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No more pain while waxing.......

Pune, India

HI all you people out there,
I guess you guys suffer a lot of pain while waxing your legs or arms. I have a idea which I feel can help you people.Its just a suggestion, which I thought, I should share with you.
During sports matches like cricket or football , if a player suffers injury you might have seen the physio running out on the ground with a spray. The spray is called as magic spray, it provides temporary pain relief by providing anesthesia. Now here comes my suggestion, why cant we use the same theory while you are waxing????
I mean, one can apply this magic spray on hairy leg or arm just before waxing, and then after a while.....boom you are ready for a completely pain free waxing session. You will not feel even a bit of pain while being waxed......After some time the effect of anesthesia will also go away. I am sure this will be a smiling experience for you like never before.
I hope I have managed to send my idea across. Do let me know whether this idea can be implemented or not

Questa, NM(Zone 5b)

Brilliant! Where do we get this magic spray???

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

oh, please do send more information.......bare skin season approaching!!!!
thanks! flowerlou

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Well, go ahead and try it first and then let us know if it works.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Wouldn't that just be great...I don't do my legs with the waxing method because of the pain...I as well would love to hear if it's possible to use and where to purchase..there will be a line-up for sure at that counter...lol

freehold, United States

I would first find out how exactly that magic spray works.
Just to make sure that it is ok to use it mutiple times, because during sporting events the player might end up using it only if they get injured and most likely it is not evry game. During waxing, it will have to appled more than once, since you can;t get all the hair in one go.

Also, will have to check what chemicals are in the spray, in the spoting events they are in large open areas and use it once etc..
if used in a small bathroom mutiple times, need to make sure that breathing that stuff in wont cause long term harm. just some thoughts.

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