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Any ladies here?

Zion, IL(Zone 5a)

Just wondering if there are any ladies here that hunt and fish or one or the other?
I like fishing and want to try hunting.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I fish.

Barrington, IL(Zone 5a)

i definitely fish and used to own a fishing lodge w/ cabins in n w wisconsin. i prefer fresh water fishing for walleyes, muskies, crappies, perch. i catch and release muskies and any other species too large or small. the ones i keep, i eat and put their guts in the garden. i have been deer hunting and grouse hunting(i hit a grouse with my car once and took her home and ate her, hehehe) but i prefer fishing.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

I make the best homemade squirrel potpie you ever tasted. I don't shoot but I do track and am darn good. Grouse, turkey, deer and squirrel. We make poor man's surf and turf with deerburger and frog legs!

Cabin in the mountains -


Libby, MT(Zone 4b)

My family have been fishing and hunting since before Montana was a state. It is something I use to assume all people did, but living in other states for a few years I found out most people don't. When I was a kid, we smoked, canned and pan fried our fish. We fish the creeks,river or the many high lakes( You have to hike to these places). I ate some fish just yesterday that my son caught ice fishing with grandpa. It was Makinaw. We eat alot of salmon and trout also. I have never fly fished, but heard it is fun. I will release if it is too small, but usually we take it all home. I also put the guts in the garden. I have some in my freezer waiting to be buried in the spring.

Hunting with the family is fun. We don't hunt for the trophies, we just love the meat and family time.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

I hunt and fish. I am an avid deer hunter, and like others look for meat not trophies. I try to take out older dry does, or very aggressive deer. I spent 304 hours hunting last season, bow, rifle, and muzzleloader. I keep a record of deer I see. I end up naming the squirrels too!
I have hunted squirrels, trapped raccoon (made 2 hats), possum, hunted coyotte and bobcat. My friend down the road hunts the ducks and geese that we have plenty right by our houses.
I don't fish as much any more. Our lake is great for large mouth bass, we catch and release. Our river is full of smallies. Makes a canoe trip twice as long, but what fun!
Our family time is siting around the table in the basement cutting up the venison. That is a sight, huh?
I would have thought about the grouse, but every time I see one I do not have a gun with me. The bobcat and coyotee have been hard on them. I have not yet been successful getting one of those. I did get a beautiful 17cal for Christmas though! So watch out varmits!!!!!

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

I hunt and fish. My love is bowhunting for whitetails. Most of my fishing is for white perch.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Bow hunting is sure a challenge huh? My bow is only 38lbs so I use a flat broadhead. I need to be pretty up close and personal to get a good shot. I use a ground blind and the deer sometimes brush by it. It is hard not to spook them. It sure is great though!

Modesto, CA(Zone 8b)

I fish.

I also love to shoot the ground squirrels (that dig the holes the cows turn their ankles cows have ankles?) and the coyotes that bother the cows when they're calving, but I wouldn't call that "real" hunting! LOL


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South China, ME(Zone 5a)

I fish from the time the sun comes up to the time it goes down and then some!
I target practice w/DH & DS but can't bring myself to shoot an animal. Unless of course it's those darn coyotes hunting the deer, then I don't have a problem!

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

Hello to you and the other ladies that responded. My passion for fishing at one time exceeded that of vegie gardening. My father passed both of these passions on to me. My four sisters; along with our children and grandchildren, but not all of our spouses--including mine; share the love of fishing. We also enjoy cleaning, cooking, & eating our catch. After my father's funeral a few years ago, we celebrated his life by fishing! Fishing has declined in this area due to adverse weather conditions and an intro of exotic fish species caused by a levee break during a major flood a few years back. I tried hunting several years ago, but I prefer to observe the local wildlife. I live in the burbs with 3 "rescued" hunting dogs who help keep the grey squirrels & rabbits out of my garden. Instead of fishing now I find myself feeding the koi fish with my 2 yr old granddaughter at the MBG's Japanese Garden, but I haven't retired my fishing gear yet. I'm still hopeful that fishing in this area will make a comeback. To sum it all up, I enjoy the outdoors and anything that gives me an excuse to commune with nature. I hope your fishing and hunting experiences are enjoyable, productive, and safe. Betty

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

I fish and DH fish and hunting...

Beaumont, TX(Zone 8b)

I've always loved to fish. Started freshwater fishing with my Daddy. Then continued with my hubby and our girls. Several years ago, we had access to a nice boat that could get out in the Gulf. Now THAT'S some kind of fishing!

My hubby has been hunting at least as long as we've been married. I got tired of being a hunting "widow", so about 10-12 years ago, I bought a license to hunt myself. Started with doves and then ducks. I'm a pretty dern good shot too, if I must say so myself.

The first time I went duck hunting, we drove 45 minutes to McFaddin Wildlife at 2:30 in the morning. We loaded up and headed out walking to the spot we would hunt. It was incredibly dark. We walked (waded actually) through knee deep water. I asked him about alligators. He said they were hibernating and not to worry about it. Took over an hour, but we got to our spot..... this little bitty island just big enough to park 2 folding chairs on. We sat and sat.... very few ducks came over. We heard some geese and hubby used his call to call them in. THAT was the excitement of the day when they flew right over head. No shots were fired though. About 11:30 that morning, it was time to head back to the truck. We walked, and walked and walked. Good Lord my inner thighs hurt like the dickens. I thought for sure we'd have to contact AIR RESCUE to get me out of there. I could see our truck parked on the side of the road. It took almost 30 minutes just to get to it. We'd walk a bit, rest.... walk some more. Finally, we reached the truck. I was sitting in the passenger seat trying to pull my waders off when another hunter pulled up next to our truck. He and hubby were talking and I could hear them. The guy had a really loud voice. I hear him say he was hunting in the area right next to the little island we were on. He asked hubby if he saw that 14 ft. gator swim by the island. Yeah right... they were hibernating! Uh Huh.....

Needless to say, I never did THAT hunt again. I felt like such a "wuss" that day. But since then, hubby has told me about several people (bigger guys) that he has taken to to that little island and that they didn't do nearly as good as I did. That was as close to a compliment as I was gonna get from him. HAHAHAHA

2 years ago, we were duck hunting again (different place). His brother was with us. I shot a teal with a band. BIL told me that he's been hunting for 20 years and never shot a banded duck. Hubby has only shot one in 20 years. His came from Anahuac (about 20 miles from us). Mine came from Klamath Falls, OR.

I don't go as often as I used to, but still enjoy getting out and having a good time.


Thumbnail by UniQueTreasures
KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Hi Janet!!!

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Great!!!!My friend down the road is the duck and goose hunter. She hunts alot alone and guys are surprized when they go by and see she is a woman. She did quite well this year and also took out some local youths and introduced them to the sport. She got stuck in the muck retrieving the birds and that gave her a workout for sure. We don't have to find the aligators though....thank goodness.
Another short story about women and fishing. When my husband and I got married 10 years ago in our middle age, we decided to go to Canada fishing in the bush for our honeymoon. Well, we got to the boarder patrol and they ask where you are going etc. My new hubby said that it was our honey moon and we were going fishing. Well, the guy started to laugh, hauled us over and started searching the truck, camper etc. DH comes up and says, where is the marriage license? I gave it to him and then after surprized looks and some hearty handshakes, we were on our way. I asked, what that was all about. He said that they thought for sure that we must be smuggling something, because no one could get away with taking thier new bride fishing!!!! When he proved it, they all shook his hand thinking he was quite the man to convince his new bride to go along with this honeymoon! We had a great time, all by ourselves, and caught lots of fish. We still laugh about the border patrol.

Beaumont, TX(Zone 8b)

Hi Pepper, and the rest of the ladies here.

I love that story cparts. Hunting is the one thing we still do together. Unfortunately, Hubby isn't much for "going out", unless it's to the woods.

A great place to get camos is the thrift stores. We buy camos at Gander, etc. when they are on clearance or have a sale. Some of our best though have come from Goodwill.

This year was my first to go deer hunting. I sat in that blind for many hours in the freezing cold watching and waiting. The only one that got one was my brother in law. And he got that one walking down the road in the middle of the afternoon. We are just about convinced that hurricane Rita has changed the habits of the local wildlife. They come out at the strangest times and never when they are "supposed" to. The hurricane sure changed the landscape at the lease that we hunt on.

I have a funny story to share with you all. Our HEB has an in store bakery and makes their own tortillas. In November when we went hunting with hubby and brother in law, I brought those HEB tortillas and Robbin (BIL) brought the "lardy" ones that you usually see in the grocery stores. He was cooking when we got there, and we had fajitas on his tortillas. Saturday rolls around and he goes home leaving hubby and I there. I broke out the "good" tortillas to go along with our steaks that we cooked on the grill. There were 3 steaks in the package. One was leftover along with a couple of tortillas. I put them into a couple of Zip Loc bags for the morning meal. Robbin had left his lardy tortillas behind for us also. It was freezing cold the next morning so I told hubby I wanted to just sleep in the van while he went out hunting. About 8 am I got up and started a pot of coffee. I remembered the tortillas and was going to toss a couple on the fire. I looked and the bag with the tortillas And the bag with the steak was gone, but Robbin's lardy ones were still there. I knew for sure that hubby had taken them with him. No big deal, I'd just make some more. The remainder of the tortillas were gone too. Some varmint had come into the camp during the night and taken the leftovers and left those lardy tortillas there. That varmint (we think it was probably a skunk) had really good taste! HAHAHAHA

The photo shows our "grill". I would love to have one of these in my back yard. The grill swings in a complete circle so you can remove things from the fire and still stay warm.

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Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Wow, I love outdoor cooking and we do it when we can. We now live on our hunting property so we are spoiled sleeping in our own beds and then just getting dressed and go.
It gets pretty cold here hunting. I had some clothes I got from friends etc, but until I made the investment and bought good ones, I was always cold. Cabellas has some nice stuff made for women and it is worth the money. I bought a one piece suit that I wear all the time walking the dog etc. It is nice, because you can slip it over whatever you have on, has thinsulate so it is not too heavy and bulky and keeps me warm as toast. I now, after 10 years, have a rain suit, snow sleet suit, bibs, and my coveralls, all for hunting. I have leather boots and sub zero boots. (I do walk all winter too, so these are not solely for hunting) I have never regreted a purchase.
I see deer pretty good during bow season, but when rifle season starts, oh boy, the deer dissapear! They get very nocturnal, and very skiddish, maybe because they are getting shot at.
This year I when I was bow hunting I cheated and took out a cd player and books on tape. I hooked up the headphones and was all set. I could still hear the deer come in, but it helped pass the time, as I spent many hours in the blind. The player does make a little whine, but the deer seemed to not care, not knowing that sound maybe. If you made any other sound though, even the teeniest, all you saw were tails.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Great stories. We are Cabela's family all the way. Agree a bit pricey, but you never have to purchase one again, their stuff lasts and lasts. Our entire hunting cabin is filled with Cabelas stuff. We too love that outdoor cooking.
We have the same experience with the deer as they are becoming too smart for us. We just spend weekends at the cabin and even then by the time rifle season is upon us they are long hidden. Even at home we live across from an open field. They have the same sense there also.

Thumbnail by haighr
Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

I have posted this before if you have read it forgive me. We always cut up venison backstraps and fried them...mmmmm. But a friend who we let hunt our property brought down whole straps during the summer, a few years back. He marinated them in beer, garlic, onion, and italian dressing for 12 hours. He layed them on the grill over cherry wood coals, added some thick sliced onion and portabella mushrooms (coated with olive oil) to the grill around the venison. We uncorked a bottle of wine, tossed a salad and had the most wonderful meal ever in the woods. We leave the backstraps whole now, always. You cook them slow until they are just pink in the middle. Tender, wonderful, sooooooo good. You can use a gas grill too, and they turn out great, but it is more fun to have them in the woods. Even the city folk, venison non eaters love this one.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Backstraps, are you referring to the tenderloins? Just wondering as we always have a freezer full of deer meat and have never heard that term backstrap?
Sounds wonderful.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

I was told the real tenderloin is on the inside of the deer along the backbone. This is the premium meat of the deer. The second is the backstrap and is called tenderloin also. I have heard both terms used. This is the meat found on the back along side the ribs and is very tender and makes really good steaks. We do our own processing so it is easy for us to make what we want.
We have been hitting our venison pretty good out of the freezer. We love it, but still have some saved for summer BBQ.
What is your favorite way to cook vension?

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Wow, have to think on that one, I do make a great venison barbeque and venison stew.
We stopped doing our own skinnin and processing 3 years ago, just getting to be too much for us old foggies, but we do have our local butcher take care of them for us. We keep the tenderloin whole and cut to suit ourselves. We usually have 2 deer a year in the freezer and with the two of us and occasionally the kids coming home for a visit we have plenty year round. We use a lot of it ground for sauces and the like.

Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

Het Haighr ill have me eggs sunny side up with toast and a T bone

Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

Hey Haighr ill have me eggs sunny side up with toast and a T bone

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Sounds good. We like to use venison that way too.

Libby, MT(Zone 4b)

Backstrap is all I've ever heard it called here in Montana. We have our local butcher grind most of our meat and make german,italian and breakfast sausages. We use these to add to everything. We crockpot our roasts all day in vegetable juice and cubed potatoes,carrots and cabbage. When done, we eat it over rice.

Our oldest son is in the marines, so we felt sorry for him that he couldn't have any venison this year, so we sent him some venison jerkey we made. He said he shared it with his friend who is from Hawaii. His friend really liked it until he found out it was deer meat then all of a sudden he didn't like it as much.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Yeah, some people can't get past those doe eyes. Let me eat 250 dollars worth of your lillies in one night and you change your mind. Or let them run into your new car.
The varmits are starting to emerge out of hiber sleep. We got almost 37' yesterday and for the first time in 6 weeks had a little thawing. I saw skunk tracks, (gotta watch the dog now!) raccoon tracks, and a opposum under my bird feeder. I hate those possum. This one had long hair and black legs, same one I found living under the shed. I had put out the live trap to see what was under there. When I found that guy, I let it out, (first mistake) and then after standing there a minute, came at me growling and snapping. Then he ran under the shed. Nasty thing. The possum didn't get a second chance. Did I tell you about my new 17 cal?

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Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Bet ya got him good with that! Not much possum problems here but will have plenty of groundhogs in the spring and they just eat everything.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

We are lucky in that reguard, the groundhogs are really a problem for a lot of people, but we don't have them because of all the woods. I was told they like fields more.
A fellow I knew from work was quite the experimenter with wildlife. He took a woodchuck and made it into burger. This he then made into pasties. Everyone marveled at how good they were and when they asked what kind of meat, he said "ground chuck". He said they are vegetarians and good to eat. I am never, ever, eating at his house.

Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

My goodness, I guess there ARE a few of us girls who like to hunt and fish. Look at how many posts there have been to this thread in comparison to some of the others ! Or is it maybe that we (girls) are just more vocal about the things we like ? LOL

No matter, either's fun to hear from all of you that enjoy the outdoors. I love fishing.
Learned how from my daddy when I was just a little girl. We caught sun perch, and I was the one hooked, (on fishing) lol. Can hardly wait for the Crappie to spawn here, it's almost time.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

You must have some great fish fries at your place!!!! Those are two of the best tasting fish out there. Are you by a lake?

Beaumont, TX(Zone 8b)

My Daddy loved to fish also. He loved it so much that when he died in 1993, his brother was unable to come to San Antonio for the funeral from Virginia. He told my Aunt Eleanor to put a rose buttoneer on Charlie's lapel and to anchor it with a fishing hook so he'd have something to do when he got to heaven. :-) My dad always had a fishing hook in his hat somewhere.

I think you are right about the gals being more vocal about it.


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Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Great memory, and great relationship. I think if more of today's dads spent as much time with their kids as ours did, the kids would be different. I know there are lots of good dads out there today, but it seems not as many doing the inexpensive fun things our dads did with us. Best thing my dad ever did for me was take me fishing, show me how to shoot a gun and how to fix my car. And I still turned out to be quite the girl.

scio, oregon, OR(Zone 8a)

I like to hunt, but even more I like to dress out game.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

mmmm, My least favorite part. But I do not mind cutting up the steaks and processing our own meat. I think my favorite part is being outdoors and seeing the wildlife. I get to see fox, coyote, bobcat, ruffled grouse, turkeys, etc, while I wait for the deer. That is fun, watching squirrels is not.

South China, ME(Zone 5a)

My Dad and Grandfather took me and my 6 brothers fishing. I took all 5 of my childtren (3 girls 2boys) fishing and my daughter has already taken her girls fishing. My 19 yr. son would rather go up North fishing or hunting than to stay home and party w/his friends. I think he'll take his children hunting and fishing too! (wink)

Ferndale, WA(Zone 8b)

I don't shoot, but enjoy hunting very much. Turkey in April in Easter Washington, duck & pheasant here. My favorite is turkey hunting, because they are so smart, and it could take 1-3 days to stalk the same turkey and finally finding it after all. You have to call them, and based on where their reply is coming from, you have to figure out where they are, and find them. That's not all. They see us very well, and hear us. Turkey hunting is a true hunt.
I don't like duck hunting at all, sitting still from 03-06 am waiting for shooting time is not fun in the winter months. Pheasants are so much fun too with a great hunting dog. I love being around the guys during hunting, and watching them. I think hunting is one of the best recreation for guys. Out in nature, getting in touch with their hunting instincts, and sharing their enthusiasm for wildlife. I absolutely love it.

Thumbnail by freebirdusa35
Beaumont, TX

I hunted with my first hubby and Daddy years ago but never shot anything. I always enjoyed being in the woods. I love fishing too. I fixed me a couple pair of camo britches with a zipper from one knee up and around to the other. It's such an ordeal and too cold to have to undo everything in the woods. :) Thought at the time ...hmmmmmmmmm I should market these. Every woman needs a pair. Wonder if you can buy them at Academy or Gander Mountain?

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Wow! I want a pair. A friend of mine and I were trying to figure out how to hook a freshness device to a hose and out the leg hole. LOL
I love my hot coffee on a cold morning and that means a lot of dressing and undressing. The old fogers coffee can with its snap seal is my friend in the blind. I tell you that I have been in the middle of a delicate prceedure when deer have come in. That is when I curse under my breath.
That is such a great idea. I think I could add a zipper to my coveralls. I am pretty good at sewing and such. You should market the idea. I have not seen it anywhere.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

LOL, I am just a drop the drawers person, but then we are on our own property. What ever happened to those good ole drop seat pj's !!! Sounds marketable to me.
My son actually keeps a roll of toilet paper in his ATV and a baggie! Wow, the funny stories that come to mind.
Tim is 35 now and had a daughter one year ago March - the only time he is away from her is when at work or when he drives 5 hours down to the hunting/fishin cabin. It is truly in his blood. Our property is bordered by the Nature convservancy and Sideling Creek. Tim will spend an entire day starting at one end of the creek by the bridge and just wander upstream fishing the entire way. Cooler of a few beers on his back and he is ready to go.
As for Steve and I we just like fishing in a few choice spots and I particularly like to put my chair in the creek and just castaway a day. There is also a pond right off our front porch that is spring fed and there are lots of sunny and catfish, there is one monster reminds me of "On Golden Pond" and he has been caught twice and broke line both times, we just like having him in there!

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