Where can I buy sodium hydroxide(lye)?

New Caney, TX

I'm wanting to try making some soap but I want to use my own base and make it from scratch. Where can I buy the lye?


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Have you googled soap making supplies?

New Caney, TX

Yes I have Googled it but would like to know if there is someplace close I can get it without ordering it through the mail. Tami

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Wimauma, FL(Zone 9b)

I tried WalMart and Home Depot with no luck... then went to a local Ace Hardware - there it was... right on the shelf.

Are you sure your friend puts lye down in the stalls? Lye is VERY dangerous. You must observe strict safety precautions when using it. I have heard of lime being used to neutralize urine, and ground limestone isn't dangerous (hydrated lime can be) Maybe just a misunderstanding between lime and lye?


Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Best place to start is to look locally at chemical supply places. I got in the yellow pages under chemical supply. You'd be surprised who sells sodium hydroxide, and which business's buy it all the time.

I paid 43.00 for 50 pounds, and was paying 20 for 2 pounds through www.snowdriftfarms.com it's hard to find on the internet,without having to pay the hazmat fee, through snowdriftfarms you can buy 2 pounds at a time without paying the expensive hazmat fee. I split my lye with a friend down the road who I taught to make soap. It was such a tremendous expense buying it on line. but for one whos only making a little at a time, go to snowdriftfarms , and buy the 2 pounds of it.

New Caney, TX

Diane, I'll try Ace Hardware. I did find some at Lowe's.

Kathy Ann, I'm with not buying iy online as well. I figure if its that high its not really worth it.

Thanks Y'all


Amherst, VA(Zone 7a)

Is Shoreacres TX near you? There is a chemical company there that sells lye.

New Caney, TX

Thanks, I went that way when our son bought his first pool table. Its good to know.


La Mesa, CA

I recommend getting lye from www.Certified-Lye.com They sell lye in small quantities--as little as 20 ounces. That should be enough for you to make about 10 pounds of soap, which will be about 40 regular bars of soap. I think their 20-oz jars are less than $4 and they have the best shipping. They ship by air, so it's very fast, but costs less than $10. Good luck with your soap!

Scottsdale, AZ

We don't use LYE in horse stalls.
We use Lime.
Not even close to the same thing..

Lye would be a very dangerous substance to put down where animals are standing, laying down, and breathing.

I buy my lye on Ebay. The last time I bought 5 pounds and it was very reasonable.

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

Tami- I have no idea where New Caney is, but do you happen to have a Brookshire Brothers? It is a chain on the East TX side. If you have one, they have lye there- for a steal too! I paid something like $1.50 for 16 oz of it!!! I was thrilled :)

SoaperDave- are you the same SoaperDave on other forums? Either way- welcome to our little neck of the woods :)

New Caney, TX

We have a Brookshire bros right here in New Caney. I'll try there this week. Thanks so much for the lead. I still need to check Ace Hardware as well. Our Son is getting married next month and things have been crazy. I hope to make my soap mold this week and get some made.


Pass Christian, MS(Zone 8b)

I purchased 2 pounds from Bitter Creek. I felt they were really reasonable and hassle free.

[[email protected]]


Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

This page listed on-line vendors

New Caney, TX

I found my Lye here localy after Trish mentioned it. Cheep and right here in town. I still need to make my first batch of soap. I think I'll make my husband help and we will do it outside on the Camp stove. Thanks everybody for your help.


Reading, PA

Hi there. I had trouble finding lye. I tried Lowe's, for Roebic, and many other retailers, as I wanted to save shipping costs if I could. Finally, Sear's Hardware advised me to call a "farm store." I called a local farm & agriculture store, and was able to purchase Rooto household drain opener. The label says 100% lye. I am waiting on the MSDS from Rooto to confirm this. But...try a farm/ag store!

Collierville, TN

I bought some here:

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

Thanks to all the East Texas folks for posting where they are finding Lye.
I'm just a little West of Palestine so kind of in between New Caney, TX & Jacksonville, TX.
Just reading a lot about making soap haven't tried it yet ...
But will be growing Loofas this year and want to make loofa soap.

Port Charlotte, FL(Zone 10a)

I've been buying mine here - shipping was only $10 for 8lbs.


Port Charlotte, FL(Zone 10a)

I just got this offer by email if anyone is interested:


Spring Break Sale!
Take advantage of GREAT SAVINGS this Spring at AAA Chemicals!

Not only do we have NEW LOWER PRICES ON LYE, but a GREAT sale!!!!

We have new CHILD PROOF LIDS on all our 2# Containers of Lye. Sale good for all items only thru the end of March!

Making a lot of Soap or Biodiesel Batches? Want to save money on bulk lye but don't want the hassles of several bags? Check out our mini-pails and our boxes of 2# Containers up to 128 pounds!

But hurry, when Spring Break here in Texas is over, the sale will be too!

Thank you,

Howard and AAA Chemicals

Save 15%
on all orders
until 03/31/2009.

Use coupon code: aaa-spring-9

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

Thanks for the link .. I had no idea there was a place in Texas so close.
another reason to go to the big city

Zephyrhills, FL

I too found lye at a local chemical company. I buy it at Interstate Chemical in Lakeland, Florida and pay 35.00 for 50 lbs.


Duxbury, MA

If you purchase a case or more at Ace Hardware they will give you a 10% discount. If you're looking to purchase larger amounts (50 lb. bags) go to Google and search for "sodium hydroxide chemical company (your state)". You may have to show them a tax ID number.

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Greenville, OH

Its understandable how someone may prefer to pick up their products, but in this occasion, Lye is mostly only available on the internet anymore and on that note if you havent had any luck at your local stores, you may want to visit www.essentialdepot.com, i buy my lye from them because its so simple to order, and its delivered quickly!

Greenville, OH

Hey everyone, id love to hear what great concoctions you guys are coming up with, i know lye is used for many things, if you have any cool recipes or or soap making tips and hints please feel free to share them with me, im always lookin for new ideas and tweaks on recipes.

good day!

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Orangevale, CA

Just wanted to confirm that the Ace Hardware store near me (Orangevale, CA, near Sacramento) carries Rooto brand 100% lye for $4.99 a jar. Going to try making my first batch tonight!

New Caney, TX

Hi TamiXWP, I live in New Caney, TX too. I found some lye at the Do It Best Hardware Store. Use to be ACE.

I bought my last batches from Bulk Apothecary.


Greeley, CO(Zone 5a)

Bulk Apothecary is my hero. It's VERY reasonably priced (probably unbeatable, actually. Whether you're buying by the pound locally, or online).

But if you're just getting started and don't know that you want to commit to eight pounds of lye at the outset, you could also try Soapgoods.com. https://www.soapgoods.com/product_info.php?products_id=593 The price-per-pound on their lye is not as good, but they have all sorts of goodies and they sell in smaller quantities. They also have VERY nice shipping policies. The rates aren't too high, and it gets to you quickly.

I have never had good luck finding lye locally, so I ALWAYS order mine online.

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