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Help with a pet stain on hardwood floor

Tyrone, GA(Zone 7b)

Maybe I should post this on the pet forum but I'll try here first.

My 14 -year old bassett/beagle mix Roxanne has peed on an area rug we did not discover was soiled until too late. She is very clever to pick a spot that is seldom walked on - (on the side of a coffee table in the living room we seldom use). Anyway, when we did finally discover this mess, the pee soaked through and now the hardwood is black. What to do - rip up this piece of wood??

(here is a picture of the culprit.)

Thumbnail by gliz
Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Have you tried cleaning it with a good hardwood floor cleaner? The black may be mostly on the surface, or could just look that color from it being wet, so the damage may not be as bad as you think. If cleaning doesn't work, then the next thing would be to sand down the damaged part and then restain and re-seal, I don't think you'd need to pull up the floor and replace it, but for sure I would try refinishing that little area first before you resort to ripping up floor!

You might also post in the clean & clutter free forum, the folks over there have all sorts of great ways to clean pretty much anything, I bet they'd have some ideas for you.

Tyrone, GA(Zone 7b)

we tried the usual pet stain removers with no luck. I think the wet spot sat there too long and now the black area is more than surface deep. we were hoping not to have to do the sanding route - yikes - so much dust. Maybe a bleaching product?
I'll look in at the other forum, thanks.

Greensboro, AL

When I clicked on the picture of Roxanne my post disappeared!

First you need to treat the stain with an enzyme product. The one I have is OUT! Pet Stain and Odor Remover which I found with the carpet cleaners at Walmart. The contact information is 1-800-448-8552 or If you do not do this the dog will find it and resoil the area. If you can't find the product, your vet may be able to find an enzyme product for you.

If this does not remove the stain (it probably won't but it should fix the residue so the dog witll leave it alone), you can bleach the wood with wood bleach. You can get this from a refinishing supply dealer,
(such as Woodcraft on line). Usually these contain oxalic acid so if you are inexperienced you may want to consult a professional refinisher. If all else fails you will have to replace the wood.

An alternative is to clean the stain as best you can and throw a clean rug over it. No one will know it is there --- except Roxanne!

Tyrone, GA(Zone 7b)

Thanks Gloria. I have already found a rug to hide the ugly mess but you know how it is... you know something bad is underneath and just have to fix it- LOL. I will defintely try the bleach. great suggestion.


Greensboro, AL

Good Luck! I have a 100 year old two story house with hardwood floors and 2 dogs. Yikes. I hate finding their "presents".

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