Peace lily blooms are green, not white!

Has anyone ever heard of this? We have a peace lily that had white blooms when we bought it.

Well, not it's been about a year that we've had this guy but all the blooms it puts out now are green - exactly the same color as the leaves! Has anyone ever heard of this before?


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Found this article that says something about finding flowers turning green when they've been pollinated and seed set. I am curious why the new flowers would be green. Hope someone out there in DG land knows the answer.

On my plants the flowers will sometimes turn green as they age, before they die.


Hmm, that got me thinking. I wonder if these are actually not new flowers but old ones. I'll ask Trish - she would know. If it's the case that they are just old flowers, then we can snip them and see about getting new flowers.

(I'm pretty much a dunce at houseplants, thus I'm posting in the beginner's forum!!)


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I have a small Peace Lily that had one green flower a few months ago, and I FOUND a seed pod .... planted the seeds but, nothing, zilch, nada .... nothing happened! I've had Peace Lily's over the years, with old leaves turning green, but this was the first time I found seeds. I have a large variegated PL that I would love to get some viable seed from!

I would snip off all the green flowers, and feed the plant with a flowering plant food and see if the new flower growth isn't the white ones. If they still grow green flowers, maybe ya got something unusual and rare there Dave!


Lin, thanks! We'll do just that!

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You are quite welcome!

If you are "THE" Dave ... creator of this Wonderful Garden ... I Thank You!

That's me. The best part of running DG is that I have a great place to come and ask silly questions. :-)


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Oh .... in my opinion, no question is silly .... especially when it's about plants or gardening. I am so glad to have found "Your" Garden here on the web. I have been flower gardening and growing houseplants for nearly 40 years and still consider myself a novice. I am learning so much, and getting some really great advice, from some very knowledgeable people here in DG. Have made about a dozen trades since joining in early October .... and plan on many future trades. I love "playing in the dirt", and I've found many friends who enjoy it as much, if not more, than I do. Very Generous "Plant People" here in Your Garden!


I agree completely. :)

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Never thought I'd be able to help YOU, but I can.LOL

It's just natural aging, and the green thing isn't the bloom-but in actuality, a spathe.

If you've noticed- their has been a lot of pollen shedding over the last couple months, altho if the spath is nearly totally green, it's stopped.
You will increase the plants natural vigor, by cutting it off at the base.

Just a little interesting tid bit for you-did you realize growers can force bloom, by applying a hort. acid, bdfore shipping to greenhouses?
Otherwise, their natural time to send out new blooms is in the spring.


Interesting! Thank you very much! I told Trish to snip the blooms off so I'm hoping we'll get new blooms again soon.

thanks again!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Will contribute my 2 cents worth.

When you cut off the blooms, cut as far down as where the bloom stem comes out of the leaf stem. Cut just above that point. The flower stem that is left inside the leaf stem will, over time, will shrivel up. When you see this, just grab the dried up stem and pull it straight up and out.

Other Spath.suggestions.
They like to stay pot bound. Do not allow them to ever dry out to the point where they start wilting. Even though they will recover in a couple of days after you water them, you will, for sure, have some leaves at the base that will yellow out. Just cut these, or any other yellowing leaves, off at the very base. And remember--this is a LOW light plant! NO direct sun on this baby!
Wash off the leaves now and then to get rid of the dust and dirt.
I would not ever recommend that this plant be grown outside, unless you can keep it in TOTAL shade.

It is a beautiful, easy plant to have. My other total favorite is a "Shefflera (sp?) Amate". The big-leaved one. It thrives in low light and neglect as well. New leaves are always dark green and shiny. Good office plant.


Great information Gita - thank you! I agree with the large leaf schefflera. I bought one at Lowes several years ago and it's still beautiful.


Mission Viejo, CA(Zone 10a)

I have had several spaths over the years that have flowered green. I never could figure this out. But I do have an excellent secret to keep your spath blooming year round. After the bloom has died, I replace it with an silk spath bloom. No one can tell it's not real - no one. I mean, the plant is real, who would ever dream that the flower is fake. This also works well for orchids (with the appropriate flower, of course).

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I don't understand much about these, but I have had this plant about 2 months ......just have to post the pic of the color:::

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I notice in your picture you have a lot of the seed-heads showing, even on the center bloom. That means the bloom is done!
You should cut those off as soon as the Spath flower goes to pollen and starts making a mess.
Cut the stems all the way down to where it enters the stem of the leaf it came out of. Leave about a 1/2" of the stem sticking up as eventually, the flower stem inside the leaf stem will shrivel up and get all brown. Then you grab it by the little 1/2" end you left and pull it straight up and out. If you try to pull it out and it does not come freely, it is not ready yet. Wait some more.

If you have only had this plant for 2 months, it is possible that all the blooms are deteriorating and should be cut off. The blooms turn green as they age. Don't leave them on the plant.

Hope this helps some,


Oshkosh, WI

I have two peacelillies one does bloom green, little this flowers that turn white after a little while this peace lilly plant has thinner leaves that are varigated. The other peace lilly has wider completely green leaves when this peace lilly blooms the flowers are white and very large from the first day they open. So I believe it has to do with the type peace lilly they are.

Ringwood, United Kingdom

peace lilys blooms are white then turn green

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HI, I don't know if anyone willl check this, since it's been a couple of months, but I have a question pertaining to the topic of peace lilies... I got a peace lily for my friend in May, and the bloom is turning green. Actually, it already turned green. I've been reading alot of peace lily literature online, and some sources say to cut the flower stalk off and others just say it's natural and not to worry about it. I'm babysitting him right now, and I don't know what to do, or if I should do anything! I named him Herman, and I am really attachted to this one bloom... (it's the only one) So I'm hesitant to cut him off, but I will, if it's for the best.

Also, I have no idea how to cut a plant. I am an amateur, and all of the instructions I have read are either too complicated or too ambigious for my tastes. Thanks!

Paxton, FL(Zone 8a)

I'm sure others may be horrified at my technique, but I just take a pair of scissors and cut the stalk as close to the bottom as I can get.

Denison, TX

I've always thought Peace Lillies were beautiful, bursting-with-health (even WITH brown spotting) but now I know that they clean the air around them, I am sold. Gitagirl, if you still come around this, thank you for the great advice. It's Lin's story back in January, that really made me think. Where are the seeds of the Lilly ? Are those the lined-up spikes on the spath (thank you Deanna) or what ? I was thinking that you tried to grow one seed, Lin, if I read you right. And maybe the seed is like some other seeds : viable for a while, then no longer. What if I don't plant it at the right maturity point ? But first I have to find that seed ! Where and what is it ? Can somebody help with that ?

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Yes, this Thread is still on my "watched" list. I guess it will stay there until all activity ceases.

Seeds???? I have NO idea! It would seem that all plants must have some means of propagating themselves.....
I DO know that the only way an average person can propagate a Spath is by division. That means--take a section of the plant with a portion of the root attached and start a new plant.
A Spath would have to be older in order to have a multi-growth bottom. Then you could wiggle and pry a section loose and pot it up.

I can tell you one thing. Most plants (that can be) are now grown from tissue culture. A scientific process. That is how a shipment can arrive at a store with, say, 50 Peace Lilies and they are all identical.

Just a few comments....


montreal, Canada

This is my peace lilly that I bought a few weeks ago. There is a lot of new growth at the bottom of the plant and I am wondering if I should be pruning out some of that growth to get bigger and higher flowers like the two that you can see. There are a couple of new flowers coming out but they are much smaller. Any comments?

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Nice, healthy plant!

NO! Don't prune anything! This is how they look. New flowers actually emerge from some of the stems of the taller leaves. They might be small, but everything will grow.

You may lose some of the new growth anyway as your plant adjusts to it's new environment. Some leaves may yellow out on you. Then you can cut these off.

Do not allow this plant to get so dry that it wilts. It will recover when watered, but the plant will lose a few leaves as a result. No direct sun either! This is a low light plant.


montreal, Canada

Yes, it is a healthy plant! At least in the meantime. I water it only about once every 10 days or so and the humidity in the house is at about 40% on a regular basis. I have started spraying a very fine mist of room temperature water around the leaves about once a week, but barely enough to dampen them. Hopefully, this will not cause any mildew problems!
I just wondered about all the new growth at the bottom near the soil and whether this would sap energy from the bigger stems, and whether to weed out some of that new growth. I had the plant repotted when I bought it, the store offering this service when one buys a plant, so there is plenty of room for about a year or so, according to the sales rep.
I bought this plant at the beginning of January and up until now there has been no loss or yellowing of leaves. As a matter of fact, the big flowers were only beginning to show when I bought it, and just yesterday I cut off the first of the two "partners" that was beginning to wilt. It did last a long time! The other will be coming off soon, and a new flower has opened since on one of the lower stems. I joked with my 17 year old daughter that when she was giving me lip while sitting at the computer, one of the "partners" would whip around and cover up her mouth!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Sounds like everything you are doing is right on!

What are you referring to as "partners"???? I don't understand.....Are you calling the "blooms"---"partners???? Please explain.


montreal, Canada

The partners I am referring to are the two spathes facing one another. It's a name I gave them because they looked like they belonged to each other...LOL.

Groby, Leicestershir, United Kingdom

Does anyone know when Peace Lillies are suposed to Bloom.
I was given one for my birthday last year (April time), and it had blooms on when i got it, and the blooms kept coming until about September time, when the went Green, so I cut them all off right at the base of the stem, and I haven't had anymore Blooms since.
it has one or twice wilted completely - mainly because i've had time off work, and the guys i work with didn't water it for me. but on the whole the leaves are constantly growning, although get brown tips.
i do prune it every so often when it looks like it's getting a bit over crowed with leaves.
am i doing the right thing? or have i caused it not to Bloom?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I don't think they're the sort of plant that you prune--I'm not sure if there are other things contributing to it not blooming but that could definitely be a factor. If it's getting too big, then move it to a larger pot but don't prune it.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Ecrane is right! I have never heard of pruning a Peace Lily either!
WHERE do you prune it????? Show us a picture! All the "pruning" should be to just remove older, yellowing leaves!
You say your Spath has seriously wilted twice. That is a NO-NO! Every time you allow a Spath to get to the stage where it is wilted, you WILL lose a bunch of leaves!!! Try not to neglect it to that point! If you are gone--and your room mate is not a plant person, you can set up a wicking system to keep your plants moist.

Peace Lilies (Spathophylum) like to be root bound. That is why they are always sold in these tight, little pots--but look amazingly healthy! They perform better and "bloom" better in that state. However--as far as I know--they have NO particular bloom-time. They bloom when they are ready---when all the requirements (for them to do so) are just so.....whenever they decide to......

The Spath is a very forgiving plant---just don't try to force it to do anything, and never allow it to wilt from lack of water. In this case--ignorance is bliss......Keep it watered--and then let it be!


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KangaSmurf: You could try feeding your plant once a month with a diluted fertilizer for more blooms. The browning on the leaf edges is probably from lack of humidity. You can mist with a spray bottle once in awhile to help bring up humidity.

Groby, Leicestershir, United Kingdom

Thanks for the info,

I'll have to leave my work mates strict instructions from now on, to water my plant when i'm away, and i'll stop the pruning straight away. i cut off all the dead and light colour leaves, but i have also cut off ones which make it look crowed - but i know not to do that yet.
I've not re-potted it since i got it, but it doesn't look like it's out grown it's pot yet. my desk in my office, in right under an sir con unit, and it doesn get hot and cold all the time.
I also out in some Baby-Bio plant food, every so oftern - over the winter only once or twice, but durong the summer i tend to do it once a week.

i'll try and get a picture and post it, but i'm not very good with up loading things, so don't hold you breath!!!! LOL....

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

It's OK to remove leaves if they're dead, just don't prune the ones that are still alive.

Warner Robins, GA

Hi everyone, I just joined in...i love this site:) i just bought a peace lily at lowes today and i wondered, how do you propagate this? i am thinking of having one in my bedroom as well...

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I would NEVER mess with dividing a Peace Lily! Let the Pros do the propagating!
They are inexpensive and come in a variety of pot sizes. They LOVE to be pot-bound (do not repot!) and are LOW LIGHT plants. Only thing--do not let them wilt, as you will loose a few leaves afterward if you did. It WILL recover, though.

Some things are best left alone in my opinion!


Cambridge, MA

I used to water my peace lily once a week. So when I left for a 5 day trip, I thought it would be okay once I got back. But to my utter disappointment, when I got back, the plant completely wilted and all the blooms turned brown. I thought my lily died! I immediately watered it and now after two days, it seems to be coming back to life with the leaves and flower stems starting to stand upright.

Now despite the fact that my lily is not drooping anymore, the stems that had the blooms are yellowish brown and look ugly. I've heard that for a normal lily that wasn't brought back from the dead, you just cut off the spiky 'flower' when it turns brown. But the 'leaf' right beside the spiky flower actually look much worse than the 'flower'. I've uploaded a picture that shows one stem with the 'flower' cut off and (leaf intact) one that has both the 'flower' and 'leaf'.

My question is: do I cut off the leaves that have turned brown, in addition to the 'flowers'. If so, where do I cut them -- right at the root of the plant at the bottom, or at the top where they've turned brown?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!

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As I said in my above Post--the Peace Lily suffers a bit if allowed to wilt. The price you pay will be yellowing/browning leaves--usually near the bottom. It does take a P.L. about 2 days to recover or stand up straight again after a serious wilt.

As far as cutting back.

It it is just a dead leaf--cut it back all the way to the bottom.
If it is a dead bloom, it's stem comes out of a stem of a leaf. Cut a dead bloom back to where it comes out of the leaf stem. Leave about 1" sticking out, as, eventually, the flower stem inside the leaf stem will shrivel up and die. It takes a long while for this. When it is all dried up, grab it by the 1" end you left sticking out and pull it straight up and out. If it does not come out when you tug on it, it is not yet "ready" to be pulled out.
Pulling the dead stems out is just maintenance. It does not affect the plant any if you do not--but they are not all that pretty to look at.

BTW, new blooms also come out of the stems of the leaves on the lower part of the plant. They almost look a bit "pregnant"--swollen, and then a flower stem emerges.

Hope this helps! Gita

Harper Woods, MI

Hello forum!! I am new to house plants. I have a peace lilly that had a bloom but it drooped and fell off. Some of the leaves r growing straight up toward the ceiling, is this normal? I also have 2 spider plants one is completely green the other is green and white. The green one has a lot of babies. I read somewhere to put them in soil while its still attached. I did that so we will see what happens. The green and white was given to me in bad shape. I trimmed the brown tips now it really looks sad. What can I do to help this poor guy?

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Harper Woods, MI

This is the poor spider

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Harper Woods, MI

I hope I did this right. Please let me know if its wrong.

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