Need some ideas for a bathroom walls - quick!!!!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

We are re-doing the hallway bathroom of our 1976 ranch-style home. I find I have used a lot of pale, creamy yellow and sage green in the rest of the house. So these are colors I suppose I am partial to, although I'm definitely open to other suggestions.

This bathroom is the "powder room" for visitors as well as the main bathroom for a boy (age 13), and a girl (age 6). It's not terribly large, measuring about 5x8 (not including the tub and linen closet along one wall.) We've put down neutral taupe/gray tile on the floor, the vanity is a clear maple, and the countertop and sink are white as is the tub, toilet and (soon) the wood trim around doorways and baseboards.

Here's my goal: a bathroom that is neither too feminine nor too masculine; not too adult nor too juvenile. But at the same time, I don't want it to be bland - a tall order I know. Any ideas for wallpaper color/prints?

(P.S., the kids had a Looney Tunes cartoon border with squiggly line black and white striped wallpaper in their last bathroom, and if I can't come up with something quick they're probably going to try to guilt me into doing something similar in here.....this is a desperate, urgent SOS!!!!)

southeast, NE

A friend of mine (living here in Nebraska) decorated their guest bathroom with a Arkansas Razorback theme (wallpaper, towels, etc.) They had both attended and graduated from Arkansas.

A room that small, you will want the walls a light color like an egg shell white to make the room appear bigger and put or paint a nice border around the top. Not too big of a border tho other wise the walls will look like they're closing in. Just find a nice stencil that you like and paint a nice border all around the top. Mirrors will also make the room look bigger. Or instead of the border across the top, add some molding either at the top or run it across all around the middle of the walls, or paint the upper half of the walls a light color and paint or use wall paper with narrow stripes on the lower half of the walls with molding seperating the 2 sections.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

CoCo, stenciling a border - what a great idea! I haven't found any I like, and that may be my solution.

I guess ya'll are right about neutral colors, but I sure don't want it to be too neutral. I confess I have a penchant for using color (tomato red dining room, burgundy bedroom, "distressed saddle leather" study, terracotta den, etc. No those weren't all in the same house, and I know, I'm picky, sigh. But I have only once painted a room white. And I regretted it as soon as it was done, LOL!

Nebraska_Jewel, oh boy - I can't let DH read your suggestion, or he will have vindication for his peculiar taste in decorating. Can ya'll imagine an ORANGE room with a HUGE "UT" stenciled on one wall? Yes, he seriously wanted to do that in the aforementioned study. This room had a big picture window facing the street. So EVERYONE could see it.

Let's just say he had to settle for hanging some Tennessee posters and memorabilia in the gameroom instead ;)

Okay, I'll start bringing home the paint chips.....maybe something will jump out at me, and I will take a sidetrip to the stencil area, thanks to CoCo's suggestion.

Any more ideas out there????? Feel free to throw them out; I'm still working on finishing up the floor tile, then comes the tub surround. So painting is still a ways away, as long as I settle on something before the kids catch wind of my indecision.

Do your walls an egg shell color like sugggested and then sponge dab some terra-cotta color over the eggshell and then use just the terra-cotta color for the trim with just a tint of gold color in it for just an added sparkle. If you just have one of those regular bath room mirrors on the know the kind...plain and simple, put some molding around the mirror with just a tint of gold color

Agawam, MA

We had the same problem - I bought wallpaper that looks like wainscoting to compliment the paint/floor colors (ours are sage, gray, peach and ecru). I only put it half way up the wall and cut a strip of the pattern to top it off like a chair rail. It really brought the room to life without too much work, or taking up any space. HTH

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Hey GV,
You don't have to buy stencils. They are very easy to make. You can take your designs from wallpaper, pictures, free hand (if you do that sort of thing), etc. I buy the clear wall cover stuff at the hardware store and make my own. I don't even know what the 'stuff' is called. LOL Anyway, you can draw any design on it with a permanent marker then use a razor knife to cut away the designs. Just tape it in place and sponge away. I did a picket fence for my little girls room a few years ago and it turned out really nice. Have you ever seen how much the ready made picket stencils are??? Ouch! I agree with using a light color, but maybe a cream or do the bottom third or two thirds in a darker color?

Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

you can also sponge your walls with the same blue sky and then a little pink for a sunset shade of color. do this on a blank white wall.
then you can take a wallpaper or border paper you like and cut out the individual flowers and randomly place them around the baseboard and/or floating in the sky. you can also sponge yourself a schrub or too, perhaps a tree? you can use acrylic paint colors from the craft store. no need to buy all those individual colors in quarts. then just put a light coat of varnish over the whole thing and voila, a beautiful indoor garden.

you can also purchase stamps from a craft store and randomly put them on the walls. Then, with a plain shower curtain, the same craft paint and stamps, do the same to the shower curtain to coordinate. just add what is called textile medium to the paint before you stamp onto fabric. you can find all sorts of stamps with different themes.

check out this site for stamp ideas.
good luck
debi z

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