Emily's Garden

Plant City, FL(Zone 9a)

I've been reading about building a homemade hydroponic drip system like Emily's Garden (http://www.planetnatural.com/site/emily-s-garden-hydroponic.html). Has anyone here used this kind of system successfully outdoors? I am wondering if the container/nutrient solution might get too hot in the summer sun without the cooling effect of the soil.


Dansville, NY(Zone 6a)

if its in the sun the water temp can get up there and cook the roots ..
I did hydro outside with hab pappers (aeroflo) and i just buried my water resivore in
the ground since the actuall unit would be in direct sun all day. worked great.
ended up with 6 foot tall pepper plants.

Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

I only use the Emily inside.
http://cindys-stuff.com/pictures/emily.JPG Emily with oregano

I built a unit outside for tomatoes a couple of years ago. I am thinking about putting it back up for this year.
http://www.cindys-stuff.com/challange.htm unit outside

Thumbnail by weeding

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