Gas or gardening term?

Nampa, ID(Zone 6b)

I am primarily a rose and flower gardener with a few grape vines and herbs on the edible inventory. After cultivating naught but weeds in the vegetable garden for more years than I can recall or would admit; the time has come to take the plunge. I am now in the research phase concerning which varieties would be best to plant of the types of vegetables I want.

I have to say, that what vegetable varieties boast about is very different from what flowers are proud of. Roses that are mildew and disease resistant hold their buds up high; perennials get press when they can claim tolerance to drought or sub-zero winters; and ground covers get coverage for their foot-friendliness, (I won't go there today.) A packet of vegetable seeds--more specifically, cucumber seeds--however, wears a Miss-Universe-type banner over its shoulder that boasts, "BURPLESS!"

So what I need to know here is just this: Does this cucumber have the best table manners and thus least likely to embarrass the other entrees when served alongside in the salad? Is this the non-carbonated variety of cucumber and 'burpless' was selected as the most tactful word to extol its qualities and/or general effect on the consumer? Or, is this a term that has been around for so long in vegetable gardening circles that its meaning is taken for granted, (and spoken with a straight face,) by all but those who are new to the art; rather like "dead-heading" in flower gardening circles.

DFW area, TX(Zone 7b)

Hi, and welcome to DG. I see that you just signed up.

This is very clever. You should post it in the Jokes forum.
Lots more folks would see it there and have a chance to
appreciate it.

Nampa, ID(Zone 6b)

Thank you, I'll have to do that. I haven't had a look at the Jokes Forum yet. Gardening is a wealth of tongue-in-cheek, especially through the eyes of a newcomer. "Bolting" lettuce, for example; get a visual on that one...picks up its little skirt of leaves and makes a run for it.

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)


that is toooo funny!


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