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Martagon, Oriental Lilies and Peonies The Easy Way

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Hi kids,

If you have seeds of any Martagons, Orientals or Peonies, either herbaceous or Tree Peonies, that you want to sow this year, then you should probably sow them right now. This is no matter what zone you are in. (Of course these things won't grow inthe deep south, that's why I am making this broad statement)

Take a sandwich ziploc -- the flimsiest ziploc you can find (because there is transferral of gasses on the lightweigh ones). Add a handful or less of your seed starting mix and wet it down. NOT TOO MUCH! A little more than "dampen", but not dripping like you might with your jugs. Add your seeds, put in a plastic marker with the name of the seed and shake them together with the damp soil. Put the bag(s) in a kitchen cabinet, a dining room shelf, any place that is dark and room temperature. A little cooler than room temp is ok, but not the garage.

In about 2-4 weeks you'll have roots on the seeds (and the lilies will have actual little teeny tiny bulbs) and then you wintersow them for regular germination in the spring. It really takes the guess work out of hypogeal germination.

A friendly reminder from,

Lansing, KS(Zone 5b)

Thank you Suzy..I had read different little tidbits when googling peony propagation..I like your method better... will write that down in my journal and complete tomorrow! ;0)

(Zone 7a)

thanks from me, too - appreciate the simplicity

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Yay! I'm glad I had information somebody could use.

G6, Peonies might take a little longer, I'm not sure. I get them in October from a peony pal, sow them in the bags as above and put the bags in my china cabinet in the dining room. The next time I go in there is usually Christmas (60 days) when I'm setting the table for Christmas dinner.

Each year it's the same surprise -- Oh, yeah! I forgot about those! Lo! and behold, they are always rooted. The problem with my method is I don't know precisely when they rooted. If I had Thanksgiving dinner (30 days) would they have been rooted when I went to set the table?

Sorry I couldn't be more help,


Lansing, KS(Zone 5b)

Suzy~ least I can use a little patience waiting for them to sprout, so I had at it and it's done! ;0)

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