presprouting veggie seeds before planting

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

I presprout seeds for my cat's grass (which is oat, rye, and some others I forget) for a couple of days before I plant them. I think it gives them a quicker start, and more of the seeds actually germinate this way. What I do is soak the seeds just until they are wet but I do not let them sit in water. I keep them moist and in 2 days they start to sprout. I thought about trying this with my veggie seeds. I think this will work for the greens (lettuce, spinach, chard), but I am not sure about presprouting carrots or beets or english peas. Has anybody tried this? What do you think?

Nampa, ID(Zone 6b)

That's a good question, I'd be interested to know too...experts/seasoned veggie gardeners, what's your take?

Mesilla Park, NM

Well, I soaked the chili peppers and left them for 3 days, because I did not have time to sow them.. (soaked in water,peroxide & superthrive).. I sowed them anyway and that was on Monday of this week, and to my amazement, they have started to germinate today. I really think that was way too long to soak though.

sowed peas and tomatoes but did not soak those. I really want to start more peppers but have to get some seeds.

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