Hydrogen peroxide for germination

(Zone 4a)

Pulsatilla albana: the seeds are two years old now, Last year three seeds germinated, but
this year (using H2O2) the germination is better...6 germinated.

Considering the seeds are a year older, I am happy!

This year I added the pebbles.

I used the little pimento jars.
Full strength of hydrogen peroxide for one hour;
Dilute to half strength and soak seeds overnight.
Drain, sow seeds.


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somewhere, PA

Interesting. Thanks for the tip. Have you tried it on any other see types? And
did them germinate warm?

Do pulsatilla need soaking in general? I've only tried pulsatilla alpina last year
(used cold stratification for 3mo and then warm) w/o success.


(Zone 4a)

Hello Tammy,

Yes, I use it on all seeds that are long germinators.
Some germinated warm, some did not.

Pulsatilla seeds do not need soaking - as far as I know. I have never seen it recommended.
Incidently, I have a few P. alpina seeds in a baggy, but no action yet.

Keep trying.


Wheatfield, NY(Zone 6a)

Hi. this is interesting. just got some seed for Pulsatilla 'Red Cloak' (I think P. vulgaris) that I've been trying to get up my nerve to try. nothing to lose, right? I'll see if I have the H202, if not I'll wait until I get some. Might as well take any precautions I can. :-)

thanks, Corinne

jan (aka gram)

(Zone 4a)

Hi Jan,

The shelf life of H2O2 is about one year, then the potency gradually declines. A bottle is relatively
cheap, about .99 or so. Store in a cool, dark place. Don't leave the bottle lid off.

These Pulsatill albana seeds were sonw on 12-29-06, room temperature.


St. John's, NL(Zone 5b)

Tamarack, what dilution of H2O2 do you use and how long do you soak the seeds before sowing? I've used H2O2 on daylilies, soaking for about 8 days then sowing. Great results there!

(Zone 4a)

Hi Todd,

I use full strength H2O2 for one hour.

Dilute to 1/2 with tepid water, then soak the seeds overnight.

Drain solution, sow the seeds.

All this does is give extra oxygen, which seeds need to germinate.


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