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pruning tips for trees

Harlingen, TX

We have many trees and woody shrubs, what needs pruning? How much? We are in zone 9b,
Hibiscus are still blooming, mimosa just lost it's leaves, orchid trees are budding (???), roses are
green, When do we prune?

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

I found this guide helpful: - just click on "Launch the animation" link at the bottom.

In general I say for big shade trees, you only need to trim dead limbs or limbs that are crowding out other limbs, or low limbs to raise up the canopy for more light. You want to trim deciduous trees only in late winter or early spring so you don't stimulate growth when the weather is too harsh for it to cope. Evergreen trees you can trim anytime. Be sure to read up on the proper way to trim so that the tree's wound heals properly, and don't use those "sealants" for wounds, they are harmful, not helpful.

Hibiscus you would only trim dead wood when it's dormant late in winter, if yours is still blooming, then I would say only trim for shape and looks anytime.

I don't know much about Mimosa or orchid trees, hopefully someone else does.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If the orchid trees are budding now, I would wait until after they bloom and prune them then. In general, things that bloom in the spring should be left alone and pruned just after they finish blooming, and for most other things they should be pruned while they're dormant in late winter (if you prune the spring-bloomers in late winter, you'll prune off all the flower buds, that's why you need to wait until after they bloom). There are exceptions, and there are some things that you can prune at other times of the year and be fine too, but this rule is a good starting point.

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