and will gladly send you some.

Fabens, TX(Zone 8a)

Domeomedee, I would love to get some seeds from you. Would a SASE be alright if so please Dmail me Thanks

Staten Island, NY(Zone 7b)

Thank you!! Could I get some seeds too? I do want to try growing them. Ill keep them in cups then pots until next spring. Ill send SASE for you. :) Carol

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