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James and Joshua Kelly

Harpursville, NY(Zone 5a)

Today , I have been trying to trace my Kelly Family. My ancestor is Joshua Kelly , James is his brother. Both men were supposed to be in the War of 1812. They enlisted somewhere in Vermont. After the War James lived in Attica , Wyoming County New York where he trained to be a Doctor under Dr Disbrow. Around 1830 both brothers moved to Tunkhannock, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. I have not been able to find out where in Vermont this family lived. James was 14 years old when he enlisted. He also served as a Physician in the Civil War . He collected his 1812 pension and a pension for the Civil War. He also was the first elected sherrif in the town of Tunkhannock. My ancestor, Joshua , was a hatter. I can not find much on him except he was in the War of 1812 and the brother of James. Does anyone have any information on Vermont during the War of 1812? Or any Vermont Kelly families? Ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Audubon, PA(Zone 6b)

The Genealogical Publishing Co. published a book: "Pensioners of the War of 1812 (Vermont Pensioners)", by Byron Clark. A local library may have it but, if not, they can obtain it for you thru an Interlibrary loan.


Benton County, MO(Zone 5a)

I did a quick search and found a Joshua Kelley in the 1820 census for Heartland, Windsor County, Vermont. I can't tell you if this is your Joshua or not and I didn't find a James. Among others in the same area were Ebenezer Kelley and Sargent Kelley, and in the same county were Ephraim Kelley, Hezekiah Kelley and John Kelly.

Name: Joshua Kelley
Township: Hartland
County: Windsor
State: Vermont

However, there were 36 other Kelly's(spelled either Kelly or Kelley)living in Vermont and if James and Joshua were living with their parents at this time, it could be any one of them.

In 1810, there were 10 Kelly's listed for Vermont though some of the other names could actually have been Kelly.

Not sure this helps any.

Harpursville, NY(Zone 5a)

I think most of those people you listed were brothers. Ebenezer is their father. Thanks for all your help. Sargent, Miner, John James and Joshua all moved to Tunkhannock , Wyoming County, Pennsylvania around 1823.

San Ramon, CA

Hi Mommagoose,
Just replied to Chieri, re. Bessie Crowe. Never did find Bessie, but please read my long reply to her re: the search.
Thank you again for the time you spent searching for Bessie!

Harpursville, NY(Zone 5a)

I wish I could have done more to find Bessie. Where is your post to her?

Harpursville, NY(Zone 5a)

Interesting to me is my son in law who is also a Kelly :) His family shares the same names as my Kellys only they lived in DElaware County NY when my family was living in Vermont. I believe they are the same family LOL Son in law shares my unusual blood type, the same allergies and the same food preferences and he loves my daughter. Coincidence, I think not. LOL

Harpursville, NY(Zone 5a)

Hello again . I am still working on my son in law link to my kelly/kelleys and in the process I found an interesting website loaded with early information.
I found lots of facts about my Vermont kelly's here , even an obituary for Ebenezer Kelley, he died in Hartland , Vermont in 1818..

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Just noticed this post. Find out if your local library has access to Heritage Quest. It's an online genealogy site that sells memberships to institutions--- local libraries, state library systems, etc. I live in Ohio, & have access via my local library card. When you get access to Heritage Quest then you can see the actual images of Revolutionary War and War of 1812 pension applications. It's a gold mine!
Good luck with your searches.

West Hamlin, WV(Zone 6a)

I am also looking for a Kelly Family. I can't find anything about these people. I thought Peyton's Dad may be John cause he named one of his son's John Peyton. Below is all I have.

1 Peyton Kelly b: 1817 in Virginia d: 1891
married a Honor Jane White b: February 06, 1828 in Virginia or Kentucky m: January 23, 1845 in Kanawha,WV d: 1895
2 Julie Francinna Kelly b: 1861 d: 1948
+Ellis Cogar b: May 15, 1857 Father: Silous Cogar Mother: Miriam Katharine Cool
2 Rebecca Ruan Kelly b: 1846 in Big Chimney,Kanawha County,WV d: 1934 in Wheeler,Webster County,WV
+Theophilus Lunceford b: 1839 in Pocahontas County,WV d: 1916 in Wheeler,Webster County,WV
2 John Peyton Kelly b: 1848
2 Mary Elizabeth Hall Kelly b: 1850 d: 1855 in Cooper's Creek,Kanawha Co.,WV
2 Martha Luemma Kelly b: 1853
2 William Edward Kelly b: 1858
2 Ebert Ellsworth Kelly b: 1863
2 Montana Jane Kelly b: 1869
2 Mozella Kelly b: 1871
+Charles P. Dorr

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Do you have a membership on I did a very quick search there, and found a Peyton Kelly in the 1820 census in Caroline County, VA. Peyton doesn't seem like it would be an extremely common name back in those days, so I would definitely investigate the possibility that this Peyton is the father of your Peyton (or at least an uncle or some other fairly close relative if not his father). The head of household is age 26-44 and he has one son under age 10, that would be the right age to be your Peyton.

Other Kelly heads of HH in Caroline County in 1820 are
Elizabeth Kelly age 45+ (maybe Peyton Sr's mother? Could also be an aunt)
Henry Kelly age 26-44 (brother or cousin?)
Richard Kelly age 16-25 (brother or cousin?)
Susan Kelly age 26-44 (widowed sister in law or cousin-in-law?)
Thomas Kelly Junior age 16-25 (nephew? brother/cousin?)
Thomas Kelly age 26-44 (brother or cousin?)
(note--sometimes in older records "junior" didn't necessarily mean that "junior" was the son of the older man with the same name, it could be cousins, nephew, etc where "junior" just means the younger one of the two people in the area who had the same name. So Thos Jr could be the other Thos's son, but not necessarily)

Other Caroline county census records for Kelly heads of household:

Henry (age 50-59)
Lucinda (age 30-39), likely a widow
Richard (age 30-39)
Catherine (age 60-69), likely a widow
Elijah (age 20-29)
James (age 40-49)
John (age 20-29)
Sarah (age 30-39), likely a widow

1830 census:
George (age 50-59)
Elijah (age 30-39)
Richard (age 40-49)
Henry (age 30-39)

1820: covered above

James (age 45+). Maybe husband of Elizabeth from 1820 census and father of at least some of the brothers/cousins from 1820?
William (age 26-44)
William (age 45+) Also possibly husband of Elizabeth/father of some of the brothers/cousins from 1820.

1800: no Kelly's in Caroline County (not sure if Caroline county even existed, but if it did the Kelly's don't appear to have been there yet)

I suspect that James & William from 1810 were brothers, so likely the age 26-44 Kelly's who show up in the 1820 census were sons of one or the other of them. So it's hard to say whether James or William is Peyton Sr's father, but it's likely to be one of them. Elizabeth could have been the wife of either of these since they both appear to be gone in the 1820 census (may have died, or may have moved away)

A couple other things that may help you find some other leads...
--whenever I see names like Peyton which sound more like last names than first/middle names (in an older time period at least), I always tend to suspect that at some point in the past, that name was a maiden name of someone's mother. Often it's the mother's maiden name or maybe grandmother's, but in this case it appears to have been adopted as a "family name" and reused in multiple generations of the family, so it could go back a few more generations. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if you have a female Peyton ancestor somewhere, so maybe start in Caroline (and neighboring counties) in VA looking for Peyton's and see if you come up with anything
--You also have Ruan and Hall as middle names on a couple of the daughters, so those are also possible suspects for maiden names of female ancestors. (note--are you sure it's Ruan and not Ryan? This seems like it would be an easy transcription error to make from some handwritten records. Someone else has a tree on Ancestry with your family in it and they have her as Rebecca Ryan Kelly--they could be wrong too but Ryan seems like it would be more likely to be correct vs Ruan. And no, that tree doesn't have Peyton's parents so seems like they probably ran into the same roadblock you did)

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