Yipee It's March!! Daily Weather

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Well wheather it's In like a lamb or a lion, it is March. Several steps closer to great growing weather for 75% of us.
I want to thank Steve for this picture of Tampa Bay.
I'm in Philly, but requested and got a lay-off last night so I can go south and work in Maryland. Indoor work is much more comfortable for the next month or so.
At home;
65.7 F / 18.7 C
Mostly Cloudy
Humidity: 68%
Dew Point: 55 F / 13 C
Wind: 0.0 mph / 0 km/h from the SE
Wind Gust: 4.0 mph / 6 km/h
70% chance of precipitation
Here in Philly it's
32 F / 0 C
Mostly Cloudy
Humidity: 82%
Dew Point: 27 F / -3 C
Wind: 4 mph / 6 km/h / 1.5 m/s from the SSW
Pressure: 30.20 in / 1022 hPa
Windchill: 29 F / -2 C
Please come by and post what's happening in your neighborhood and those great pictures often.
Much love,

Thumbnail by sugarweed
Moose Jaw, SK(Zone 3b)

Oh my!!! What a breathtaking picture Sidney.

10 F / -12 C
Light Snow
Humidity: 92%
Dew Point: 9 F / -13 C
Wind: 13 mph / 20 km/h / 5.7 m/s from the NW
Pressure: 29.86 in / 1011 hPa
Windchill: -5 F / -20 C

Sorry Joey re La Nina. Since the El Nino was such a mild one maybe this one will be too.

Moose Jaw, SK(Zone 3b)

Glad to see you made it through the storm ok pepper.

Georgetown, SC(Zone 8a)

Pepper: Happy you're safe and sound.
Janett: Hope you see some blue skies soon! We have a gray day today, but warm, heading up to 71*F.
Sharon: Are your orchids outside? My dendrobiums bloom out side in summer and then - if I'm lucky - inside around Christmas time. The phals, are all budding/blooming now. And - miraculously - I have an oncidium that is spiking for only the 2nd time in 3 years. I'm so excited - I've forgotten what the flower looked like!
Please post a couple of pics when yours bloom. :)

I must get back to work!

Happy March 1st everyone!


Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

March announced itself last night with a very loud thunderstorm, but not much rain . I was hoping the snow would be washed away, still about 4'' in my yard. I can see the mud in several nearby fields, spring will be here soon ,I hope. 43 and cloudy

(Zone 3b)

7am, Zero*F, high winds gusting to 65mph., windchills to minus 30*F for the next 2 days. "When it's spring-time in Alaska-----". March is coming in like a Lion.
pepper23, keep safe.
Sidney, glad you can work indoors a while. How far did you have to travel?
DebinSC- all this talk of flowers blooming seems to be from another planet :) How nice to look forward a new blossom soon.
gardengus - Sounds as if the snow will soon be replaced with mud.
What a nice choice for the thread/photo; just beautiful, Steve.
This is the snow berm my 7 yearold GS climbs everyday to get to school. They live in the house behind the berm, just across from school.

Thumbnail by kiska
Georgetown, SC(Zone 8a)

Gusting winds to 45mph. Looks like I picked the wrong day to put the Bird of Paradise outside. It'll be shredded. :-o

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

It was cloudy and sprinkling this morning as a chilly front move through. It has passed by now, taking the clouds, rain, and most of the humidity! I opened all of the windows in the house to take advantage of the cool, dry breeze. Open windows days in Houston are VERY rare. With the plum tree in the front yard still only at half bloom, the air blowing through smells heavenly.

Observation for Houston, TX (KSGR) as of 10:53am CST (10 min ago)
Temperature 72 F 22 C
Dew Point 30 F -1 C
Humidity 21%
Pressure 29.73 in 1006.9 mb
Wind Speed 25 MPH
G 31 22 kts
G 27
Wind Dir NNW 340
Ceiling Unlimited Unlimited
Visibility 10 mi 16.1 km
Heat Index 72 F 22 C
Current Conditions Mostly Clear
Peak Wind: 31 kts from 350 (16:33 GMT).
6 hour min temperature ending 5:53am CST : 71.1F / 21.7C

(Zone 3b)

Seems to be windy everywhere today - the house is creaking and popping w/wind/cold. Way colder than "normal" for this time of year.
Hope your plant survives, Deb.

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

Overcast & Grey @ 44 (I've given up on being accurate, look at the digital next to the puter, subtract 10 and that is it). by the way - Where is spring? If someone has it hidden in a pail they better fess up and break it out soon (PLEASE).

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

It's kind of on the lion side at this point today.

Updated: 8:51 AM PST on March 01, 2007
Observed at: Van Nuys, California
Elevation: 797 ft / 243 m
51 F / 11 C
Humidity: 35%
Dew Point: 24 F / -4 C
Wind: 15 mph / 24 km/h / 6.7 m/s from the NNW
Wind Gust: 20 mph / 32 km/h / 8.7 m/s

We went to the beach yesterday. It was chilly. I think this rock looks like a fish.

Thumbnail by Kelli
Georgetown, SC(Zone 8a)

Dyson: Maybe this wind will blow spring to you!

Kiska: That plant will be fine. The leaves tend to shred a bit in wind & it might not look as good is all. :)

Marilyn: I know just what you mean about having few "open window" days. Seems to go from winter to summer overnight most times. These few days in between are precious. So my back door's open and I can hear the wind chimes. Aaaah.


Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Deb I have 3 phals one just keeps trying to die. Nothing I do works still the same little plant I bought 2 years ago. The other 2 are great. All outdoors. They dont like being inside here. The 2 that are loving life have new canes growing.

It has been cloudy and rainy all day. At this point nothing serious, just slow steady rain. Not looking forward to what is heading our way. DH bought a new NOAA radio hoping it stays quiet.

Thumbnail by MySharona
Georgetown, SC(Zone 8a)

Sharon: That's a happy orchid! (Very pretty.)
I wish I could keep mine outside year round.
I hope your weather stays quiet, too.

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

I really need to take a hint from BB and set up some good grow lights on a good platform, everything on the table is dyeing, some day I will figure out how to do this seed starting thing right. It is cold I am tired and my neighbor just rode by on his Harley, in short sleeves & shorts. I have done that in Jan. but not lately and not likely too in the near future.

As I get older I have less resistance from the need to feel "comfortable", also may be the reason for the lack of "wanderlust" guess I'll stay here, get more comfortable, and try to figure out this "growing" thing.

Georgetown, SC(Zone 8a)


As I get older I have less resistance from the need to feel "comfortable", also may be the reason for the lack of "wanderlust"

It could also be the wisdom that comes with age. At least that's what I tell myself. ;-)


Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Deb, that Tiny Sunshine was all I needed. We've been cloudy cloudy cloudy!

Pepper, I've been thinking about you. I keep the atlas, out trying to see where everyone lives. I guess that 70° comes with a price. Hang on!!! Stay safe!!!

Marylyn, the plum blossoms are beautiful and it is a shame it doesn't fruit. Is it an ornamental or just no pollinators around? The Church across from my childhood home used to have the shrub plums. We would hide underneath them and eat .

Sharon, it looks like you have as many jet trails as we do. Sometimes I think all our clouds are from planes. I don't like it. Nice picture tho!

Rann, I second that ''Yay, it's March!'' Hope Selma is feeling better. Sounds like a good stocking up day. I don't think our food prices are bad. Meat gets high, but I always seem to have a bargin tucked in the freezer. Tomorrow, I stew two hens for real chicken broth!

Ric, same here. We had thunder a bit around 1:15 am. Last flash and clap I counted said the storm was a mile away. I heard it start to rain and fell back to sleep.

Janett, lets hope spring showers bring May flowers!!!

Yay, Pepper's OK!

Sugar/Steve, Beautiful opening photo!

Lilypon, I hope La Nina is mild too. How did we ever explain weather before the existance of them? I don't like them.

Gardengus, I don't think we got a lot of rain either. There are puddles, but they're slowly soaking in.

Kiska, I don't think that's spring :))

Kell, LOL over your fish rock!

Sharon, that's a lovely orchid. It's so nice to see flowers!

Dyson, Deb, I'm getting in the ''boat'' with both of you.

45° tops at noon. We put out the submergable pump and pumped by the garage. Those who built it should have built the dirt up first. It's in a bit of a hole. After DH went to work, I scooped bucketfuls till I got the ''drain'' emptied. The ''lion'' is roaring and it's dropped to 40°. No more rain yet.

Edited to correct!!!

This message was edited Mar 1, 2007 3:23 PM

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

Thats what my bones tell me, every time I move the wrong way, with something I should not have picked up in the first place - and I am "young" - sometimes "it is not the mileage, but rather the condition of the roadway".

But I were twenty years back, and before that, twenty years back.

There is no looking back now, just trying to figure out to how to make it work so that the next years are more comfortable than the last.

Don't get me wrong, please, I have had a very good time, and many good people I've met, "everywhere you go has natural beauty, so the difference is in the people you meet there".

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

Billy, I missed something somewhere. Is your basement flooded?

(Zone 3b)

noonish, 12*F, sunny/winds continue to gust to the 50's w/wchill Minus 15*F.
I just heard that a high school in Alabama? was hit by a tornado - hopefully everyone is ok, as much as is possible. What a frightening time that would have been.
Billy - did you get the water out? Was it the garage or basement?
kelli - that rock does look like a fish - nice day to be at the beach; you have so many different places to go; love seeing them all.
Our 7year old GS team is going to State Championship in a couple of weeks as hockey draws to a close.

Thumbnail by kiska
Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Hi Kelli, wish I had a basement! We have a two level sidewalk beside our garage. At the end we sunk a large barrel filled with rocks and sand. That's our drain for the January thaws. (Our garage is in a low spot.) When the ground is frozen most of the water will drain if it gets above freezing. Many nights we used to be out scooping water so the garage wouldn't flood.

It's dropped to 36° now and still windy. It's sort of dark :))

Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

edited to add

Wow - I'm so tired I didn't say "Hi"! Long day - seems to be a long night too...

Nowcast as of 5:21 PM EST on March 1, 2007
Tornado Watch until 2 am EST... Isolated showers are possible over northeast Florida early this evening. Also...winds will be gusty this evening with gusts of 30 to 40 mph possible. Thunderstorms...some severe...are expected to develop and affect the area after sunset. Damaging winds...hail...and tornadoes are possible. Stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio or television for possible warnings.

(NOAA radio is on)

Mostly cloudy and breezy. Numerous showers and scattered thunderstorms. Some thunderstorms may be severe. Lows in the lower 60s. South winds 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.

Clouds all day long...

This message was edited Mar 1, 2007 6:28 PM

Thumbnail by MySharona
L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

I wish we had a basement, too.

It turned out to be a "lamb" day.

Updated: 2:51 PM PST on March 01, 2007
Observed at: Van Nuys, California
Elevation: 797 ft / 243 m
63 F / 17 C
Humidity: 20%
Dew Point: 21 F / -6 C
Wind: 13 mph / 20 km/h / 5.7 m/s from the NW

Picture from yesterday

Thumbnail by Kelli
Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Super cool Kelli! Looks like he's regenerating a couple of limbs.

Georgetown, SC(Zone 8a)

Sharon: Our forecast and yours sound very similar.
Showers and thunderstorms. Some thunderstorms may be severe with large hail and damaging winds. Windy and not as cool with lows in the upper 50s. South winds increasing to 25 to 35 mph this evening...then decreasing to 15 to 25 mph after midnight.
Gusts up to 45 mph. Chance of rain near 100 percent. Tornado watch in effect until 2AM EST.

March is definitely doing it's Lion thing!

Kelli: Great little starfish.


Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Kelli - great picture!
Deb - I agree...I hope your weather is better than ours!

Here's another phal pic from last season

Thumbnail by MySharona
(Zone 3b)

Kelli - I can hardly wait till the gkids come over this evening to show them the starfish. It's beautiful. Like a Lamb, be ready then the end of the month :)
MySharona - what a list of different types of weather coming your way - take care. Love the clouds; too bad they aren't benevolent. Just read your weather, too, Deb; sounds awful.
3pm. Remained at 11*F all day, so that's good it didn't drop, sunny and howling winds.
Gusting still 50's and a few into the 60mph.
Gson's class - folk dance

Thumbnail by kiska
Millersburg, PA(Zone 6b)

Happy March 1st!. Temps in the mid forties, snow is melting - yeh! Later today, wind is picking up, gusts to 40 mph. Supposed to get 1-2" of rain. Local flooding forecast. Our Susquehanna River originates in NY State and we will be getting a lot of snow melt Plus ice jams.

Moab, UT(Zone 6b)

Tornados all over Alabama, some deadly. some popping up in Georgia too. and tremendous thunderstorms where there aren't tornados. Ice storms intense snow roads closed: Iowa, Mich, Minn, Ill -- March didn't come in like a lamb everywhere...
I think it's more like March coming in like a Lion I've been hooked to the weather channel all afternoon. Those poor people who lost kids in that school in Enterprise, Alabama.

oh heck I thought i was on the storm thread. ~~~ we had another typical chilly late winter day with some sun and many clouds. and no nasty weather of any kind.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

The last count I heard was 18 dead in Alabama.
15 at that school that was hit.
Keep Them, their Families and the Rescue workers in Your Hearts...........


Gamleby, Sweden(Zone 7a)

OMG Blooms that is terrible, why where the school open when there was tornado warnings.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

HOWLING winds today. Started out in the 40s and dropped to 35 before I left work. It was not a nice day. I hears about the school when I got home. That is horrible. I feel sorry for them.

Sharon- How is tressa doing? Any change?

(Zone 3b)

I'm so sorry to hear about the deaths - how heartbreaking. My sympathy to all the families.

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

How awful that those kids were taken in Alabama. Sharon, how's Teresa? T & Ps!!!
It's cold and rainy out in Philly.
I'm busy looking for good place in Delaware to purchase a new camera on my way to Maryland tomorrow.
No sales tax!!!
Packing the van is such a chore.

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

Raining here, not too cold or windy, everyone stay dry, warm and safe.

Springboro, PA(Zone 5a)

It's 41 and windy tonight with a steady rain falling. The whole tri-state area is under a flood watch. Temps are going to drop back into the 20's for the weekend and the start of next week before rebounding back into the 30's. It will take a lot of warmth and rain to melt all of the snow still on the ground here. Great photos everyone!

Summer dragonfly..................


Thumbnail by Early_Bloomer
Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

now the wind has picked up - to warm for the pipes to freeze though - so as long as "la casa doublewide" does not blow over - all is well.

(Zone 5a)

Hi everyone - so sorry to hear about the tornados in Alabama - what horrible news.

Someone needs to fill me in on all these lambs and lions running around ...... I'm guessing there's a hidden meaning in there somewhere ;-) lol

Wind's picked up again today, it's lightly overcast which means it's cloudy but still bright (thin clouds) and it's "warmed" up a bit - 35F now at noon. Still feels colder than yesteday because of the cold north wind .......

Hope the storms are over and eveyone is safe!

Sidney - have a safe journey! No sales tax sounds nice - esp. when you have to pay 25% tax on cameras ;-)

Hope you all have a nice day!


Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Rann Lion/Lamb: : )

The saying goes if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb and if March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion.

The saying above refers to the weather. If the weather is bad (cold and snowy) at the beginning of March, then the end of March (going out) will be calm (like a lamb). If the weather is mild at the beginning of the month, then it is said that the end of March will end with bad weather.

Janett Tornados can strike quickly. One never really knows until the Doppler stations start picking them up. Children are at school, businesses are open, etc.

It is so sad about these deadly tornados. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the affected areas. They seem to be everywhere in this storm system. Our NOAA radio started around 4:00am. Had to call my friend in Bryceville to make sure they were getting safe. Luckily they system was about 2 miles north of their house, although they did loose some tree limbs from the winds. The radio continued to sound off until 6:00am. We had a really bad thunderstorm go through, lots of wind and rain, but nothing damaging.

Tressa update she is still in critical condition and a coma. She now has ventilator assisted pneumonia (most people in hospitals that are on ventilators for extended times get pneumonia), a feeding tube and a tracheotomy. The docs have acknowledged brain damage, but they dont know the extent of it since she still has not come out of the coma. Her father has court ordered guardianship, he will be moving her to South Carolina when she is stable enough to transport which could be sometime late next week. :( She's 25 y/o.

Tornado Watch 52 in effect until 8 am EST this morning...
- Rest of Today
Breezy. Showers and isolated thunderstorms early in the morning...then chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms. High 69. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph shifting to the west 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 90 percent.

63.7 F / 17 C
Light Rain
Humidity: 77%
Dew Point: 58 F / 15 C
Wind: 6.0 mph / 9 km/h from the WNW
Wind Gust: 8.3 mph / 13 km/h
Pressure: 29.74 in / 1007.0 hPa
Visibility: 8.0 miles / 12.9 kilometers
UV: 0 out of 16
Clouds: Few 900 ft / 274 m
Mostly Cloudy 2000 ft / 609 m
Overcast 4000 ft / 1219 m
(Above Ground Level)


Thumbnail by MySharona
Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

This is not my back yard, but the snow is melting and spring can't be far behind.

windy 30mph with gusts to 50 Temp 35 Cloudy and a few flurries.

Thumbnail by gardengus

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