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Beaverton, OR

Last month - I put together a page which has brought quite a bit of positive feedback.

It's on emergency travel kits, particularly a 2 - KIT system I use.

One half of it is my regular hiking pack.

Photo is a test fire my son and I tried, making a fire work with only wet forest debris to choose from on the mountain trail. It proved that contents of out emergency kit can provide fire and heat, even when everything in the forest is wet.

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Chandler, AZ(Zone 9b)

informative site! thanks for putting all that info together. your info on the parts from your car that you can use in an emergency reminded me of an episode of "i shouldn't be alive/survivorman" that was on the discovery channel this past fall. les stroud was talking about a young couple with an infant that got stuck in the snow when they took a wrong turn on a trip from california to idaho (think they were stuck somewhere in remote nevada). anyways, les gave many ideas of what you could use from your vehicle to help you survive in a situation like this and some were similar to what you listed. not sure, but if my memory serves me correct, i think he even used the seat foam for snow shoes or to help protect his feet from the cold. so basically, the bottom line is don't be afraid to tear apart your car and use whatever means you need to save your life.

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