i'm really excited 'bout my sweet peas!!!

Durham, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

I'm so excited cos my sweet peas, royal mixed are just starting to flower, they're the most gorgeous shade of pinky/purple, and there's loads of buds to come :). It's the first time i've grown these and they've been really easy and trouble free (only a couple of aphids spotted so far), just make sure they get plenty of water when they're babies.

If anyone wants any seeds when they're seeding just let me know. I've also got magenta morning glories climbing up these canes, no buds as yet, but they're very vigorous!


Northville, MI(Zone 5a)


I too have sweet peas, absolutely wonderful. A bit time consuming if you want them to climb but worth the effort. I bought mine from a nursery that has "unique" flowers, in hopes that they were the "old fashioned" variety. Not my luck but at any rate I still love them. My father in law wants some and I dont know how to prepare the soil for the seeds or when to plant.

Can you give me any advise.

Also, If anyone is interested in seeds, let me know. I will have hundreds of pods....


Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

I have little sweet pea which is only 20 cm (about 4 inches) high, and it blooms very nice, with white-pinkish flowers. I'm sure I'll save some seeds of it... The bigger ones won't bloom.. :-(

Durham, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

This page should help you Lynn http://www.chestnut-sw.com/seeds/flowseed/sweetpea.htm


Oh Lilith,aren't they beautiful?? Mine were, until the temps hit 100 and no cooling at night,just burned up,so sad' Glad yours are flourishing well''Sis'

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