Help with winter sowing

Milan, OH

I am new to winter sowing. I bought some seeds and need it they can be winter sowed.

Alpine Sea Holly
Sea Holly
Striped Malva
Beauty of Livermere Oriental Poppy
Red Flame Angel Viola
Tiger Eye Angel Viola
Irish Moss
Viallii Primrose
Sweet William var 'Sooty'
Amber Kiss Angel Viola
Monarch's Velvet

Please advise I don't know if this can be winter sowed or not. This is my first year to winter sow.



Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Hi Anita,

Yes to all except the Irish Moss, which is a "maybe". The people I have heard talking about is haven't had good luck with it, but I never heard why.

In zone 4 or 5, you might consider getting a jump start with the Violas and Primulas and sowing them inside. You would get 2 more months of bloom on the violas if you did this. Or does it stay cool in the summer where you are?


Dunedin, FL(Zone 10b)

Hi Anita have your visited the Winter Sow forum !!
You can get some more fun ideas there too !

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