animal pests in the garden

Tucson, AZ(Zone 9a)

i'm having a problem with a neighborhood cat using my flower and vegetable beds as it's private litter box. what can i use or plant to discourage this?

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

Despite the cat being one of the most popular household pets it can cause big problems in the garden. Habits range from raiding bins to preying on small animals, birds and fish. However the worst habit of all is fouling. Like moths to a lamp, cats will be drawn to newly cultivated soil to ‘do their business’. Not only will your plantings and sowings be ruined there will be the unpleasant task of unearthing the mess buried in the soil.

There are plenty of products on the market to repel cats from your garden and pond areas. Other than cultural methods of control (using wire mesh and netting) we are please to report that there are products that only contain natural ingredients (see Cat Repellent and Pepper Dust).

Silent Roar is made of lion dung and as cats are territorial They are scared of larger cats and the scent Silent Roar leaves generally is enought to frighten them off. Our customers vote with there feet on this one its the most poplular repeat purchase See for more info

‘Cat Repellent’ is a product made from natural aromatic essential oils on an inert clay base. The granules can be applied to areas of edible and non-edible crops. Re-application is required after rainfall like many of the other repellents.

‘Pepper Dust’ contains pepper and can also be used to repel cats from edible crops.

‘Cat-a-pult’ liquid is ‘Ready to Use’ and works by confusing the animals senses of taste and smell. Contains aluminium ammonium sulphur.

‘Get Off My Garden’ is in the form of jelly scatter crystals, which are slow releasing and will remain effective in all weather. It can also be used indoors. Contains Methyl nonylketone.

‘Scent Off’ are pellets. Contains naphthalene.

‘Scoot’ can be used to repel cats (see deer).

‘Cat Watch’ emits ultra sound at a frequency which only affects cats. Triggered by infared beams, broken by the animals movement and heat, the manufacturer claims that an area of up to 40 feet (approx. 12m) within an arc of 100 degrees can be protected. The device can be operated either form battery or mains power via an adapter (supplied). You can use ‘Cat Watch’ to protect ponds and bird feeding stations.

Warning! When using a device like ‘Cat Watch’ you should always make sure the animal can retreat safely without causing it harm.

Tucson, AZ(Zone 9a)

thanks so much for the info, i did"nt realize there was so much out there. i also heard of a home made spray made wit hot pepers and water. i have never tried it myself, so i don't know if i works. pretty smple to make. put really hot peppers in a food processor, add to a gallon of water, let it soak, strain.put into a spray bottle, and spray affected areas. anyone ever try it?

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