Armeria Nifty Thrifty Flower Plant

Hudson, FL

I have seen this plant advertised for sale - stating it grows in zones 4 - 8. I am in Zone 9 (Central Fl). Is anyone familiar with this plant? What do you think the chances are that it might grow okay in my zone?

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

This is my experience with Armeria. Some sowbugs got into the root mass and started eating away. I didn't notice it (probably for a long time) When the plant started going downhill, I removed all of them that I could. I should have removed the PLANT and planted it somewhere else, but I didn't. 8-( You know the end of my story. Lots of sowbugs and a big space in the flower bed!!! I liked the plant. It didn't take much water and I liked the little flowers. See if you can get more information about it from the link below. You can also look up some cultural practices that others have used in various zones if you look in the Plant Files using the link at the top of this page. Type Armeria in on the line where it says "Genus".

Here is a link for you to get more knowledge about Armeria. Mine above is not too relevant since I live in a much much much colder climate! ...

Karin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

You'll want to plant it where it gets REALLY good drainage. As Karin said, it doesn't require a lot of water and in fact it doesn't like a lot of water--I'm not sure how much rain you get but it is more common in drier climates so it may not like the amount of rain you get naturally, so you'll give it the best chance of survival by giving it really excellent drainage and probably not giving it much if any additional water from sprinklers, etc once it's established.

Here's some info on it from High Country Gardens
According to them, if you get under 30" of rain a year you can grow it no problem, or with 30-40" per year it can be grown with care, more than that I'm guessing you may have problems with it, although with good drainage anything is possible.

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