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Summer seedings

Ottawa, ON(Zone 4a)

Which perennials would appreciate getting a start from seed at this time of year?

I'm specifically thinking of shade-loving plants for zone 5, but feel free to let me know what it is you're putting in the ground now.

Kitchener, ON(Zone 5A)

Janet, I asked the same question about Lychnis and was assured that it could be sown directly in the ground this late in the year. It won't bllom of course but it will survive next winter.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 4a)

Was that Lychnis coronaria (rose campion) or the Maltese cross (forget the species name)?

I've got some rose campion and definitely want more. Actually, that's how I found this site in the first place, when I did a search for rose campion.

Kitchener, ON(Zone 5A)

Coronaria. I never asked about Maltese Cross though so it may be ok as well

MD &, VA(Zone 7b)

There was a thread where this was discussed and poppysue listed several that can be started.


Ottawa, ON(Zone 4a)

Thanks Jody. That was a good thread. It's now a month later so I might have to be a bit more careful, but it's a good place to start.

Does anybody know if this is a good time to seed chelone?

Greenlawn, NY(Zone 6B)

I just got some cleome seeds--can I start them in the ground now for next yr? I'm in zone 6B.

Thanks for any and all advice!

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Sandy ceome is an annual. If you started them now they probably would be killed over the winter. If you wait and plant them later in the fall after frost - they'll come up next spring when the temps warm up.

Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

What a great thread, I was just thinking about starting some things now for next spring, but couldnt remember which plants this would work for. I appreciate the link to the previous thread, great list ....

Thank you Poppysue, we are lucky to have you participate in these forums. Your knowledge is priceless especially to us less experienced gardners.

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